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  1. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    They even delayed their Q&A you know full well that all of the CM's are locked in a room right now trying to figure out a way to spin it
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  2. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    totally agree, but If you look at some threads and even here, quite a few people have already said they'll gladly pay that price, as long as they exist prices wont go down much
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  3. Tezea added a post in a topic Build me a PC!   

    I recently upgraded my computer in order to run this game (not happening now but whatever lol) keeping in mind that the LARGE majority of games ( this one included) are only setup to run dual core processors I went with an i3-4170. is dual core with 3.7 ghz so I found it a really good deal for what I was trying to accomplish

    heres the part list I got
    Asrock h97m pro4 motherboard 80$ this is a micro atx motherboard, it should work in other computer cases but I'm not 100% on this
    intel core i3-4170 114$
    evga gtx 750 graphics card $125
    it takes 4 gb of ram to run, if you're using windows 7 (dunno about 8 or 10) you'll prolly want closer to 6 since the operating system will take out about 1.5 gb (I currently have 8) 40$
    after that you need a hdd/ssd, case and a power supply, I haven't done really any research into those whatsoever, my power supply has a max wattage of 350 but all of these parts should take only like 276ish
    hdd prolly around 50$ (make sure to research compatibility)
    psu 40$
    case can be about 26$

    disclaimer: I am not a computer guru theres are the parts I have and have upgraded myself through the years.
    total build cost 475$ (roughly) though these parts go on sale on newegg with a moderate regularity so you might be able to bump it down to like 300$

    disclaimer: I have not played black desert online yet, but the character creator works perfectly fine on this setup. according to the system specs I should be able to max out graphical settings with this build too, it is more of a budget build though 
    blah wont let me edit, if you have a case lying about (and with that maybe a more recent psu and hdd) it would drop the build to about 350$ with all new parts
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  4. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    considering auto loot and exp boosts from costume (even if minor) and I've heard stamina boosts on some of the gear, and that pets loot items for you that saves time getting you to your next mob the faster your on your next mob, ya your prolly getting more like a 50% advantage in exp if you manage your time appropriately. feels pretty p2w
    and now I have an idea of why it's so expensive
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  5. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    renting personally makes me feel more ripped off. cause then If I play the game for 3 months, I'm generally better off just buying the costume. not to mention such systems cause the game to f up
    when I played vindictus I made my first ever cash shop purchase for a permenant costume. a week later it expired, nexon told me to shove it. I will never put money into a cash shop again
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  6. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    I recently had to do an international transfer of funds from the US, no taxation was done on my part and the full amount made it (after being converted to their currency) all the way there. they only had to pay taxes  on what they received because it is technically a purchase, and they paid their countries taxes.
    this is especially true should they do this intelligently and never let the money touch a US bank, they only need  somebody in one of these other countries to be able to start a business and have all the funds when a person purchase the game transfer directly  to their bank overseas, where they later convert it to whatever currency they feel is best.
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  7. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    You really have to keep in mind when you bring up taxes, that they're generally included in the price of buying the item when it comes to online stores.
    And any money they make could very easily be deposited into an offshore bank (at least in the US) and therefore not taxable.
    Then when taxes come around you claim all your expenses but none of the  profit (because its not recorded in the US) and bam you've made 0$ this year and have a few million dollar tax exemption. aka businesses don't pay taxes, poor people do
    taxes aren't going to hurt them if they know what they're doing and I'm sure they've hired a lawyer who does
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  8. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    Very true, if we go ahead and put the business costs of 15 million into it as a tax deduction they've effectively reduced their tax bracket down to 0$ made, not to mention they prolly have the money deposited in a country where the taxes are lesser. standard business practices (this is why the US is poor xD) I may be wrong for sure, but as far as I'm aware any expense on the business is tax deductible, most they'd have is sales tax which is always charged to the customer if it applies
    should I be wrong pretty sure the highest tax bracket was like 45% so that would be 4.5mil made, between all 3 regions they made they're money thoroughly back
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  9. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    Decided to crunch numbers (bored at work)
    the best bit with the pre order
    Over 300,000 of them were sold. if we assume everybody (which they didn't) bought the cheapest pre order package, they made $8.997,000 so this is probably a tad closer to about 10-12million
    iirc they said they budged 15mil for all of black desert in all of the regions. They've already turned a massive profit on this game, they don't care if it fails, it  just means less server upkeep xD. they could make more so much more.
    Personally I think they're putting up those ridiculous prices similar to a pawn shop, they threw out a high number and are gonna lower it slowly until people stop complaining to get the best price.
    I also feel that considering the game took 3 years for them to make and are charging 30$ for it, the fact that costumes probably take 1-3 months to program shouldn't ever cost more than 5$  (if we go to an exact percentage pretty sure it comes out to 60 cents/month)
    I've been looking forward to US bdo for around 3 years now (I think that's when they announced it) I don't think I can get hyped about games anymore, this just kinda did that in.
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  10. Tezea added a post in a topic The All-Encompassing Problem Facing Black Desert Online.   

    This opening post brought up so much of what I was scared of, he's entirely right, and it is from a business perspective brilliant

    BDO is the grandest take on bait and switch I've ever seen now
    hyped us up for years got people to pre order, and what have they done with the game? they took the time to find the code that allowed trading and deleted it. That's it. I understand a lot of people wanted it so at least they're responsive to the community, but they have not done anything for this game at all.
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  11. Tezea added a topic in Suggestions   

    glad i didn't pre order
    This game just became the grandest fiasco of bait and switch I've ever seen
    us was supposed to get our own version, but the only effort these guys put into it was removing features, nothing has been done to "localize" it at all, GG
    -our version is just the Korean version with trade gimped with removal of all sense of trading
    -classes are not balanced to make it pvp oriented
    -wasn't this supposed to be sandbox? nope.
    and now the cash shop, this is just a joke, people will spend money on that stuff and theyre just gonna get all their money and go.
    I'll wait for it to either shut down or go free to play, fate is sealed now.

    Also word to the wise, they're going to lower the cash shop prices over and over until people stop complaining about it, it's no different than a pawn shop negotiation now and I find it hilarious. they're just gauging their audience
    Sorry to everybody who pre ordered, at least the combat looks fun.
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  12. Tezea added a post in a topic [POLL] BDO on Steam?   

    just sharing what I've been told
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  13. Tezea added a post in a topic [POLL] BDO on Steam?   

    well as I said it would only be for mmos because 80% of them are entirely different once you reach end game. though in all honesty depending on the player 14 days is plenty for them to reach level cap and realize it may be unplayable for them
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  14. Tezea added a post in a topic Lets try to make this MMO Multiplayer   

    lol I been a member of many guilds, and I tend to quite like my guildies. but being entirely honost... it was not uncommon for "ill pay you back" or "i'll help with x" but that kinda depends on the person x: not to mention what if I don't have the crafts they need? what if what I can make isn't what they want, usually crafting costs too much to level w/o the hope of profit
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  15. Tezea added a post in a topic Female Giants   

    hmmm halberds generally favor the short more than they do the tall, but they are a weapon I quite enjoy. perhaps they could just put a gender change option on the giants and keep the same weapons. if new weapons are -needed- then I think something that follows brutality would be more suited, like a giant mace or cleavers and such
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