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  1. Garzak added a post in a topic Spam filter?   

    Guys, I created this thread before they implemented the chat filter feature...
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  2. Garzak added a post in a topic [BDO KOREA] new AH system. What do you think ?   

    Just buying orders, been in EVE for years and are a big part of the game's economy.
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  3. Garzak added a topic in General   

    Make the girl in Velia attackable NPC
    Please, please, PLEASE. Make this little girl on the port attackable NPC.
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  4. Garzak added a post in a topic Maintenance réguliére Eu- Question!   

    Toutes les équipes sont basées sur le même site? Dans quel(s) pays se trouvent les équipes?
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  5. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    No clue what you're trying to say.
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  6. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

  7. Garzak added a post in a topic (POLL) My problem with the Market Place and Trading System   

    The result of this Topic's poll is just awesome.

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  8. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    Can I get sudo access on prod hosts? @CM_Tytyes
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  9. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    We're not saying the market doesn't work as designed, we say the design needs some basic tweaking.
    If I want to use my imagination, play D&D, not BDO.
    When you think about it, they designed this system to prevent speculation, but they set the prices so low that even non-traders like me end up speculating...
    Yeah, because having traders in a sandbox game would be totally retarded.
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  10. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    We all can do that. We just need to learn how to do it, which would use so much time (Time = Money) that it's actually cheaper to go to work, earn money and buy the car.
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  11. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    I disagree with that. There's no fishing boat to buy because the maximum price is too low and nobody's dumb enough to sell it.
    In a free market (This weird game you call IRL, awesome graphics btw), if the mats are too valuable, there's an instant reaction: The fishing boat becomes valuable too.

    Ingame, this reaction doesn't happen, so the market is kind of frozen for some items.
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  12. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    Not 100% sure about my sentence in this case, so I edited the post to focus on the real problem. Thanks.
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  13. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    If they could use this time to perform another activity generating more money letting them buy more vegetables of the same quality, yes they are.

    If they don't do it for money (which is more likely), then your analogy makes no sense in this Topic about economics.
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  14. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    I did collect all my materials.

    I was going to answer but your post is so retarded and you're so full of yourself, I'll just suggest you to use you AFK time to read this:
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  15. Garzak added a post in a topic Why the market is broken.   

    I'd say that as soon as you try to actually make a living from crafting, you realize it's not worth it. And it's only because of the price limit. I've seen a lot of complaints about the fixed prices (Apparently all these people aren't here today).

    Let's talk about the ferry, I sold mine for 300k. I would have earned a lot more by selling the materials. Ferry is cheap, and why is it cheap? Because nobody sells it, so the price stays low.

    Every single market on the planet is regulated by a simple law: Supply and demand.
    In BDO, when there's no supply, the market consider there's also no demand, and the price stays the same.

    Imo, there should be a implemented, maybe even better than the one I suggested earlier:
    When there's no activity for an item in the market (or a really low), the price range should start expanding, in both ways (minimum going lower and maximum going higher). When transactions starts happening again, the price range is readjusted around the average transaction amount.
    The idea behind this system being:
    No people are selling, my price range may be wrong, I'll start expanding until transactions starts again and then readjust. It's basically a calibration.
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