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  1. Darksky added a post in a topic Velia channels   

    All channel are crashing....6 crash in 10 minutes... very good work for the network..
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  2. Darksky added a post in a topic Patching Stuck | Character Slot Issues - 12/1/2016   

    They forgot the most easy way, instead rename delete the file version.dat or config.filecheck the installed may a different check of all the file from the site and sped very less time than check all the file. This worked all the time I had the problem with the error. 
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  3. Darksky added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer 100% bug
    sometime when I make the 100% with the awakening it doesn't work. The char became black, use all the black spirit rage but don't make the 100%, do anyone else found this bug?
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  4. Darksky added a post in a topic New pet loot speed is insane!   

    Before this patch i must press most of the time R to take drop. now i don't need do anything...all the pet take super fast... the T4 take 2.5 sec of cooldown like bebore but they go more far and run so fast and with 4 t4 it's snother world.
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  5. Darksky added a post in a topic HELP what is LMB?   

    i think you are talking about awakening skill, so if it's a tamer before you must do another skill to work, like trumble. Check the description of the skill that tell witch skill you can do to use the new skill.
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  6. Darksky added a post in a topic Best area for fruits of x?   

    Gather potato near calpheon, i take all the kind of fruit and they respown quickly.
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  7. Darksky added a post in a topic Tool Workshop - None Available   

    Then there is the find the house from the combo box in the top right, selec the house you want and the level and they show you in the town with 1 arrow
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  8. Darksky added a post in a topic So.. I opened 5x *New* Boss Gear Box   

    The told in one specificy post.
     Then you must think...you have the right box you must have after the 30 days, plus one box with red armor...so why do you complain ? If they give the right box the firth time you have 1 item, instead you have 2. You not lucky ok but stop cry because you don't find all good boss armor
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  9. Darksky added a post in a topic Weapon durability issue   

    Yes the dura go down fast. And also the cost is very high respect the other eq.
    if anyone need I put on sell one tri blue awakening Bo branded in croxus.
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  10. Darksky added a post in a topic Bad guilders   

    Don't give important to that person, do what you fill to do. That in a game it's not importat you are a girl a boy. In a game you came to relax if the game is not more a relax leave it and do samething you like.
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  11. Darksky added a post in a topic question about value pack   

    Yes, the money are add when you take from market
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  12. Darksky added a post in a topic Do the Kamasylve and GM blessings affect item rate drops in bundles and event boxes?   

    the kamasive increase the drop rate of all the item not only rare, so If I add the 20% to all the item the perc it's the same, 
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  13. Darksky added a post in a topic Tamer Awakening Feedback   

    The problem it's only learn the new combo. I'm happy that now I finish to bring mana potion, now I' m near all the time full of mana. The only thing I must still see witch skill I must block because I still go in shortsword in some situation I don't want and manage better the skill to recovery hp.
    I found also the combo Tramble -> Echo to go in awakening and I put also echo in bar bacause to switch I use Lmb+Rmb but to use alone we need to put in bar.
    the 200% is very nice and also big damage, also the 100% has a very good damage.
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  14. Darksky added a post in a topic Tamer - Awakening DPS Cycle   

    You forgot also tramble, in the skill it's not write but if you make trample->echo, and also tramble you can use to exit from awakening
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  15. Darksky added a post in a topic [Newbie] Venia Riding Clothes   

    There is only 1 outfit for riding exp and you can but only in perl shop because you can't sell in market. 
    The tab it's the same of the cooker suit
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