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  1. Tinaral added a post in a topic It's a bit like the Stone Age!   

    You should be able to turn your workshop into a shop without fixed prices in which players can buy the stuff you craft.
    Make BDO great again!
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  2. Tinaral added a post in a topic Requesting change to european game server downtime   

    Addicts can still play during the night whenever they want, and btw they should quit playing. The only sensible thing BDO staff could do is not accepting more transactions from them, if anything.
    If maintenance could be set at night without staff, I think it's rather obvious they would do it. Server being up in peak hours is in their best interest, as it means more people paying money. As I said, I suspect they do need staff for the maintenance to be done, and again I'm 100% against forcing a person to work at night, much less so I can do such a trivial thing as playing a videogame.
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  3. Tinaral added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight bugged
    Hi all,
    So, a friend of mine is rolling a ninja and he says Black Moonlight level 4 doesn't work, like he can't use it through keyboard or mouse click, the skill just doesn't activate. Does someone know what is happening and how to solve it?
    Thanks friends
    EDIT: Don't mind, the problem was that he had unlearnt the skill time ago, and so he had level 5 in the quickslot but only level 4 in his build. Since he has notifications deactivated, he wouldn't see the message "you dont have this skill". lol
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  4. Tinaral added a post in a topic Remove Character bound NOW!   

    There are already items shared like value packs and pets, but some more items should really be shared, like horse whistle.
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  5. Tinaral added a post in a topic Really most annoying system of the game   

    It would be more annoying if you had build a party to do the same lame dungeon a hundred times to get proper gear. I choose failstack system any time.
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  6. Tinaral added a post in a topic Tera Rising   

    It would also be nice to have a lil bit more localization in regards to male haircuts. They all seem like something that might appeal to koreans but I dont think they meet western expectations.
    Also the male bodies are not really western either. Honestly dont know if they are modeled after korean standards either because they just look a bit weird in undies/char creation, or is it just me?
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  7. Tinaral added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    BDO is not like the hundreds of games you are thinking about, plus nobody is saying the game doest works, it is this particular mechanic that doesnt work properly.
    About my advice for donkeys, they are rather agressive animals, hence my comment  
    Malthus and Darwin accurately understood that only through competition resources (and populations that expoit them) can last in a territory, and from them arise the most elemental ecology principles. 
    In BDO fittest roughly translates in best geared. But the competition can not take place because of the karma so actually theres no point on labeling someone as the fittest. If karma didnt exist, we would know who is the fittest  and we would also know who is adaptable enough to leave Sausans and grind efficiently in other places.
    Lots of people suggesting rimbombastic solutions like forced duels and all kinds of crazy things. Better solution: LEAVE that place and your utopia of everyone being polite and having enough mobs/money/exp in sausans. Because thats where this measures arise from: people that can not compete trying to make the game FORCE the competitive players outside of that place (when they are already forced out by karma many times). To these players I say there will always be the "best" grindspot in the game wether sausans or other, and you will never be efficient in it, sorry. If karma saves you no problem, you still will be so outgrinded that you will lose your time in there
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  8. Tinaral added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    Right. So tolerant.
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  9. Tinaral added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    You started the analogy between real life and games, I merely pointed out the fundamental flaw in that analogy since BDO is, exactly as you are recognizing now, not real life. If it were like real life, karma would not exist. 
    And no there's not really a solution other than deadly competition, as I said. Any other thing you (and the others) are suggesting, are just 1) postponing the problem or 2) patch it temporarily.
    Funny that you are taking me for a donkey yet you get so triggered at what I'm saying. Do you often go against donkeys like that? You need to watch out or you will get hurt, kid.
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  10. Tinaral added a post in a topic Player Trading   

    I also think the lack of trading (or rather gifting) is tremendously detrimental to the gameplay in any MMORPG, BDO is no exception. They should really work in a way of allowing us to do it and at the same time keep bots at the minimum. There must be something that can be done.
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  11. Tinaral added a post in a topic Cowardly PK   

