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  1. Pikeasey added a post in a topic [Notice] Known Issues - Apr. 26 *Updated*   

    I think warrior swap is bugged T_T
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  2. Pikeasey added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Well I can log on the servers now! Still occasional lag but at least I can play
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  3. Pikeasey added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    Apparently not, but it was confirmed as a bug and PA is working on it.
    Atleast according to warrior discord DON'T QUOTE ME D:
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  4. Pikeasey added a post in a topic PVP PSA: Warrior Has Lingering Superarmor on Q-Guard   

    Yeah its true.. tested it right before servers went down. wish i knew this sooner lol RIP
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  5. Pikeasey added a post in a topic A bug with marketplace search can have major performance impact   

    @CM_Aethon @GM_Huego please look into this 
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  6. Pikeasey added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    I just fixed my client by changing the language and region to something else and immediately changed it right back and it worked
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  7. Pikeasey added a post in a topic Nov 16th patch notes Warrior changes   

    The grapple skill being added is just a bad translation it seems
    On oct20th kr had this in the patchnotes
    ● Description changed for the skill Increase Grip, from Take down to Grapple skill.
    From my understanding they are just trying to streamline our passive so that it doesn't just relate to one skill since they gave it to giants. I'm not sure exactly what it said before this patch but in KR it seemed to specifically only relate to our grab called Take down.
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  8. Pikeasey added a post in a topic New KRpatch change great sword buff   

    Naw I'm not "rerolling".. atleast not yet lol.  But really I just feel like I've maxed out my character progression as far leveling goes. I'd rather spend that exp  on another character because the only skill I have left to max on greatsword is solar flare(not hitting 62 any time soon).  These nerfs finally got me to do it after a month of thinking about it.
    edit: I still think we're going to hit hard as shit and people will ask for more nerfs lol.
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  9. Pikeasey added a post in a topic New KRpatch change great sword buff   

    Been thinking about a zerker alt since I hit 60 on my warrior a month ago. I think now is a good time
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  10. Pikeasey added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening PvP Stunlock Combo Inven Translation   

    well yeah..lol
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  11. Pikeasey added a post in a topic Green Greatsword vendor location?   

    altinova weapon vendor guy
    name is tulem
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  12. Pikeasey added a post in a topic LegendaryHacks Warrior Skill Build Post Awakening   

    no he meant they automatically get maxed. this was a patch 1-2 months ago. everyone got their non awakening autoattack skills maxed
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  13. Pikeasey added a post in a topic REJOICE BROTHERS THE TIME HAS COME   

    how so?
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  14. Pikeasey added a topic in Warrior   

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  15. Pikeasey added a post in a topic Let's talk about Gates   

    @CM_Aethon @PM_Jouska
    Are these doors suppose to be balanced are awakenings damage? Doesn't make sense why its taking about an hour to knock a door down.
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