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  1. Tinaral added a post in a topic Honest opinion after 2+ months of BDO   

    I didn't gamble to get full TRI. But if you want to pass that barrier to have full boss TET/PENTA you will need a lot of perserverance PLUS luck. Most games if not all, are heavily RNG for the best loot in the game because that's how you prevent everyone from getting the loot. Or did bosses in WoW always drop the gear?
    You simply want to easily get best gear and that is not gonna happen. I knew this from day 1 of playing. I wonder why people thought otherwise?
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  2. Tinaral added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    lol your block was so on point in there 
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  3. Tinaral added a post in a topic Honest opinion after 2+ months of BDO   

    I think you are not getting how BDO works. In BDO you first need to work hard 5 years to make a very succesful company. Then you get your billion dollars and use it to go to the lottery. So as you can see you need even more perseverance, patience, money, and good temper than in case 1.
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  4. Tinaral added a post in a topic accuracy,evasion,action combat?   

    As I said, not a big difference. There's a difference ofc, but let's keep it realistic it only relys on doing one or other rotation that is pressing 1,2,3,4 etc. Positioning, active dodges, and so forth, are kept to the minimum. There's a big difference between two TERA mages if they are different in play skill, skilled slayers and unskilled ones simply seem like different classes. There's also a big difference between two BDO classes, look at unskilled sorcs or ninjas and compare the gap with skilled ones, it's huge, much more than what you can see in WoW or etc. Yes I played WoW for years and actually with one of the so called difficult classes, Druid, again if compared to BDO, you don't need a lot of hands nor brain. Not that you don't need your hands/brain at all, but simply just a little. This is very different than tab targeting. Tab targeting games require minimum hand control to land a skill. Do you know how many times I've failed to land midnight stinger? Aim assistance is a joke.
    RNG goes both ways, so it shouldn't be that problematic to anyone. You might think it's only affecting you but your enemy suffers it too. You need to use your brain and hands to land a hit, that's key in BDO, and only THEN your gear matters in calculation between acc/evasion. Ofc gear matters in every MMORPG, in BDO just happens to matter quite a lot because of acc/evasion but this happens in other games too. Also BDO is probably the game in which getting OP gear (boss TET/PENTA) is nearly impossible. Everyone can get to boss TRI gear with relative ease, little players are beyond that and killing a full TET with full TRI is no big deal, you only need to outskill the enemy.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't like acc/evasion either because it makes games very gear dependant punishing new players that want early PVP. I believe action games do not really need this mechanic. But having it doesn't make the game tab targeting or not skill related, plus it has the advantage of making gear choice much more interesting: do you want an all around build that is not heavy ap/dp but also has acc/eva? Do you want a build that doesn't hit often but can one-shot you if the hit lands? do you want a high survavility dp+evasion build and keep AP just the strict necessary? etc. One of the coolest things in BDO is that any piece of gear is useful (well besides some white gear), and this couldn't happen if the only thing that mattered was ap/dp.
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  5. Tinaral added a post in a topic Listed you deal breakers here, things they need to fix to make this a more player friendly game.   

    I'm quite happy that I never cared about horse breeding now.
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  6. Tinaral added a post in a topic Honest opinion after 2+ months of BDO   

    People these days are addicted to instant gratification and lack long-term perspective. This might not be the game for them.
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  7. Tinaral added a post in a topic accuracy,evasion,action combat?   

    The game is action combat, that's self evident. Acc and Evasion just make it more gear based than other typical action games. In this game, priority number 1 is gear (mainly because of those two stats that are paradoxicaly ignored by 90% of the players), but under similar gear, skill matters more in BDO than in any other MMORPG I know of. There's not a big difference between an unskilled WoW mage and a skilled one. There's an ocean between a skilled BDO sorc and an unskilled one.
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  8. Tinaral added a post in a topic Listed you deal breakers here, things they need to fix to make this a more player friendly game.   

