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  1. Lethality added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    I got a sad when I saw the forced watermark   Also I haven't played a ton lately due to visitors in town! But I'm back now...   I might try and find an alternate screenshot workflow!
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  2. Lethality added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    BDO has already succeeded. It's wildly successful and packed to the gils every night of the week. They are expanding and adding to it like crazy. The players that love it really love it. Also this world is much bigger than WoW's even now after all expansions
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  3. Lethality added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    I used to take a billion screenshots, and posted most of my adventures on Twitter... but no more.
    I would always tag them with #BlackDesertOnline so in case there was any doubt what game they were from.
    But I guess Pearl Abyss thinks they are getting more mileage out of it this way?  
    I won't be taking any more screens until there's an option to remove it.
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  4. Lethality added a post in a topic New player with love/hate intrest in this cluttered/bugged MMO   

    Give it about 2 weeks... you'll have moments of epiphany and you'll adapt to certain UI issues and localization. This is the best MMO out there and yuou can't properly judge it in 3 hours... barely in 3 weeks. It's complex and deep.
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  5. Lethality added a post in a topic as a new player im proud of this   

    The logs will be thhe death of me!
    I loved making my first fishing boat, though, and I am loving creating this as well... trhere aren't many games that make you feel like you earned a reward anymore.
    Just do it over time... grab 100 logs a day while you're out doing other things, easy peasy 10 minutes.
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  6. Lethality added a post in a topic is there any way to access heidel storage from kusha?   

    No, the containers only work in the town you place them in, for the storage in that specific town.
    It's not a magic long-distance thing, just a convenience item for the town you are in.
    If it worked like that, it would take a lot of meaning away from the gameplay of localized storage, workers, nodes, etc.
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  7. Lethality added a post in a topic Fix Remote collection   

    That would be an exploit.
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  8. Lethality added a post in a topic Bugged Candys   

    I told you this was the case in the other thread. 
    The *use* is so that you can't chain them together and be OP since they stack.
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  9. Lethality added a post in a topic In all seriousness... what happened to dark nights? (Not Dark Knights!)   

    Also I promise this isn't a post-processing issue. That's what those filters are.
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  10. Lethality added a post in a topic Crazy skin prices, wtf?   

    Seems to be working out just fine. They're totally optional you know.
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  11. Lethality added a post in a topic In all seriousness... what happened to dark nights? (Not Dark Knights!)   

    Should I like you to the thread of mine where Daum replied that it is, in fact, a bug? Or do you have it handy?
    The sun currently rises at 1am, on "some channels" and that is absolutely a bug as well.
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  12. Lethality added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    They work fine. The cooldown in the tooltip was wrong. Not the cooldown on the item. So you're not losing an ounce of gameplay.
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  13. Lethality added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    But It's a temporary item with a minor buff that can be replicated a million other ways in the game.
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  14. Lethality added a post in a topic In all seriousness... what happened to dark nights? (Not Dark Knights!)   

    This isn't true, they've never publicly stated that... only that they should be the same darkness, and if not its a bug.
    Even in this thread you see 5 different version of the "facts".
    So I'm here once again to see if they can clear it up, and bring back appropriately dark nights.
    They've also shortened the night cycle, so there's absolutely zero reason not to do it.
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  15. Lethality added a post in a topic Dissapointed after coming back and leaving again   

    My system is an i5 2500k with a 960, 16GB RAM and outside of cities I get pretty solid FPS... I don't seige though.
    The pop-in and stuff are necessary optimizations to provide the level of graphical fidelity that BDO has. Tradeoffs... better systems will not make this "better".
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