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  1. Vanic added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Did they fix night vendor? I don't wanna waste my energy opening it up to check.
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  2. Vanic added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Tried both of these and was disconnected not even 15 seconds into the logging in. This is quite frustrating. Especially when you have things you need to do in game. -sigh-
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  3. Vanic added a post in a topic Unable to play due to disconnects.   

    @CM_Aethon Any word on this? It's quite frustrating. 
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  4. Vanic added a post in a topic "The Party" ...What REALLY Happened   

    lowkey thought that as bong too lol
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  5. Vanic added a post in a topic Unable to play due to disconnects.   

    I just started experiencing this today after being disconnected due to terrible lag at the bosses. Now I can only stay logged in for like 2 minutes... I also use to be able after disconnecting to just press the start button again and immediately go back into the character screen, but now I can't even click it.  
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  6. Vanic added a post in a topic Why do koreans never build accuracy   

    My dream is tet red coral and tet tree belt 
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  7. Vanic added a post in a topic Remove arrangement requirements for relic scrolls ~~~ please   

    You do realize you need at least 2 empty slots to start combining them...
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  8. Vanic added a post in a topic Post your Kunoichi Screenshots here   

    I'm not as good with posing and what not like most of you are, but here's my Kuno!

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  9. Vanic added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Here are some codes for you all to try out! Good luck and have fun! I'll be removing the codes that have been used! 
    Here's where you go to enter the code! 

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  10. Vanic added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    There's literally guest passes all on this page. Just take another one. 
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  11. Vanic added a post in a topic "The F1 ~ F6 interaction keys have been changed to F5 ~ F10."   

    I'm with you. Of all things to change. Q_Q
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  12. Vanic added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    kek Must've came across one and got annihilated.
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  13. Vanic added a topic in Suggestions   

    RBF NPC Buff
    Hi! I feel like the buff we can get from the NPC in RBF should have its timer reduced. I've seen too many people make it all the way across the map with this buff on and pop an ulti or whatever and take virtually no damage. Please do something about this! D: 
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  14. Vanic added a post in a topic Toxic Flood bugged?   

    Yeah same for Wizard Lava Field
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