    Can you really get a tier 6 from breeding two higher tiers? lol that's insane
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  9. Tinaral added a post in a topic Give us a PvP chan like in KR   

    Yes please so I don't have to get 70k karma every time I want to show someone the exit of Sausans which is too often. And also so retarded "I was PKed" threads stop flooding the forums.
    By the way this is better in the suggestion forums.
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  10. Tinaral added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    -Life regen seems OP in my experience.
    -Dont feel grab is a problem, but the desync that comes with it is a big problem.
    -Devs do not know much about competitive gameplay, hence their need to rely on player feedback. This happens in all games.
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  11. Tinaral added a post in a topic AP VS Attack +   

    Miya, the parameter "attack" does no exist. It is a misstranslation in our build. It would be a good idea that you send a ticket advising kakao that jarette is bugged if you have evidence.
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  12. Tinaral added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    Whip MUST be awakening for Dark Knight. There's no other option >=/
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  13. Tinaral added a post in a topic No such thing as "Non-Consensual PVP" in BDO   

    You know. Sometimes when I kill someone and they die in couple of hits, I'm like... Wow that must be a new player and I just killed him/her... Then I see him again 5 seconds later because the map is full of node managers where you can resurrect, and I'm like... You know what? Is really not a big deal to kill anybody so let's keep going with the killing spree!!
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  14. Tinaral added a post in a topic Why did they force us into awakening weapons?   

    My maehwa friend also uses pre awakening quite many times when dueling against me. I don't think he feels his katana has been invalidated at all. I've fought many rangers too, and I see them using the bow quite a lot. You know, I agree awakening weapon is the focus of the classes now because that's were the damage is, and pre awakening now remains as a necessary support. "Necessary" because I don't think you will be using your class properly without including pre awakening in your combos/tactics. Surely is easy to figure out how pre awakening can be useful for a sorc and so every sorc uses it a lot me included, and it occurs to me that maybe the problem is that it is not easy to figure out how pre awakening can fit other classes. But we have our degree of responsability in here don't you think? Aside from Pearl Abyss.
    About the other games similar systems, well, forgive BDO for trying to be a little bit innovative in this aspect.
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  15. Tinaral added a post in a topic Mail System "Letters"   

    Taylor Swift liked your suggestion
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  16. Tinaral added a post in a topic Why did they force us into awakening weapons?   

    Awakening is just a way of "class upgrade/change", a lot of very successful mmorpgs already have a system like this, like ragnarok or lineage.
    About pre awakening not being used... I do use preawakening as much as awakening, but that might be a sorc thing.
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  17. Tinaral added a post in a topic How many Active Players dose BDO have?   

    Nobody knows for sure. I've read many times BDO is stimated as having from 100 to 200k active users. Accounts sold are probably 10 times more than that.
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  18. Tinaral added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    I actualy don't want a whole new class yet, I would like a sorceress male counterpart (necromancer?), a ranger male counterpart (pet? traps?) and a dark knight male counterpart will be nice but I don't really have a clue of how I would make it since I don't know the current female class either.
    Now after that, something like wow-style Druid will be great I think. This is a very versatile class that can turn into a dps/tank/support when the situation is needed. It would be awesome if it were a beast race.
    Another class I would like to see in the future is something related to music, like bard, dancer, swordsinger, whatever.
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  19. Tinaral added a post in a topic Karma system is not working properly   

    1) That guy didn't "flag". His guild is in war with the guild of one of your party members.
    2) This is made for your own good actually. If you are negative, there's a good chance you want to be positive again, and so being unflagged eases the task because it prevents you from hitting/killing someone "by mistake". If you really wan't to defend yourself and do not care about negative karma, stay flagged. Btw you can hit flagged targets without flagging yourself, but ofc most people will not flag to kill a person with negative karma.
    3) Well if you are not skilled enough to run away, ofc you should die. Did you expect otherwise?
    Yes the karma system sucks. We need either a PVP server with no karma, karma penalties reduced to something sensible like 10K per death and not 70k. Or better yet, do not allow node resurrection in PVP death so fighting for a grindspot makes sense, because currently there's really no point in doing it if you are going to loose 70k karma just to teleport a guy like 10 seconds away from where he died.
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  20. Tinaral added a post in a topic Bad pvp system   

    Remove node resurrection in PVP death. -70k karma for killing someone teleporting someone 10 seconds from where he/she was is a huge joke.
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  21. Tinaral added a post in a topic Male Ranger ?   