    You seem to be offended by cowardice, and at the same time you are asking to be protected by a duel system. Isn't it ironic?
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  12. Tinaral added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    Karma is clearly a rushed mechanic applied AFTER the game was designed to appease the casual MMORPG public which is where money is, and so it doesn't belong to the core game, therefore the big problems it's causing.
    As I said, I've killed +100 players and I have never been punished for it, so karma is clearly not serving any purpose but to 1) reduce my grinding speed (since I have to share my grindspot temporarily until I get karma back to kick the person) and 2) protecting me against anyone that wants justice for being killed (because I never go negative).
    So you have a system that prevents players from grinding efficiently and protects genocides. Great system indeed.
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  13. Tinaral added a post in a topic Requesting change to european game server downtime   

    But you can not compare the free decission to stay awake to play a videogame with the situation of being forced to work at night, Sam... Work is sadly not a videogame, if it were, I'm sure publishers would gladly do it 24/7.
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  14. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Solution to Karmabombing   

    But they are actually loosing karma for killing people so you are not really removing responsibility, just making "spending karma" meaningful. If you take the risk of loosing karma with the huge penalties this implies, shouldn't it be obvious that you will have some rewards with it? In this case, having more time in the grindspot without being disturbed. You see, I don't think there's much people thinking "i'm stronger therefore this grindspot belongs to me!". I believe most of us sometimes labeled "PKs" just want to have our 30min exp buff without being disturbed, or just want to quickly get those 10 million more we need to buy the item from the marketplace. You see, we don't give much thought to the "who has the right" thing. At least I don't.
    The current situation is a lose-lose for all parties involved. In my case, the usual Sausan's player will not be able to outgrind me, but they won't accept moving to other grindspot either. They lose, I lose too. There's no solution to this until any of the two gets frustrated and leaves, if it ever happens. But if the OP suggestion is implemented, then the person winning in a fight will win extra time to grind undisturbed until the loser comes back, and could have even built enough karma again to kill him a second time. Suddenly, the lose-lose situation ends up being a lose-win. And tbh, a win-win eventualy because low level players will understand their time is better of spent at less contested grindspots in which they will be so much more efficient. Also this could be an efficient way of populating the empty spots at Mediah and Valencia, which are too many.
    What exactly are the consequences in the real world? There are no consequences analogous to BDO, Iavvyan  Think about it. Consequences in the real world are merely carried by other people: if you kill a member of society, the society will strike back. In BDO, if you kill a member of the society, the society doesn't need to strike back because there is a mechanism in the world that automaticly punishes the criminal. It is ofc very unrealistic and not at all related to real societies in any way.
    Moreover, I have killed maybe a hundred players already? What would happen in real life if I were to do this? Anyway do you know what happened in BDO? Nothing at all because I never ever went negative so, you know, the game isn't even letting the cop-type players punish a bloodthirsty criminal like me because they will lose karma if they try. The game is effectively protecting PKs, and this is simply a flawed system. 
    Isn't it more exciting to ALWAYS be ready to die? I like the feeling very much. The "duel" thing would make everything less spontaenous and threatening  Ofc I can understand people not liking these feelings, but such measure would totally spoil the fun for a lot of people like me, just because some players imo overreact to being killed while they loose nearly nothing plus they can instantly resurrect 10 seconds from where they were killed...
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  15. Tinaral added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    I just noticed you chopped the sorc's body. How ironic that such an apparently childish picture was hiding such a dangerous bloodthirst.
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  16. Tinaral added a post in a topic Requesting change to european game server downtime   

    You see, I would *like* it to be at night, but not if that means the publishers will have to work at night against their desires, because they shouldn't be forced into nightwork. Since I suspect this is the case, I voted no. But maybe an explanation from them is in order to clarify this issue?
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  17. Tinaral added a post in a topic PVP/No Karma Channel   

