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  1. Eollyn added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer's Resent Class Changes in KR
    ● Attack range according to Flurry of Kicks’ skill level will now applied correctly.
    ● The opponent will not stun from the skill Heilang: Void Lightning during the skill cool down.
    ● Skill description changed. (Only description changed, and actual skill effect is same as before.)
    Tree climb: description changed about hit
    Ultimate: Jolt Wave: description deleted about air smash.
    Flow: Leap: during jump -> during moving jump
    Air Lightning: during jump -> during moving jump
    Heilang: Scratch: when using the skill during cool down -> when using the skill during cool down and on Heilang
    Celestial Bo Staff training: forward attack (4 times) -> forward attack (5 times)
    Whiplash, Heilang: Upward Claw, Heilang: Lightning of Earth: description deleted ‘Heilang attacks aggressively’.
    Translated by Chopper85 in Reddit
    What do you think guys? The void change was needed or not really?
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  2. Eollyn added a post in a topic Show me your best tamer XDDDDDD   

    To update finally with some nice shots!

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  3. Eollyn added a post in a topic Happy Chinese New Year :D   

  4. Eollyn added a post in a topic Fan Art Friday!   

    a small update to some of my artworks for bdo


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  5. Eollyn added a post in a topic what's the best eye you have ever seen that you made or someone else made for their character/ character creation?   

    I mostly like my Tamer's eyes. Seems the most unique part of her face and a lot of people told me they like her eyes a lot

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  6. Eollyn added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    Natural, Unique, Sexy and Pretty. All that is needed ^^ Love it!


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  7. Eollyn added a post in a topic Show me your best tamer XDDDDDD   

    The hell with people who think Tamer can't look decent. I will always be proud of my tamer and i personally have seen other really sick looking ones from other people including OP's Tamer which looks very sexy. I don;t really have better shots cuz i still am on my laptop gotta make some nice screens on my new pc

    Also i have never ever thought Tamer is hard to make. I love making Templates and it's always rather easy to make the most unique faces compaired to other classes imo.
    Example some of my Tamer Tempates i've done http://bdotemplates.tumblr.com/
    That is a Ranger look at the outfit.
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  8. Eollyn added a post in a topic Eollyn's ART   

    Thanks ^^ <3
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  9. Eollyn added a post in a topic Eollyn's ART   

    Thank you so much <3
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  10. Eollyn added a topic in Art & Media   

    Eollyn's ART
    Hi there. I create this thread so i can share all the joy i have from bdo. I include all of my fanarts, templates with download (to be added,) and in game screenshots.
    Hope you enjoy what you see.
    If anybody is also interested in commissions i am open for such as well.  I also do chibis.
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  11. Eollyn added a post in a topic Tamer PvP [ Video Guide Poll ]   

    Ohhhh Bulgarian like me haha Also our lovely Lemon is from Bulgaria as well
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  12. Eollyn added a post in a topic Is tamer actually weaker than other classes?   

    My advice is to try out the class and don't care about how strong or weak it is. If you enjoy playng it this is what matters. I play Tamer since cb1 and i freaking love every bit of it. There is weak moments and there is always strong moments. But in general i am so happy with being a Tamer. I hate grinding in games but with Tamer i can grind for hours. I just enjoy playng her a lot and i can't give a single crap of how OP other classes are compaired to her. Classes get nerfed and buffed left and right so it doesn't mean sh*t at the end. Pick what you feel it fits you the most and go with it.

    Tamer is love, Tamer is life <3
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  13. Eollyn added a post in a topic Nerf Tamer pls   

    Haha, yeah it took me a minute to realize you were joking and you are not being totally insane First thing i thought when i saw ''Nerf Tamer'' was.. ''the fk?''
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