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  1. Edremis added a post in a topic I really want to get back into BDO, but...   

    The thing is, if you dislike the grind or you dislike staying AFK continously this game isn't for you. Don't fool yourself with combat style, graphics... The core of BDO is grind + AFK.
    All about pets, everyone light years beyond you or things like that are negligible vs the grind. Think about this: it's easier for you to get full TRI lvl 58 (despite what people say, you "can" do node wars with that gear/lvl but don't expect to be the hero) than veteran players to be full TET/PEN (+ accessories!) and lvl 61/62. And not only easier but less time consuming.
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  2. Edremis added a post in a topic Trading system   

    Which new trading system are you talking about? Do you mean the system that was supposed to be in Valencia? PA never implemented it and I wouldn't think they will at least in the near future.
    Just in case, you can destroy part of the trading items someone has and IIRC you can steal things like coins or fishes if you kill someone. I might be wrong because I never tried it.
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  3. Edremis added a post in a topic Anyone else thinkthe dk awakening is...   

    Of course you are not the only one. And I'm not the only one who sees musa boring for example.
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  4. Edremis added a post in a topic Passive income?   

    Passive income: Workers (gathering or crafting something) + Farming. Nothingelse
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  5. Edremis added a post in a topic Event running on KR server which we should get too   

    I want free muskan + PRI ogre ring <.<
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  6. Edremis added a post in a topic Offhand for 95% PVE   

    Once you have enough AP you can use kutum for PvP so you could use kutum for full PvE and then kutum for all because you will have enough AP.
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  7. Edremis added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   

    Again. If you couldn't burst someone in PvP just with ranged skills you have to use your melee skills.
    I know it's played ranged for PvP but just because of the insane damage. A true ranged weapon (rangers bow) wasn't really long ranged despite all the ranged skills.
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  8. Edremis added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   


    For me DK is a melee class with some ranged skills but you end using those ranged skills because you have enough damage to burst someone with it.
    It's like ranger pre awakening being a long ranged class but because shotgun>all you are a medium ranged class.
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  9. Edremis added a post in a topic Fluid Collector - Magic Trick.   

    It looks like you injected something in the butt of that poor troll
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  10. Edremis added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   

    Zerkers are the 3rd worst class in the game then.
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  11. Edremis added a post in a topic What are your plans?   

  12. Edremis added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    lol I tried everything but that. Thanks
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  13. Edremis added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    Because I'm stupid I have to ask this. How can you overweight a boat? I know how to do it with a horse/wagon with the warehouse but I don't know how to do it with the boat.
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  14. Edremis added a post in a topic Perspective of a returning player   

    Sorry but you lose nothing being killed in PvP except trade items iirc.
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  15. Edremis added a post in a topic Calpheon is based on an Italian City named Assisi   

    Valencia not based in Valencia. /sad 
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  16. Edremis added a post in a topic Lack of Costume Choices   

    If you count clonic costumes as a costume "for DKs" then good for you. For me there there are only 2: Rosa Cassius and Thin Terna.
    The make you pay ~30€/costume. At least demand exclusive ones and not clonics (because you know, the clonic ones will come here quickly because it's easier for them to make).
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  17. Edremis added a post in a topic Lack of Costume Choices   

    DK is a new class. There aren't costumes even in Korean server. Just wait a couple of months.
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  18. Edremis added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    Exactly. A well played tamer is god 1v1 but people will say "hurr durr trash class".
    Valk is the only class that can put a "please kill me" mark (aka AoE ranged pull) so just for that valks are invaulable for node wars. Best block in the game, best class to be frontliner (NOT THE ONE WHO CHARGE BUT THE ONE WHO ARE IN FRONT OF YOUR GUILD).
    It's less impactful than a witch, yes. But not a trash class.
    You people have no idea what a trash class is. As soon as you are being HARD countered (no matter your skill) by every other class then yes, you are a trash class.
    EDIT. About real trash classes: Play wanderer in Ragnarok Online (renewal) in War of Emperium without a performer partner, play warlock without godtier gear as a dps role (because you can't change your build unless you pay) so you don't have the skills that makes your class useful without godtier gear (aka, full support for a dps mage class where the support mage class do more damage than you), play mechanic and try to do something useful beyond selfdestruction for the most expensive class in the game. Then come here and tell me valk, tamer and kuno is trash class.
    There are more examples of trash classes but those are the one who comes to my mind.
    And even saying that, those classes were trash because of gear imbalances, not class. So people whinning about class imbalances, whine about gear instead.
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  19. Edremis added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    Then don't play valk. It's simple.
    I wanted to tank but I saw valks aren't made for tanking so I stopped playing it bit I didn't played zerker (the true tank) because I don't like the playstyle.
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  20. Edremis added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    Stop trying to tank as a valk then. My vslk guildmates are doingI a great job in node wars. Without them we couldn't do anything.
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  21. Edremis added a post in a topic Why reach m2 trade?   

    I made some maths to know how much money I get per hour of processing mats for calpheon timber crates.
    I calculated for artisan2 and master2 and the difference was more or less 2M/h vs 4M/h (with the setup I have) so yes, it's a great bonus to reach master2.
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  22. Edremis added a post in a topic Weakest Class in BDO   

    Weakest for what? Grinding? PvP? Node wars? Because valk is "bad" because the class have a bad time grinding (slow) but for example is great for node wars. Kuno is great for AoE stun afaik.
    Most Korean MMORPGs aren't about classes that can do everything but each class has something special so each one performs a role. What you need to know is which role you like the most.
    And nobody is talking about the worst class because in BDO, if you aren't a top class your are "the worst" class. But that means you aren't a braindead class, not that those classes are bad.
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  23. Edremis added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    Exactly. I remember when people was playing wotlk in wow where one famous quote was "the game starts at lvl80".
    It seems people forget that kind of thing to bash other games for the same stuffs (despite here in BDO you can lifeskill since lvl1 so you are doing "endgame stuf" already so it's even better than other games).
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  24. Edremis added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    But hurrdurr I want to master the game in 1 day!!!!11!11!1 The grind take sooooo long at lvl50!!11!11!1!1! I don't know where to go so it's game fault. Enemies are too easy, make it harder so I can't grind anymore so I will whine again because of that. I can't make profits reselling everything I see on the marketplace so I have to actually put some effort and a little of thinking to make profit with life skills instead of just buying cheap reselling it, outrageous!
    It's funny because if you play wow they have to give you an instant high leveled and geared character because the low leveling phase is so bad and slow they know people will leave in a few minutes (you can't compare action combat with spamming 1-2-3, even if the early game in bdo is slow is much better than most themeparks out there).
    In every damn rpg you end spamming the same skill/rotation until you are dead so people whinning about that should check the previous mmorpg they played.
    Every mmorpg have those issues but because you have to think in bdo and actually learn new things (if you never played open pvp mmorpgs or sandbox games) people whine. It's normal the market is saturated with clonic mmos because ofI the "I'm sick of wow but I want to play in the same way than wow in a different game" mentality.
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  25. Edremis added a post in a topic Chopping:Skilled/Professional   

    It's not about the profession level but a specific knowledge obtained from a quest.
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