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  1. Starbuck added a topic in PVE   

    Muiquun Quest
    For the Muiquun quest 'Deep Inside the Jail', where you have to find the cylindrical device in Pila Ku for Bertod, is that a mob drop? Or an actual interfaceable object somewhere inside? Pretty rough for me in there.
    Edit: Found it.  Object in one of the lower rooms.
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  2. Starbuck added a topic in General   

    BDO NA/EU's Reckoning (8/10/2016)

    Hey, I understand this is a business and that businesses have maintenance and expense costs and are fiscally responsible to generate a profit.  All good... however, if the point of topic is that this is a business, than it should not be discounted that the people are customers and customers have expectations about trust and accountability with respect to the products and services they support. 
    Followed this game for several years while in development, eagerly awaiting western clientProud member of NA/EU community since betaAlthough leery of possible bait and switch, was glad to extend trust and support to Daum/Pearl AbyssBased upon their initial efforts in working with community to customize service for local marketBased upon the fine service they representBDO: the finest mmo I have ever played to dateCan no longer support developer or publisherAmidst the censorship and deception, I encourage everyone to speak up if they haven't yet.  It's a good time.
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  3. Starbuck added a post in a topic Why censor?   

    This is clearly everyone's fault as service users for misunderstanding: when it was mentioned that our feedback was wanted, what they really meant was stfu and give us your money
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  4. Starbuck added a post in a topic How to complete Treasure chest of Jack and redfoot   

    Anyone try this with Valencia patch?
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  5. Starbuck added a post in a topic a   

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  6. Starbuck added a post in a topic Completed advancement Life quest reappearing in guide after patch   

    Was halfway through the alchemy advancement quest where you're required to make Oil of Tranquility.  Now all advancement quests reset to Lv30 in Guide, each with no quest available from npc.
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  7. Starbuck added a post in a topic Sea Npc Knowledge bug & missing node issue.   

    Edit (for clarity): visited them earlier as well
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  8. Starbuck added a post in a topic Rosevan island Node manager cannot be unlocked   

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  9. Starbuck added a topic in General   

    Guidance Through the Ruins Quest
    At the Ancient Ruins Excavation Site, and for the quest Guidance Through the Ruins, where you have to train the 3 workers, how do you do the part where you train worker Ron? Is there a special trick to it?
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  10. Starbuck added a topic in General   

    Current state of KR class balance?
    From what I understand, and with the recent patch class changes, it would seem that our class balance is directly tied to and dictated by KR class balance.  If so, that's probably something noteworthy when considering the future viability of our classes as we may have firm visibility.  This, at least, is from what I've read on the internet recently and is why this post is here, because I'd like to think that some clarity would be appreciated by a few of us.
    Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me on the topic can go into more detail then on what the current state of KR class balance is?  Is it true, for example, that ranger gets nerfed again after they get their awakening?  Stuff like that...
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  11. Starbuck added a post in a topic Cash Shop Prices are still Outrageous   

    Look, in all seriousness, some of your concerns are valid and I agree with some of them, although maybe not your attitude.  Ultimately, those are our opinions.
    My big thing is I'm concerned about P2W elements and a cash grab F2P transition to possibly follow; however, when it comes to their pricing and sustaining their business plan for the future, I don't believe all the player opinion in the world will sway them from executing on whatever that might be.
    I'm choosing to extend some trust to Daum, who has seemed to listen their community and be responsive within reason thus far.  I understand it's a risk, and that I might get burned, but I'm also prepared for that if that's the case.
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  12. Starbuck added a post in a topic Cash Shop Prices are still Outrageous   

    Leave or don't buy anything(?)
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  13. Starbuck added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    Simple, yet refined...

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