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  1. dispatcher505 added a topic in US Guild   

    <ArcHammer> NA/Orwen
    Region: North America         Server: Orwen
    Who are we?:  We are a casual/social guild that believes in freedom and choice.  We have no requirements on how or when you play BDO.  We believe that the only person who can tell you how to play your game is………you.  We believe that the only person who can tell you how often to play your game is……you.  It’s your game after all, you paid for it. 
    What we offer:  We do our best to offer a friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  We try to keep chat relatively clean, or a better way to put it is……..we try to keep channel and server chat out of guild chat.  We run guild missions regularly, usually on a daily basis.  We offer Discord (voice chat server) where we have several voice channels, announcements and useful links for game information.  Discord is not required but it is encouraged, even if you never use it for voice, since this is where we post announcements and guild mission times. 
    What we are looking for:  Basically, someone that shares the same ideas about a guild environment that we do.  If you are easy going, pleasant to interact with, and believe playing should be about having fun then you will probably fit right in. 
    What we DO require:  There are only 4 things we require and they are fairly simple and straight forward.  1) Be respectful to fellow guild members and the community as a whole.  2) Represent the guild in a positive manner.  3) Keep it drama free, if you have an issue with another guild member try to resolve it with them outside of guild chat and voice chat.  4) Last and the most important…..HAVE FUN. 
    How to get an invite:  Leave a reply to this forum post or whisper me in game.  Family name (Tarvon).
    Thank you for taking the time to visit our post.

    Still recruiting
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  2. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic I like 1% of this game..   

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  3. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic The BDO loot system sucks   

    Wait a minute.  You "hate" PvP?  Then why are you playing a game that has been a PvP focused game since it's inception?  And it's not like they slipped the PvP focus in under the guise of a PvE based game either.  BDO has been openly advertised and talked about as a PvP focused game since the beginning.  I guess I dont understand why you are even here to begin with.
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  4. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic The grind for certain items is just stupid   

    So youre solution is to replace one grind with another?  Brilliant.  I am 100% behind keeping certain loot drops rare.  It gives players something to strive for and feel a sense of accomplishment about.  Take it from someone who played SWTOR since beta where they effectively removed rare loot drops from the game, now nothing is rare and everyone can have everything without exerting any effort whatsoever.
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  5. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic The grind for certain items is just stupid   

    If not RNG then what?  How else would you suggest they do loot drops?  I would really be interested in knowing your solution to this since it would be revolutionizing the MMO loot system.
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  6. dispatcher505 added a topic in General   

    Guild recruitment tool/Chat recommendation
    First thing is first, this is not a post to bash the game since I love it so far.  My question is.........why do modern MMO's launch without a guild recruitment tool?  In every game I have ever played, this has been something that is asked for.  The forums and reddit are flooded with recruitment threads and people get mad when guilds recruit in chat.  But what other options do we have?  None.  Why not have a tool implemented like Wow (which is a game I HATE) and a few other games?  Something like a search tool that allows someone to pick the categories they find appealing in a guild (PvP, PvE, RP, Raids, Casual/Social, etc etc), hit the search button and BAM......it returns all the guilds on the server that have listed themselves offering the categories the person is looking for.  Then that person could look through all the guilds that they are matched with, read recruitment messages and then decide which ones they would like to be a part of.  Then it would simply be a matter of hitting a request membership button where you could leave a message about what you have to offer and request an invite.  I see this as a win-win for everyone.  It would make it easier for guilds to recruit and it would clear up a lot of the spamming in chat with recruitment messages.  Im sure there would still be people who insisted on using chat to recruit but at least everyone could give them grief since there was a legitimate alternative, which as of now there really isnt.  
    As far as my chat recommendation, Daum really needs to look into using family names exclusively for character identification in chat.  What I mean by this is that no matter what character a person is logged in on, that character is identified in chat by their family name.  As it is right now it can be a bit difficult trying to figure out who is who.  For example, you have Bob in your guild, you know Bob's family name is (Andweave), however Bob has 6 characters he regularly alernates playing on, Bob starts talking to you in chat on one of his characters about something you guys did in game last week, you really cant recall who you are talking to because you dont recognize the common name as one of Bob's charatcers, so you have to open the guild tab and see just exaclty who it is you are speaking with.  Now, if the game recognized all your characters as their family name in chat it would be so much easier to know it's Bob you were talking to instead of trying to remember each of Bob's character names.  I know it's just a quality of life thing but it just seems like it would be easier to remember that Bob is (Andweave) instead of having to remember that he is Phil, Frank, Dave, Steve, John and Harold.
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  7. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic 1GB Patch, 1byte of Notes = Lazy!   

