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  1. Tinaral added a post in a topic bdo can be way better with just a few small and easy to code changes   

    the problem is that everything you said there's not an agreement on the majority of the playerbase. What everyone agrees on is that desync should be fixed which is something that would improve PVP instantly. Rest we can debate if it is desirable or not. 
    For example I believe wiz damage is ok, what I don't like about them is ultimate teleport.
    Characters should proly have their colission boxes reduced so they are not grabbed from the distance. Also you should be able to block grab.
    Another thing that would make pvp funnier is removing karma altogether. 
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  2. Tinaral added a post in a topic Welee Class.   

    I hope u not suggesting wizards need a power up *trigered*
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  3. Tinaral added a post in a topic Psycho-stalking arrogant grind-PKers   

    No im not crying about karma where u get that from? 
    Karma is not playing in the interest of "weak" players. It protects PKs from retribution and forces these same PKs to throw entire parties/guilds against players, precisey as a way to not turn red, which causes harassment on the players that supposedly need protection. 
    Karma arises from the flawed logic that PKs and non PKs want to play together which ofc is not true as most game developers know by now, hence the need of PVE / PVP servers. Pearl Abyss, probably forced by Kakao, is just displaying how amateur they are in this regard and will slowly lean the balance towards either Pvp or Pve as they already doing in Korea.
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  4. Tinaral added a post in a topic Psycho-stalking arrogant grind-PKers   

    Really? Here I thought killing other players as I saw fit was also part of this game. Or am I using cheats to do so?
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  5. Tinaral added a post in a topic TRI basilisk belt vs TRI tree spirit belt   

    Doesnt matter if you are sorc or any other class, except for the critical hit stat. Accuracy is ofc something you have to raise if you want to beat any competitive player.
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  6. Tinaral added a post in a topic Psycho-stalking arrogant grind-PKers   

    To be killed out of contested spots is an anecdote and people saying it happens on a regular basis and so measures implementation is in order, are either disconected from the reality of the game or just pissed because they have been killed. Anyone can see this when analyzing the situation with a cold head.
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  7. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    No karma loss for 10 min after killing someone WHEN????? 
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  8. Tinaral added a post in a topic Psycho-stalking arrogant grind-PKers   

    Dude I would kill you before you can say "i-frame" so I dont think your tactic will work fine with most "PKs". My advice would be to stop wasting your time in spots you clearly can not keep.
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  9. Tinaral added a post in a topic For honor vs bdo pvp   

    Where skill matters more than gear? WoW? Stop embarassing yourself. Gear is the most important thing in any mmorpg, WOW, TERA and so on are no exceptions. If gear didnt matter then you wouldnt have any sense of proression through the game. Skill matters a lot in some games, like TERA, BDO and pretty much any action combat game, but will never be as important as gear. What you are asking for is Gunz, so go play that.
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  10. Tinaral added a post in a topic so i rerolled sorc, my opinion, need tipps.   

    Its Shift rb, not lb. Kind of a crapy skill and nowhere near the witch.
    Q will not solve any of your mana problems, you will use blue potions like cazy (some people awakening dream of doom to counter this necessity)
    Shard is crazy damage but you are better off using the shards to buff yourself for +20 ap.
    E is nice, but best to level up is proly black wave.
    Also use abysal flame and bloody calamity to save red potions.
    Hope that helps.
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  11. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 8th   

    No karma for 10min after killing someone when? 
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  12. Tinaral added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    that would restrict the freedom and also would make partialy pointless to gear your alter... Allow OWPvP and let players populate the map according to their capacities. This is the only reliable way.
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  13. Tinaral added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    Teleport is fine, ultimate teleport is not. It moves them so far away that they dissapear both from the minimap and from sight. No other class has anything like that. Rest wizard skills are ok imo. Never had any trouble with wizards except that their ultimate teleport is like a spammeable "V".
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  14. Tinaral added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    my thought is that you missed the most important and annoying thing about witch/wizards: the ridiculously short CD of the teleport that makes them go out of your minimap and so they are impossible to follow.
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  15. Tinaral added a post in a topic Got my Wife and best mate to buy the game!   

