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  1. Mases added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1. A screenshot of yourself on a mount (horse or donkey):
    2. A screenshot of yourself on a boat:
    3. A screenshot of yourself on a wagon:
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  2. Mases added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Meriase

    Family Name: Mases

    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/x0dJ3pR
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  3. Mases added a post in a topic A Case for the Continuous Loop   

    Sure, I don't think they're adjusting the stamina/strength/horse xp gain rate for us though (and I'd rather they not, personally). If they did then there wouldn't be a need for the auto-looping, but if they leave the same rates in game and remove the looping then it'd be pretty harsh to get a tier 8 horse. And I'm not complaining about it taking long, I actually enjoy a grind, but since leveling a horse is literally just mindlessly holding down the "w" key without playing (which would be easily automated with 3rd party programs) the built in auto-loop is pretty useful.

    I don't see any reason why it'd be removed, since auto-fishing is in the game as well. I think it was a misunderstanding as Charron said.
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  4. Mases added a post in a topic A Case for the Continuous Loop   

    I completely agree, very well written. Horse training in particular is scaled with the intention to let the player auto-route in circles. Taking the feature out of the game would make it pretty unfeasible to effectively level horses without pouring hundreds of active hours in for leveling to breed.

    I think a lot of the arguments against it come from people who haven't played the game. Without playing the game, activities that you can do while AFK are off-putting to some people, but it's pretty important to stamina, strength, and horse leveling, and people would simply resort to botting if it was removed. I also personally enjoy being able to leave a game on as I do other things in the background for some activities, and then to be able to do something else in game when I'm able to give it attention.

    Though I'm also hearing that it was only missing from beta 1, not from the full release. I hope that's the case.
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  5. Mases added a post in a topic Server Configuration   

    Dynamic channels on a megaserver are different than static channels; they're different configurations so that's perfectly valid, it's not a repeat question.

    I genuinely hope that we have a channeled megaserver (static or dynamic). It's much more convenient to play with other people that you meet outside of game with channels where you can freely switch without having to make a new character/pay for a transfer. As far as PvP exploits are concerned, cooldowns could be implemented to prevent players who recently engaged in PvP to switch out, etc. Individual servers are great for the launch of a game, but as the playerbase dwindles over time certain servers tend to become ghost towns until merges occur.

    And even KR had channels on each server when it had multiple servers. I'd rather have a megaserver with many channels than a bunch of servers with a few channels, it makes the community even more fragmented.
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  6. Mases added a post in a topic Say good things about megaserver or get you posts deleted.   

    It would be nice, but it often isn't feasible in a development environment to be 100% sure of something before it launches, especially concerning hardware configurations like servers. It would have probably been best to not have commented on it at all until it was certain (I'm not sure of the circumstances behind the scenes, but it seems like it was a mistake as they have taken it back), which is what they now seem to be doing. It leads to less misunderstandings and allows them more time to fine tune ideas and wrap up agreements before revealing final decisions.
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  7. Mases added a post in a topic Say good things about megaserver or get you posts deleted.   

    You're blowing this way out of proportion. They haven't promised anything regarding server structure, they've told us that they're discussing it and will explain it to us when they have come to an agreement. The localization team has done a good job of keeping us up to date on what's going on behind the scenes, to the best of their ability. When it comes down to it, there're just aspects that are still being discussed and can't yet be revealed to the public, because when things change people flip out just as a lot of the people thinking that we were promised multiple servers are. This is just how development goes, things change.

    The game isn't out yet for us, I understand that we're all very opinionated so it's easy for discussions to be heated, but in the end everything is speculation because we don't have first hand experience with it in our regions with different variables in play concerning the playerbase. The localization team has shown that they're able to take feedback and make compromises that have been pretty satisfactory so far, the community managers are doing a great job with being as transparent as possible. I say it's best to let things play out, and once we can see how it turns out first hand, then call for changes to the structure. Respectful suggestions are fine, but I think arguments are starting to slide down the slippery slope.
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  8. Mases added a post in a topic Naming system Change petition   

    I agree, in Final Fantasy XIV for example, you can have multiple characters with the same first name or surname, they just can't share the same combinations.
    So you can have two characters with names "A B" and "C B" or "A C" so long as they aren't both "A B" exactly. The family name acting as something like an account in this game works a bit differently, but I feel that they could still implement FFXIV's system without issue because characters are tied to account regardless; the system shouldn't get confused because of a non-unique surname (and especially not a non-unique first name).
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