    I dont care about the patch notes, I just care that my patch is running at 0.02 mb/s and going to take me 3 hours to patch a file less than 1 gb in size.  Not my internet or PC either, ran a speed test and I currently have a 39 meg download speed and I even stopped the BDO patch and tried patching another game that I play and it updated at 1.88 mb/s.  Frsutrating.
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  8. dispatcher505 added a topic in General   

    Launcher issue?
    Anyone else having an issue with the launcher where the download speed hits a brick wall and slows to crawl?  My download starts off fine at around 1.90 mb/s, which is normal for my internet, but after about 30 seconds it starts slowing down and eventually gets down in the 0.20 mb/s range and stays there.  If I close the launcher and restart it, it picks up where it left off at my normal download speed but then again after about 30 seconds it slows down to a crawl again.
    What the !@#$%!!!!  I cant get it to download at anything higher than 0.08 mb/s now.  I've restarted my computer, nothing.  I've reset my router and modem, nothing.  Ran a speed test and my current download speed is 39 megs.  Stopped the launcher and patched another game I play at 1.88 mb/s.  It's not my pc or my internet so I dont know why its going to take me an hour and a half to patch a file less than 1 gb in size.  Frustrating.
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  9. dispatcher505 added a topic in US Guild   

    ArcHammer Recruiting
    We are a casual/social guild on the Orwen server.  We are a laid back bunch that doesnt have any level or activity requirements.  Play as you want, when you want.  It's your game afterall.  We believe that playing BDO should be fun and not considered a second job.  Just leave a reply if you are interested, thank you.
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  10. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic CET Maintenance Times vs your Playing Schedule. Details and Poll inside   

    You have people playing from North America (United States, Mexico, and Canada), the EU (a whole bunch of countries) and Austrailia.  RIght now it's 6:51am in the Eastern United States and Canada, its 3:51am in the Western United States and Canada and 4:51am in most of Mexico.  Its currently 10:51pm in Australia and 12:55pm in Berlin Germany.  So yes, there are people from all around the globe playing our version of BDO in time zones ranging from 1pm in the afternoon to 4am in the morning.  Just like most MMO's they arent going to do split maintenances, they are going to do them during their normal hours of operation when the staff is there and working.  People just need to get over themselves thinking they are special enough that maintenance shouldnt happen during their playtime.  Maintenance is inevitable and its inevitable that its going to happen during someones normal time playing the game.  It's been part of MMO's since MMO's existed.
    Seriously?  You think you, or anyone else for that matter, has enough clout to influence when the game developers perform their maintenance?  I'm sorry but that is the most unrealistic thing I've heard in awhile.  They are going to perform maintenance when it is convenient for them, not you.  And that's usually during their normal business hours when they are fully staffed.  Cmon man, just accept it and move on.
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  11. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic CET Maintenance Times vs your Playing Schedule. Details and Poll inside   

    Well lets think about this.  There is always someone in the world playing BDO at any given time of the day, 24 hours a day.  One person's day is another person's night.  One person's playtime is another person's down time.  So, no matter when they run maintenance it stands to reason that it's going to be during someones regular play time.  No matter when they run maintenance its going to make someone mad.  There is no way to avoid this.  Why should EU players get preference over NA players for ideal maintenance times, or vica versa?  Game companies know that so they just run it when it's convenient for them, which is usually during their normal work day.  This isnt anything new to MMO's yet people STILL whine and cry over this.  Just accept it and move on for God's sake.
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  12. dispatcher505 added a topic in General   

    So, is this fixed or not?
    I see the Devs saying that the issue has been resolved and that creating a character on one of the affected servers is no longer putting you on a different one.  Yet, I see people still saying on the forums that it's still happening?  Just got out of bed after a long midnight shift at work and would really like to know whats going on before creating my first character.  Thanks.
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  13. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue   

    OK, they still have to bug a developer to get an answer so the same applies.  Would you rather the CM's be bugging the Devs with 3000 questions instead of letting them focus on the problem and correcting it?
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  14. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue   

    OK, they still have to bug a developer to get an answer so the same applies.  Would you rather the CM's be bugging the Devs with 3000 questions instead of letting them focus on the problem and correcting it?
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  15. dispatcher505 added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue   

    New to major title MMO launches?

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