    Maybe you should suggest it too!
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  18. Tinaral added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    Exactly. It wouldn't solve the problem, it would only postpone it. There will always be a few grindspots that are better than others. Grindspots that have high rewards for low AP characters (like sausans or pirates) will always be very profitable. If you multiply these highly profitable places to solve competition between players, then the game becomes very easy because you basicly can grind exp or money anywhere with little effort, which ofc would be a disaster for the game and no sane developer will ever do something like this.
    As I said, these places will always be 1) very reduced in number, 2) very contested. But of course the point of them being very contested is (or rather, should be) that this contest reaches a resolution. Karma prevents this resolution from happening and so these highly profitable places in theory, are not really profitable at all in practice. In fact, they are quite detrimental: they are potentialy more efficient than any other place, but just potentialy because the reality of the karma prevents them from achieving this state, and this potential that never becomes a reality tricks players and make them be 90% of their play time in very isolated areas, while they should be populating the world so we don't feel we are playing alone whenever we go to Valencia (and honestly a big chunk of Mediah is empty too).
    As hard as it sounds, -deadly- competition would put everyone in their place, and exactly the same happens in both natural and human societies.
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  19. Tinaral added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    We start with the fact that there are some areas in the game that are overpopulated due to the highly desirable resources in there. Like sausans/pirates. This harms the whole population:
    -The people grinding there suffer since they have to share the profit and so are better going to another, less benefical, place.
    -The whole population suffers because they see most areas of the game completely empty (half Mediah and the whole Valencia are empty).
    The only reliable way to force the population to spread out and populate the whole world giving an enormous benefit to the whole community, is allowing player to player competition, that is unrestricted OWPvP. Funny that Malthus came to this conclussion in 1798, and Darwin rediscovered the principle in 1859. Somehow, more than 200 years later, people still struggle to understand this basic principle.
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  20. Tinaral added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    I have my own list of sh*tty people I have to kill on sight. But that's *my* list. I honestly don't trust anyone to tell me who I must kill, nor their supposed "evidences" they could present.
    With current system we are all forced to get along with players that have whole different interests (sometimes the exact opposite of us) with the frustration this generates to both sides.
    May I redirect you to my suggestion of a "no karma/pvp channel"? I feel that is a possible solution to your issue! http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/128375-pvpno-karma-channel/
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  21. Tinaral added a post in a topic Raven/Crow pet   

    Yeah raven needs to be added. Also an owl would be nice.
    More birds please!
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  22. Tinaral added a post in a topic *Updated* What is it you think Outlaw/Flagging was meant to be used for?   

    As others have pointed out, it was probably designed to be a bandit, as in being a threat to other players, having to live outside cities, make money by stealing trade goods, etc. But I have a feeling that publishers suggested to limit/erase this mechanic due to the fact that this "hardcore" kind of gameplay is not attractive to the big MMORPG public, which is the one you direct your products to if you want to make a lot of money.
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  23. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    fix ninja kunoichi
    What, I like traditions.
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  24. Tinaral added a post in a topic PVP/No Karma Channel   

    Karma is made to protect people from being ganked, and so it is purposedly made so there's no way to skip the penalties (no way to properly gank anyone). I respect the concept in the sense that I can understand how people feel protected by this system, and so I want to offer an alternative that keeps these people safe while at the same time gives OWPvP lovers an space in which they can play without restrictions. A channel is surely not a perfect measure, but I feel it is probably very easy to implement and could be surprisingly efficient.
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  25. Tinaral added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    Valkyrie seems bad.
    Saying wizard is better than witch is kind of weird.
    Maehwa owns Musa, even without the "op maehwa patch" that was just released in KR.
    In my experience kunoichi can be as effective as ninja with half the effort.
    Sorc>>>>>>>>>>>all classes. You just need to use it properly.
    My 2 cents
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