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  1. Tinaral added a post in a topic Ninja or Warrior? Gear?   

    I mean... Ninjas have 6 katanas. That should settle it.......
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  2. Tinaral added a post in a topic ¿Black Desert necesita un sistema profundo de misiones y eliminar el Grindeo puro y duro? || Black Desert needs a deep Quest System and eliminate pure Grind?   

    I do not agree. I feel more immersed in BD than in WOW. BD world is better crafted, beautiful, and feels so much more credible. Magical and yet realistic, with landscapes that are awe inspiring. NPCs feel so much more alive than they ever felt in WoW. However, it is true BD (and pretty much every mmo except swtor) needs better and more RPG oriented quests, ofc. I payed attention only at sorc related quests and black spirit quests, and they were average at best. But it felt like you were suggesting wow quests were any better? No they weren't... They were pathetic actualy.
    And TERA is far from dead lol, it has been in the TOP 10 most played mmos for years now... WoW is the top 1 game not entirely because of the quality of its content (in fact ffxiv is probably better in nearly every aspect), but also because it was the first of its kind and it is highly casualized.
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  3. Tinaral added a post in a topic Sorceress in need of tips.   

    Your AP is ok for the moment, your awakening AP is not. You should get spell of seduction to duo asap and make it ultimate to have decent awakening AP. At the same time, you should start upgrading to duo your grunil because your DP is fairly low. Last I would do liverto duo. What are those accesories?
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  4. Tinaral added a post in a topic Sorc New costume bug   

    your sorcs are awesome so I'm bumping this for you!
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  5. Tinaral added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    remove the auto frame optimizer in settings>screen. It worked for me.
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  6. Tinaral added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto (hidden stats?)   

    Last time I checked, pretty much everyone agreed that acc food was either bugged or negligible. What exactly was the food you were using?
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  7. Tinaral added a post in a topic So why can't we get somewhere else to grind besides pirates   

    A level 55 will no doubt do better in helms (plenty of green mobs inside the caves) than pirates both in tems of exp and gold. Unless you have OP gear for your level.
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  8. Tinaral added a post in a topic Would you guys want a Mediah/Valencia inspired character in Black Desert?   

    You come a bit late. The prevous title of thread was if we wanted a muslim character.
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  9. Tinaral added a post in a topic Why you don't talk?   

    Why would you talk? I mean, if you get into someone's spot, you already know you are doing a dngerous thing, no need for anyone to tell you. If I get into someone's spot, I want either to force you into pvp or I directy come in pvp to kill you. I want your mobs not a conversation
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  10. Tinaral added a post in a topic Do something   

    There's no official population statistics so you don't know if the game is dying. Ofc after a year population goes down, that happens to every MMO. Yes some things should be fixed like the addition of more items that you can trade with people and some sort of dungeons to make cooperative worth it, and a PVP server that has no karma so people stop complaining about karma from both sides.
    I think those are very simple fixes they could do in a couple weeks, if they don't, it's because they are happy with the population and therefore conservative in regards of making any change. That's what I think but, like you, I can only speculate.
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  11. Tinaral added a post in a topic 20 mins gameplay of ninja awakening   

    awakening ninja is so awesome.....  
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  12. Tinaral added a post in a topic Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays   

    Merry christmas! Don't smoke weed this year!
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  13. Tinaral added a post in a topic GM refuses to help me   

    If no warning text is shown anywhere that you can loose the goods by doing that, then compensation should be given. But if this mechanic is explained anywhere in the game, you can not have compensation to be fair, because there's no way to know if you did it on purpose or not, and so believing you opens the door for unfair things to happen. I made some mistakes too when I first started in BDO, like selling a lot of stuff in the marketplace believing I was selling it for the maximum price while this wasn't the case because prices are dynamic and I didn't know at that time. Imagine I start asking for compensation...
    Anyway I'm sorry this happened to you! Just take a deep breath and be extra careful next time!
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  14. Tinaral added a post in a topic Would you guys want a Mediah/Valencia inspired character in Black Desert?   

    Thanks for changing the thread name. Appreciated!
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  15. Tinaral added a post in a topic Would you guys want a Mediah/Valencia inspired character in Black Desert?   

    I think the title is very bad and you are stereotyping muslims. But yeah a dancer class inspired in the middle east would be nice and original, I guess. It could be heavy on buffs, like blade-dancer for Lineage 2
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  16. Tinaral added a post in a topic The Gear You Wish For Christmas   

    I don't want a lot for Christmas
    There is just one thing I need
    I don't care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree
    I just want you for my own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true oh
    All I want for Christmas is you...!!
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  17. Tinaral added a post in a topic *Repost* Sorc or Wizard?   

    Related to the rest of the classes, it is quite hard yes. Ninja/Kuno are also difficult.
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  18. Tinaral added a post in a topic *Repost* Sorc or Wizard?   

    Two different classes. If you want an easy class that excells at everything with little effort, wiz. If you want a difficult class that pays off only when mastered, sorc. PVE wise, wiz will always be better, but PVP wise, skilled sorcs are probaby most dangerous charcters to fight against.
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  19. Tinaral added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto damage test   

    But you didnt measure average damage of, say a full combo. This way you would have seen how kzarka superior accuracy pays off.
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  20. Tinaral added a post in a topic Sorceress Gearing   

    Ideally, you want +5 crit and +5cast speed, either through crystals or through a combination of crystals+food. Rest of crystals you should go for AP and HP. In boots, get the knockdown resistance as other people have suggested.
    I like you gear, but yuria+jubre don't play very good together. I would try to get a kzarka (and skip liverto) as soon as possible or you will suffer from your low accuracy.
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  21. Tinaral added a post in a topic So, this game is p2w?   

    So because you are saving 2 seconds per loot, the game is p2w? Wow. You guys thinking you can play an MMO in which nobody is paying money are bananas. Kakaogames is not a charity for your entertainment.
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  22. Tinaral added a post in a topic So, this game is p2w?   

    Please, I ----- sausans and pirates so fast that I have to spend time looting myself for my rotations to respawn.......
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  23. Tinaral added a post in a topic So, this game is p2w?   

    There's no real P2W in our version of the game. Ofc cash shops in games always give some attractive things or no one would put money on the game, and BDO is no different, but they have done good things like the loyalty shop, banning valk's cry, etc. Also anyone that thinks you can get competitive gear by paying cash clearly doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Spending 400 euros in a TRI Kzarka with the items per week cap, will take not only that much money but also so many weeks that you will always be behind non paying players.
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  24. Tinaral added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    you mean crystal breaking, we still loose enhancements.
    And gear drop. So the casuals won't complain anymore that they don't have PENTA items. Well kill another player and you might get some PENTA!
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  25. Tinaral added a post in a topic Maehwa questions   

    I think witch/wiz are a good option because they can aoe stun, aoe kd, they can freeze... Sorcs can reduce enemy mov speed by 30% and also stun but this last one is easy to dodge.
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