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Mushi The Fluffy

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  1. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Margoria - incomplete nightmare or amazing map expansion?   

    I know I'm sorry I was bummed, too. I would've loved to roam the island. Maybe in the future they'll do something with it. Until then I'm looking forward to them unlocking some more of the WORLD map. lol
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  2. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Margoria - incomplete nightmare or amazing map expansion?   

    I should've specified. By "rest of the map" I was also meaning the maps for Kamasylve because we're not caught up to KR yet.  Sorry for the confusion. That's on me. I'll be editing my post. Thanks for the callout!
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  3. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic CM's Please Respond - Gold Chest in Game or NO?   

    Because they try to keep us pacified sadly  That's all it is, which is annoying.
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  4. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Margoria - incomplete nightmare or amazing map expansion?   

    Most you can do atm is explore the ocean as for playing. The rest of the land mass is inaccessible for the time being. As of right now it is A LOT of life skill content. Also the scavenger hunt and underwater exploration, gathering, fishing, trading.... Not much for grinders until they unlock the rest of the map.  But we'll get there. Chin-up! Still tons of things to do!

    EDIT: "Not much for grinders until they unlock the rest of the map" I'm referring to the Kamasylve lands as well. Margoria COULD be another expansion but that's up to the developers. Nothing has been said about the land mass being unlocked. It would be nice considering if you look at the size of the island; it's a pretty decent size. As of right now KR has the Kamasylve Lands unlocked and it looks like grinder heaven, so not much new content for grinders. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the callout Pavo! ^.^
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  5. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Please remove all pearl - > marketplace restrictions   

    The only restrictions I want to see lifted is player to player trading or guildie to guildie trading.
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  6. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Post your Kunoichi Screenshots here   

    My husband made my Kuno.

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  7. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Stuck at tutorial   

    It won't even give you a quest tracker?
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  8. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Maehwa and Musa   

    You're a very close-minded individual, aren't you? I know many people on this server who are in completely different time zones, for one. For another, what's to say that these players aren't off on Wednesday after working their shifts for the week? Or who work retail and happen to have Wednesday off? Don't be bitter just because you can't get a chance at the title because you have to work. That doesn't make people who do get the chance at the title "Welfare Leeches".

    However, I will agree that there can be ways around it for those that are unfortunate enough to miss the chance at the title. Having multiple titles, for one. First 100 get one title, next 100 get another title, so on and so forth. 

    In any case, don't be so judgmental of people. It just makes you look distasteful. People won't give your idea a second glance with all that salt. Some food for thought. Happy Hunting!
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  9. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Post pics of your Sorceress   

    My sorc. Finally got her just right. Thoughts?

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  10. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I am highly disappointed in this decision! I've been with this game since beta and fell in love with it. One of my biggest issues with the game is the pricing of the items in the Pearl Shop. The outfits were some of the most expensive I've seen in any game, but I looked the other way and purchased the items because I believed the money would be used to further better the game, as it was a B2P and not a subscription based game. NOW it has been decided that people can buy Pearl Shop items and put them in the marketplace for others to sell so everyone can access them. This decision right here is a slap in the face to the THOUSANDS of players that have already spent hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars on Pearl Shop items only to find out, "Hey guess what? All that silver I have? I should've just waited to spend my hard-earned money and used my hard-earned silver to look pretty or to have my pets!" If you wanted to be fair to the players who couldn't afford your very high-priced items you should've done one of two things from the beginning:

    1. ALL Pearl Shop items can be accessed through loyalties.

    2. Pearl Shop items should be more affordable, and by affordable I mean the prices should be cut in half.

    "But the amount of loyalties you get per day wouldn't be enough to purchase Pearl Shop items. It would take me weeks!" There's an easy solution to this, too. Players who log-in consecutively for one week can have an increase in loyalties per day. By day 7, it resets again. If they miss a log-in it resets back to the standard 100 loyalty.

    Day 1: 100 loyalty
    Day 2: 200 loyalty
    Day 3: 400 loyalty
    Day 4: 800 loyalty
    Day 5: 1600 loyalty
    Day 6: 3200 loyalty
    Day 7: 100 loyalty

    Costume amount: 6800 loyalty (individual pieces can be divided by however many pieces is in the set. 3 piece set divided by 6800 loyalty= estimates 2265 rounded down. That's roughly 6 days of consecutive log ins.) And before anyone says, "Not everyone can log in everyday for this." I say, "This game is built for you to AFK fish or autopath. I know MANY people stay logged in.

    Pet amount: 800 loyalty

    Value Packs (30 day): 13.6k loyalty (As this has bank slot increases, EXP increases, etc etc.)

    Of course this is just a model I put together. The exact numbers don't have to be used, but this is a model that can successfully be put into the game to benefit those that can't afford the costumes, if you truly wanted to make it fair. Another way to accomplish fairness are to put some of these costumes as rewards for achievements. For God's sake there are so many achievements in this game, some of them could EASILY have a Pearl Shop item for those who are completion OCDs like myself. The only thing I know is that there are many people who know that if you allow access to post Pearl Shop items into the marketplace, not many people would be able to afford it in the first place. At the end of the day, the whole "We want to be fair to those who can't afford Pearls," is just a more political way of saying, "We want more money and this is how it's going to be." Because I've seen this before, especially with ESO, the minute you change into this model of business, the only ones that will be left are those measly 9+% of players who agree, "This is a great idea." And I can guarantee, after a time, they won't be buying anymore and there goes your money. Show us you truly care about us players. Listen to the players who are willing to invest in this game if you actually take the time to LISTEN.

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  11. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic NA Disconnect and Failure to Connect   

    I got in but there are no mobs or merchants in any town. I can't chat in guild or anything.
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  12. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Most Beautiful Maehwa /Plum April 2016   

    OMG SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it!
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  13. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Most Beautiful Maehwa /Plum April 2016   

    Meet Xamika ^.^ I'm actually kinda proud of how she turned out.

    And here is Samickle. I actually like how he came out.
    Here's him talking to Incas... because, you know. Why not make friends with a random deer person in the middle of the road. lol

    Hope you like 'em! Happy hunting! 
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  14. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic Most Beautiful Maehwa /Plum April 2016   

    Sexy beast. *drool
    LMFAO! Best plum on here.
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  15. Mushi The Fluffy added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    OMG Your character is GORGEOUS! 
    She's lovely!
    My Valkyrie, Anakt. Yes, she looks a sinister.
    Valkyrie Anakt. Yeah I know, she looks sinister.

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