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  1. Souljah added a post in a topic Exodus from Maehwa?   

    Ah wasn't thinking about the skill add-on, thank you.
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  2. Souljah added a post in a topic Exodus from Maehwa?   

    Sleet step adds 12% crit. Where are you getting 42% from?
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  3. Souljah added a post in a topic 50 Stacks & Quitting   

    Harsh but true. My Tri accs attempts went something like this..
    Tri marks - failed
    Tri marks - failed
    Tri ogre - failed
    Tri crescent - failed
    Tri witches - failed
    Tri witches - failed
    Tri marks - failed
    Tri tree spirit - failed
    Tri whales - success
    Tri red coral - success
    Tri crescent - success
    Not counting the pri and duo fails on basilisks and crescents attempts...final thought, enchanting's a -----.
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  4. Souljah added a post in a topic Get ready, a lot of players are about to whine about how OP we will be!   

    Funny thing is that was what I was thinking the first time I read it haha.
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  5. Souljah added a post in a topic Ranger Awakening Guide?   

    Yeah pretty much what I was thinking. I don't see a situation where we would stand there spamming these attacks when we have way more stronger ones that are also mobile. But it would be interesting to see if it boosts our other attacks like Bow Skill did for EES.
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  6. Souljah added a post in a topic Ranger Awakening Guide?   

    Correct me if I'm wrong but 'Elven Sword Training' and 'Cold Blade' seems like a waste of skill points to get and we would never use at all?
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  7. Souljah added a post in a topic Did anyone (successfully) used Cron Stones yet?   

    Tri is +10
    TET is +12
    PEN is +14
    For Bares neck anyway.
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  8. Souljah added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    I haven't gotten any boss armor myself, but have been thinking what to use once I do get Bheg's gloves. Since it will break the Grunil set bonus, Heve is our only real option for the +250hp bonus. But I don't see why you would need 3 pieces of it. With Bheg's gloves (hopefully one day) I was thinking 2 Heve, and 1 Grunil since it's already ultimate, which I think most people already have these days.
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  9. Souljah added a post in a topic Ultimate offhand upgrade   

    PvP is where it counts doesn't it? Where every little bit counts, even that +2AP upgrade for 95mil. So if it doesn't work in PvP, I don't see a reason to upgrade? PvE is kind of a joke, now even more so.
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  10. Souljah added a topic in Ranger   

    Ultimate offhand upgrade
    While back I believe someone said that the ultimate version of the offhand weapons were bugged and does not apply the +1 to all special attacks? So people were upgrading to and keeping it at the blue version. With the recent patch introducing the ultimate upgrade stones, I notice a lot of people are upgrading their offhand to ultimate. Has this bug been fixed that I wasn't aware of?
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  11. Souljah added a post in a topic Best in Slot   

    I believe there is a difference in accuracy in the two weapons as well.
    Although I don't have any data to back up my claims, I had a +15 liverto with serendia special (no boss gloves) and I had to switch from my +15 steel dagger to my +15 bronze dagger very often in pvp situation, OW and red battleground, as I was missing pretty often on some classes. I recently got a +15 Kzarka, so the only item change in my gear set are the two weapons and I've not had to switch to the bronze dagger at all, missing way way less. So from my personal experience, liverto and karka are not the same, in terms of accuracy.
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  12. Souljah added a post in a topic Show your progress!   

    102 bundles and nothing
    Forgot to mention two guildies got bheg gloves from their bundles.
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  13. Souljah added a post in a topic So.. how fast can a ranger be?   

    Rangers can't do that, hacks did that. Hacks on any class can do that. He shot 50 blasting gust in 1 second. 
    Have you reported this yet? Hope so.
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  14. Souljah added a post in a topic Skill Awakenings   

    I have a few questions:
    1. If you have 10% attack speed on blasting gust, and 5% crit on evasive shot, and you do one Q cancel. Does it activate both awaken bonuses?
    2. I have 4% hp damage on WotW, and 4% crit on either evasive shot or blasting gust (took a while just to get them), can't remember which, it it worth re-rolling to try and get the full 5%?
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  15. Souljah added a post in a topic Ranger Match-ups   

    While I agree with you and that would be the overall goal, but we still suffer until this happens. Who knows how long it will take before we see these changes in place. And until these changes actually happens, I'd gladly take that band aid.
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