    Should happen. But not sure since male chars do not seem one of pearl abyss priorities sadly.
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  22. Tinaral added a post in a topic ¿Black Desert necesita un sistema profundo de misiones y eliminar el Grindeo puro y duro? || Black Desert needs a deep Quest System and eliminate pure Grind?   

    Lol. Dude you can't be helped. WoW map is not open. Areas in the game have a limited amount of points from which you can either enter or leave the area. In BDO and in any other real open world game, infinite points serve as entrance or exit for the area.
    About other games having the same character editor............. Is not even worth an answer. In fact, you are not even worth any more answers because you need to get real and also do your homework.
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  23. Tinaral added a post in a topic What class do you play?   

    Curious about that! Elaborate?
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  24. Tinaral added a post in a topic HOW LONG UNTIL TAMERS GET FIXED?   

    I don't know but already found 3 tamers in Valencia that I felt were close to me in AP/DP and they all did this same skill that is a fking joke in damage, they nearly one-shoted me.
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  25. Tinaral added a post in a topic ¿Black Desert necesita un sistema profundo de misiones y eliminar el Grindeo puro y duro? || Black Desert needs a deep Quest System and eliminate pure Grind?   

    Hi Lobo,
    I believe your new OP is much more on point. Thanks. Now I can say what I think about it but first I will answer to this final message of yours.
    Look, BDO IS a revolution if you think about it: is there any online game wtih those graphics that is as stable in FPS as black desert? No. Is there any online game with a 100% action combat system (a game that can be played with a combination of mouse/keys, not just with the 1,2,3... numbers)? No. Is there any online game with such character editor? No. Is there even any online game with a REAL open world (not just big areas conected by small corridors)? No. <- Black Desert is the pioneer in all those elements, and I'm 100% sure it's graphics, character editor, world structure and combat system are ALREADY the rule that a lot of MMORPGs in development will (try to) follow. Tbh, WOW didn't invent the MMORPGs, as this genre came and keeps coming from Korea, WOW mainly copied what koreans were doing and simply westernalized the genre and probably added some elements Blizzard was very good at doing like dungeons, etc.
    Now about your OP. Yes, I believe BDO (all games actualy!) should work on its quests a lot. Honestly I will "punish" developers forcing them to play the witcher 3 and swtor, maybe even some Majora's Mask lol, so they realize what's a PROPER side quest. I understand it is not realistic to give huge quality to all side quests, but honestly I think BDO has already too much quests going on, so I would probably reduce that number in a "quality over quantity" effort. Improving the side quests would no doubt make the world more immersive and make you appreciate the beautifuly crafted world even more.
    Now there's something that you suggested that I personaly wouldn't do. I wouldn't use quests as a method of leveling. If they give a little bit combat exp, then OK. But grinding should be the main leveling method for BDO, i'll tell you why. First of all, grinding forces the players out of main cities/towns into the world, which makes the world more populated. Even if BDO doesn't have as many players as, say WoW, you can easily see how the world feels as a general rule heavily populated (Valencia being  a exception). Even in WOW with millions of players, some areas were completely empty, while this rarely happens in BDO because people need to wander the roads (grinding) to level up. Side-quest focused games encourage players to wander cities, which is where side quests are, and also forces them to travel as fast as they can (generaly with aerial and fast auto travel) to another city to receive more quests, leaving the roads heavily empty. This was also a major problem with TERA. Cities were bursting with people, but the world was completely empty.
    Another thing is that BDO has an inteligently designed leveling curve. The leveling is supposed to be very hard from 56 onwards. This can only be achieved through grinding. Why? Because if you added a side-quest leveling system but yet needed to keep the difficulty to level up from say 58 to 59, you would need to develop thousands of side-quests, which of course is unrealistic.
    Side quests should be kept to contribution, energy, inventory slots, maybe good items, gold, skill points, life-skills points, etc. But only give a little amount of combat exp, if anything.
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