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  1. Tinaral added a post in a topic Pros and Cons of a Sorceress - why would you main a sorceress?   

    While sorc is really unique and can not be compared to any other class in other game that I know, I would put her on the hit-and-run type of character. Meaning high damage+high mobility+weak defense. In my experience PVPing in the japanese server, people won't know what is going on with you once you start combining melee atacks with ranged attacks with teleports. You can really tell how confused they get. Experienced players usualy focus on evading and try to predict when you are going to attack in melee, moment in which they use their high-damage skills to quickly kill you. Sorc is meant to play lame in my experience, meaning that you have to play with 0 risk: if you see there's a slight chance of getting a big hit, just teleport away and start over again. If you are risky, you will die very often.
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  2. Tinaral added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    so... I wanted to make her look weird and b*tchy.

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  3. Tinaral added a post in a topic Post pics of your Sorceress   

     Haha true! it was super accurate!

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  4. Tinaral added a post in a topic I wanna main a Sorc but... 6-9 months? :/   

    Never felt sorc was a bad grinder tbh......
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  5. Tinaral added a post in a topic Petition to have more classes available at launch day.   

    They would probably have all classes at launch if they could manage. I'm surprised we have both valkyre and wizard at launch. It took a lot of time for other servers to get those two, and usualy they would only start with tamer (apart from the regular 4). So I thank the pubs for that. But yeah I gave you a like on the petition because it would be awesome if they could add more classes at launch, or make class-releasing one of the big priorities after launch so we don't have to wait like 5 months to get the ninja :).
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  6. Tinaral added a post in a topic [POLL] Don't remove low level PvP from the game.   

    Low level PVP is never pointless, and if it is, then why not allowing it anyway? But I agree it takes too little to reach level 50, which only makes the game boring because it clearly lacks endgame content. BD removed low level PVP to seduce PVE players, but then absolutly lacks PVE content... It's like they are keeping PVE players happy by punishing PVP players,lol
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  7. Tinaral added a post in a topic BDO Not Actually True Action Combat!!!!   

    This is one of the main problems why geared players with zero skill can beat ungeared players that are very skilled. It makes no sense on an action RPG... Good post.
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  8. Tinaral added a post in a topic Will all servers be PvP based?   

    Some other people asking the same thing. Don't worry, players are protected from being killed until they are lvl 50, and even when they reach 50, they must activate a PVP mode in order to be killed without the PKer receiving a huge penalty. I don't think you will be disturbed at all by PVP players, and defintely not like TERA.
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  9. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Yes that was a good amendment, the enchantment breaking being removed. About karma grinding via mobs being also removed, that would be horrible, I mean, nobody would risk PVPing that way. It is much easier to kill 100 mobs in black desert than to look for and have the luck to find an outlaw someone has a bounty over...
    About the same areas multiple times, I guess you mean lots of channels on a server. That's still not enough, grind areas are very popular and therefore very populated. It's not impossible to grind in there, but having just a few people around will make you grind much slower, leveling slower, looting slower, etc. There's currently no way to compete for those places because you can not attack other people. About how many acres are those areas, that depends, but most of them are tiny enough to be filled with just two players giving that they will move around gathering mobs to kill them all at once.
    I'm not sure what you are implying about the "ruleset". It is possible to lower the level limit for PVP. This already happens in BDRussia in which PVP starts at lvl 35. I'm sure they could also make a TERA-like karma system, meaning the closer the lvl of the enemy is to you, the less negative karma you get for killing him/her, etc.
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  10. Tinaral added a post in a topic Is there a way to avoid PVP?   