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  16. Tinaral added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    Wether he killed you because of level, gear, skill... He killed you because he is overall a better player. Also if a person ganks you, he probably doesn't care to go red  
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  17. Tinaral added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    Hi Virukin,
    I still don't see how it is not "fair" to do such a thing. Is the "chaser" using cheats or something? If he is not, then I think it is fair what he's doing. You don't chase people out of nowhere, you do it for a reason wether as a provocation to a guild, a punishment for a karma bomber, and so on and so forth. People don't organize a party to harass other players out of nowhere, that's disconnected from the reality of the game I believe.
    What I see every single day when I play, is low level and low geared players attracted by Sausan's/Pirates' fame and wanting a piece of cake of those places, then complaining they can't eat it. Those places are not for them, it is obvious how highly contested/highly dangerous they are, they know for a fact they are going to die in there, so I think any mechanic that is rewarding their temerity should be discouraged. Moreover, these low geared players usually come in party, making impossible to kick them out of your rotation because ofc killing 5 persons will make you go negative (and taking into account that killing the five of them once won't do anything, since you typically have to kill them 5-6 times each for them to frustrate and leave).
    So no, not one step further for lows that are out of their place.
    About the toxic community, in all honestly I believe this is mainly because of karma. Karma restrains the freedom of players, allows for karma bombing, PK protection, and so on, and I believe it creates a high deal of frustration that manifests through people being angry with each other. I, for example, was much more relaxed playing TERA (no penalties to OWPvP) than I'm playing BDO. Watching someone pissing me off and not being able to kill him/her drives me nuts sometimes  
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  18. Tinaral added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    Why do you think you have the right to be protected from other characters? If you are kicked out of helms/manes, then you have two options 1) accept it and move somewhere else, or 2) refuse and fight back. Don't expect the game mechanics to babysit you, this is not a WoW PVE server .
    "Elitist" being an euphemism for "better".
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  19. Tinaral added a post in a topic ADVICE FOR A NOOB   

    Without some more info, I will say that all classes are complex and will keep you interested as long as you like how the class looks. Watch the classes trailers (and their awakening trailers) on youtube and choose what calls your attention the most. All classes can perform in PVE, but best PVE class is probably witch/wizard due to the very powerful ranged AOEs, healing, CC, teleport... I have never used Valkyre in depth, but most players are not happy with valkyre because it takes extreme skill to do anything worthy beyond PVE.
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  20. Tinaral added a post in a topic Which class is hardest to play but most rewarding?   

    sorc is hard to play and very rewarding. Ninja is hard to play and.......... not as rewarding as sorc, let's say
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  21. Tinaral added a post in a topic Prediction - Dark Knight will be the largest played class.   

    I won't leave my sorc for DK. Only if she had a whip I could think about it. I choose my class priority based on how b*tch they are, and ofc you can't get more B than claws/scythe.
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  22. Tinaral added a post in a topic How is the Ninja Awakening?   

    Classes in BDO (and in most games actualy) have a limit on how good they can perform. Difficult to master classes have a high limit, but of course it is difficult to reach it. Easy to master classes have a low limit, but easy to reach it.
    So, if you don't know how to use your ninja, the 8 year old witch will win. But if you know how to use your ninja, no witch should ever win, no matter how skilled they are.
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  23. Tinaral added a post in a topic Warrior, Valk, Zerk   

    Forget about valk, it can only tank. Maybe if you are extremely skilled u can do something with it... I guess.
    Between zerk and warrior:
    -Warrior is better in tanking due to block.
    -Zerk is better in PVE due to its aoes.
    -1v1, small scale, siege... There's no difference, or rather, the difference resides in how you play the class. Most warriors block, wait for an opening, and burst the sh*t out of you. So they play deffensively. Zerkers are offensive and rely on disable (grab) the oponent and then burst it. 
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  24. Tinaral added a post in a topic Dark Knights Male version   

    give dark knight male version the whip we deserve
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  25. Tinaral added a post in a topic Remove Character bound NOW!   

    Exactly what I would do.
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