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  1. Godly added a post in a topic Lance: Attack Speed?   

    From the looks of some of the skills that require cancelling, I'd assume so. You'll probably have both maxed out anyway if you have full boss / kzarka weapon + 1 Viper / Media special
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  2. Godly added a post in a topic Start offering server transfers, please.   

    No thanks.
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  3. Godly added a post in a topic Where is the Valk Community   

    Grinding away on Edan
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  4. Godly added a post in a topic Red nose or Tree Armor for valk?   

    Tree. Red Nose hp recovery is shit.
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  5. Godly added a post in a topic Crescent Shrine : something is wrong with the ring drop at higher lvl node   

    Already 50+ shattered, level 8 node. Only ever got 1 straight drop when I first came here. RNG is RNG, since I'm seeing others get 3 in less time that I've gathered more soileds.
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  6. Godly added a topic in Suggestions   

    Energy Potions
    Make them have no cooldown now that Night Vendor is up.
    I understand it was set due to the early days of the potion existing in the pearl/loyalty shop giving advantages during the early stages. Now everyone progressed far enough and have massive energy pools so these things should be chugged down.
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  7. Godly added a post in a topic Skill Add-ons   

    There's like almost nothing positive besides the DoT on shield throw. We don't need crit buff since we have a 80% crit buff already, the skills lack cast speed in general, +AP is only massive on the Divine Power which you don't spam much of either when the ultimate is off cooldown.
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  8. Godly added a post in a topic Skill Add-ons   

    Being able to have 10% cast speed with 24/7 uptime was amazing. The new add-ons are just meh.
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  9. Godly added a post in a topic Value Pack is not BAD   

    I don't see how this is at all pay2win. All conveniences besides the marketplace tax which only gives people more incentive to buy discounted items from Night Vendor that they don't need and place it into the market for others. I'd be happy for the flood of high end items on the market if it means someone can profit slightly more on an item than before.
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  10. Godly added a post in a topic Gatekeeper's Officers leaving for Crowfall lol   

    GK stay shit
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  11. Godly added a post in a topic So how is Valkyrie now?   

    Our base AP may seem lower than other classes but our % ratio per AP is significantly high. You can still burst people in downed combat (with or without carnage elixir) and 1 combo players if you manage the full cc chain. Still tanky with +18 gear since block trumps all, but getting cc'd could still mean death (i.e blader 100%).
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  12. Godly added a post in a topic KR Skill patch 6/28   

    Aren't KR boss times a lot better than ours? I recall someone stating it was 8hrs or so for a Kzarka window whereas we have some 24hr bs.
    If that gets changed then those boss weapons would be easily obtainable within a month or two (if channel hopping to get at least 1 more boss counts).
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  13. Godly added a post in a topic Official Class Tier List - Large Scale PvP (6/27/2016)   

    Are you Warriors actually this delusional? Any class can replace a Warrior in GVG and do much better. You're just an extra class that soaks up damage with Thorns on at this point which Valkyries can also do with more utility.
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  14. Godly added a post in a topic FORCE Jewellery   

    This concept would be fine up to a certain point (i.e forcing allowed only for PRIS/DUO) but anything beyond that should still be RNG.
    Or just buff rates like Ogre Rings from Soiled Ogre Rings (whoever invented RNG within RNG for this drop is absolutely stupid).
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