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  1. Musetrigger added a post in a topic Leveling to 55 is to easy!   

    No complaints here.
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  2. Musetrigger added a post in a topic A PVP Wakeup   

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  3. Musetrigger added a post in a topic A PVP Wakeup   

    It can be anything you want it to be.  Go your own direction and flip off all the haters.
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  4. Musetrigger added a post in a topic As a big fan of cute races in MMORPGs, I hope that they make the Shai playable someday.   

    If they do this thing, they can easily NOT give the shai any underwear.  At the most they'll get pajamas or something.
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  5. Musetrigger added a post in a topic I HATE GATHERING   

    Does it all drive you to drink?
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  6. Musetrigger added a post in a topic +20 ruined this game   

    *slow clapping.*
    What a show.
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  7. Musetrigger added a post in a topic +20 ruined this game   

    Yeah, I hear you.  And after seeing how bloodthirsty and immature these people can be, I pretty much decreed that I would just mind my own damn business and play.
    Actually, most of my time spent is RPing, so I guess you could say I'm doing the opposite of everything ever.  No compatibility with the PvP side.
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  8. Musetrigger added a post in a topic +20 ruined this game   

    I don't care if someone's miles ahead of me.  It's not worth sweating over.
    Life's got too much going on for me to just waste my life trying to keep up.
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  9. Musetrigger added a post in a topic Killed on a low level character by a pvp'er?   

    Then there are people that actually enjoy killing AFKers.
    Well, if you can call them PEOPLE.
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  10. Musetrigger added a post in a topic say something you hate about bdo   

    Blatant trolls.
    And people that seemingly enjoy whining like babies.
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  11. Musetrigger added a post in a topic say something you like about bdo   

    The immersion, the lore, the music.  ESPECIALLY the music.
    The Calpheon theme left me all choked up the moment I walked in for the first time.
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  12. Musetrigger added a post in a topic Seriously... Is there a way to turn off guild flags?   

    The Trump thing is funny.  I think it's damn perfect.
    I'll be honest.  I'd much rather vote for an egg sandwich from a gas station than any of the candidates, but Trump has some funny faces.
    If there was an option to take them down client side, I might do that.  But when I feel bummed, I'll just turn Trump's face back on and restore the smile on my face.
    Screw the Kanye one.  The guild master's a spineless jerk who doesn't know how to troll RPers.
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  13. Musetrigger added a post in a topic Time to start skeet shooting!   

    The salt content in these forums have now become deadly.
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  14. Musetrigger added a post in a topic STOP killing AFK fishers for your own good!   

    Hmm, well it does serve as a reason for conflict, which people love, apparently.
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  15. Musetrigger added a post in a topic STOP killing AFK fishers for your own good!   

    Starting up a storm about it, for one.  It may suck, but it's just another part of the game.  PA knew this.  AFK Fishing involves risk.  Maybe not as much as going out grinding in crowded spots.  Either one of those is more risky than the other.  But it's still part of the game.  PvP games have risk.
    Telling these people to stop doing something PA has thought long and hard to ultimately add to the game?  There's no point.
    I understand though if the OP is fueled by these delusional buttheads that claim to be just mining salt from all the "bottom feeding carebear trash", because they are sometimes more infuriating than the people simply doing the act because it's a part of the game.  Then again, that's also pointless.  I mean, would you really want to waste energy holding a grudge against a toddler?
    What the OP needs to do is know the risk, and prepare for it: either to battle against it in some way or go to the Altinova spot apparently.
    Don't be discouraged by a little challenge.
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