    Don't worry, as it is now, no player will try to kill lower levels repeatedly. You can try to gank people but after some tries you will notice how you are slowly destroying your own character. It is not fun to PK in BD, this includes ganking. I have 2 lvl 50 chars, and I've never been killed once with the PVP mode off.
    About getting used to PVP, I mean that will not happen unless you are willing to die often. You will get used to your character (kind off), because nobody can kill you until lvl 30, but to get used to PVP you should actively PVP other players and learn what works and what not, however, doing this in the open world will get you bad karma which only will frustrate you, so... I don't think you should try PK unless you really find it fun.
    EDIT: I've read the lvl 30 limit thing somewhere. Asians servers have lvl 50 limit. Can anyone confirm about the lvl 30 thing?
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  11. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Yeah, I understand your point. But being killed by another players seemed a core identity sign of BD to begin with. Protecting players from being killed is simply discouraging PVP and encouraging PVE, while the game is clearly incomplete in the PVE aspect and it is no near of its competitors. Nobody would choose BD for its PVE aspect except PVE players that are caught by the wonderful graphics and character editor, that will quickly quit once they get bored of those two sole elements. (Well, quit or shift to PVP mode).
    On the contrary, the game has PVP mechanics that no current game can match, so it simply feels akward to discourage PVP in favour of PVE. At least I would expect a PVP server in which there's no restrictions to PVP, or restrictions are at least kept at a reasonable lvl (like a punish for killing a very low level etc).
    You can see that it simply doesn't make sense to me to both allow PVP and punish it. It will only frustrate players. This already happened on the asian servers.
    Jjp also made an interesting point. The Bounty-Hunter system sounds cool, but now that I think of it, what's the current benefit outlaws can make of it? Killing other PKs to get the karma back to regular levels? Will that be worth it or better to just grind some monsters which also reduce karma?
    Also, don't get me wrong, the karma "concept" is nice. If you kill other players, it is logical that other players will hate you and try to kill you, and it is also cool that guards will try and kill you too. But why the devs jumped from that to "let's make PKs loose experience and items", eludes me. Well, it doesn't elude me actually, I know they did it because discouraging PVP is supposedly a commercial wise desition these days.
    Also, as a PVP player, I don't find domination and subjugation entertaining, but I find competition extremely entertaining, and I love games that make me feel I'm in constant danger, and how other players can see me equaly dangerous. That can only be obtainable letting PKers (not gankers) do their thing.
    EDIT: Also, killing you is not the worse thing someone can do to you. Especially in this game which has a lot of grinding. Sharing a grinding area with 2 players can be Hell, and it feels frustrating how can you do absolutely nothing about it. You just need to remain pissed off because either they are not enough level to be killed or either they are but the karma penalty is not worth it. How about solving this issue?
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  12. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Hi Zod,
    The Karma system doesn't work in my opinion because there's no point on allowing open world PVP but then trying to discourage it so much. It's like wanting the cake and eating it too: you want to have the low level players happy, which is important so people keep comming to the server, and also the PK/PVP players happy, which is also important for the sake of realism and because these players are usualy very active members of the community. But in the end, none of them is really happy with the system...
    You see, it seems devs are trapped in a dilemma: we made a heavily oriented PVP game which is evidenced on the game design, action combat, etc. But we are not making enough money so we need to target the game somehow to a wider audience. So let's "ban" PVP, let's give a lot of importance to gear in detriment of skill, and in summary just import every mechanic from other traditional MMO so we can "steal" their audicence. But this is naive. Nobody is dropping WOW, FFXIV, or SWTOR for BD if it's not for the action oriented gameplay and PVP. Because BD will never catch its competitors in the traditional elements, and therefore will never catch their audience: the other games have years of develoment regarding those elements, and were already built around those mechanics, unlike BD. This situation must suck for them, I also thought that a PVP sandbox game like Alpha BD was going to be a massive success, and it wasn't. I understand this, but I don't think shifting to a traditional model is helping, because they are going to lose their initial audience, that HAD to play BD because there was no other similar game in the market. Uniqueness is always a key to success one way or another. BD is not unique anymore, well except for their character editor I guess.
    But now to the issue. You shouldn't be punished for killing other players that are same level as you, or as I said, near your level, and if you are, it definetly shouldn't mess with experience or item drop rate. Moreover, this really breaks immersion, as being a "bandit" is something nobody would ever try if they know how karma works. Black Desert is supposedly a mature game, it is constantly advertised as having a real-scale world, but in reality it is one of the most peaceful and friendly worlds I've seen on an MMORPG. I went straight from 0 to 50 and I never ever felt in danger once. This is obvious, because computer enemies pose no threat, only players do, but they are so punished for "missbeheaving" that you don't need to worry about them at all.
    Also, if you activate PVP mode, and someone with it not activated attacks you, you should be able to deffend yourself without penalty. I don't remember this happening (correct me if I'm wrong...). This mechanic is plainly stupid with all due respect...
    About the lvl 30 limit for PVP, I find it pointless. First because there's no much difference between a level 10 player and a lvl 30 player: they are both new to the game, and they can not deffend theirselves at all from a high level player. So if a level 10 limit doesn't work, a level 30 limit works neither (really, there's a reason why PVP limit of asian servers is 50). Moreover, PVP level limits only generate frustration in my experiencie: people that want PVP will not be able to enjoy the game until they are level 30, in which moment they will be so anxious for PVP that they will either gank everything around or be constantly killed by the 30+ players (this is another peoblem of the game, levels/gear make a lot of difference in detriment of skill). If the game allowed PVP from the start, or from a very low level, everyone would be having their ups and downs with PVP from start, get used to it, and eventualy focus on other things, which would reduce ganking. This already happens in TERA, which targets a somehow similar audience as BD.
    So in summary, leave the restriction at level 10: this protects players that are learning the basic controls, and at the same time allows players to get used to PVP as a regular thing in BD world. People is always "scared" that if you allow low lvl PVP then everyone will be ganked. But once a game is brave enough to do this, this supposed "ganking" never happens. Instead, everyone gets used to PVP and move on to other matters such as leveling. Leave karma for when you kill a player with a -5 level difference. Or hey at least let players CHOOSE if they want to PVP or not, either through a PVP server, or even through letting low level players enter on PVP mode from start and attack other players that also have PVP mode activated. You know, since nobody seems how to rework this karma system, just make this "little" additions to make PVP a lil more entertaining, maybe?
    Sorry for the big post, and also for going slightly off topic, because this is for the bounty hunter system which seems cool, not for the broken karma system which is awful .
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  13. Tinaral added a post in a topic Gear or Skill Based?   

    For an action game? Heavily gear oriented... Hope this changes a little bit in the future.
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  14. Tinaral added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I believe the bounty hunter system doesn't solve the karma problem, but it simply gives a little bit of immersion to it. The supposed objective of the system is to keep PKers/PVP players happy while protecting low levels from being ganked, but in the very moment you allow open world PVP, then low levels will be ganked no matter how karma works or how this system is done. For example, there's already a "karma" system in games like TERA, and while I guess people try to keep their karma as lower as possible in their "main" character, most people have an alter character they do not use often and they don't care how much karma is applied to this character, meaning they don't care about the penalties of ganking at all... You can see all these alter characters at the entrance of the very first city killing people which are 50 levels less than them.
    So, no way of avoiding ganking unless you simply ban low level PVP altogether, which is boring. I believe killing players that are as much as 5 levels less than you, should give no karma at all. Less than that, sure, apply lots of karma and penalties to discourage ganking.
    And about the bounty hunter system, by all means implement it, the "rough concept" already seems fun and immersive. Maybe the moment you pay to this NPC, he can even say something like: oh, I have heard this infamous person was seen near [insert location here] some time ago. This way you could see Bounty-Hunters actively travel from place to place to "hunt" their preys :).
    So in summary, whatever you do, please keep in mind this system is not "fixing" the karma system at all, but it is a funny adition nevertheless.
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