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  1. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic When the striker class comming?   

    Im watching almost every info about that class and, for now, I heard information that this class is OP even without awaking weapon. I dont plan reroll or something but I hope it will be balanced before hit EU/NA servers.
    Second thought is the price of Rocaba armors set will rise (for evasion buff) cause now Striker have couple +% evasion buffs. So top evasion players will be almost not touchable. 
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  2. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

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  3. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    So after community choose to not have ANY premium content with Buy to Play method, Daum decide say "f*ck you all" and still add premium content? Cause this is nothing more that monthly premium payment.
    So... sorry but its not what you said at begin. For me Daum done worse thing that Trion at Archeage. You won't have my money.

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  4. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic I just got banned...   

    Not at BDO for sure (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FiFxBHuFDU). Every person i know leave this game, some of them for AA (so Daum is worse than Trion)... Game is beautiful but desync, Daum, community - worst that I ever meet (hate replay incomming)
    I end my story with BDO and now in making progress at Overwatch / Witcher 3 / Stellaris. Where Witcher 3 is the best - you should try @gerufi
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  5. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic PSA: Present and future Warriors, This Class is now Obsolete   

    Daum(CC: @CM_Jouska @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes) should reconsider their plan list cause if they now focusing only on Valencia update and hackers stuff and by this they make one of their class totally unplayable (desync, poor skill balance, worst class at PvE on Valencia map) then something is not correct here. KR gives warrior their awaking weapon to decrease this disadvantage and what NA/EU warrior have? Most of us already roll to other class to get any chance for gear up (khaza/world boss) cause as melee class we are worst there and when new content will be up - then it will be even worst.
    Yesteday I get same info, as @Biggians said, from couple friends at different guilds. Warriors are not welcome and only take guild slots - so Daum EU just killed one of ingame class cause tons of bug and unbalance.
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  6. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Hacker mass ban by Blizzard. Daum should learn   

    Im comparing many aspects. Blizzard is not only FPS, they got others game also but at all of them you can see ome common things. Hackers at not "scripts kid", like Daum like to call them, but hackers whatever of thy create or use available program for it. And they hae one rule for them - "you use hacks, you will get perma ban".
    Here we got some strange politics against breaker ToS users. Players are racists, violent, rage, use words not only for you but your family, etc and what Daum do? Send your ticket ad after some time we will, or not, ban him for day or three. After that time he will opress yu more? Send a ticket and after some time...
    Same with hackers. They mass kill player, steal loot from world bosses, break any entertainment from game and Daum have problem with banning them. No mention that what they get when they hacks, they will keep it.
    Look around. People just stop showing this stuff cause they see that it nothing change. This game lose players cause of it and Daum create "fake crowd" giving for example now thousand of 7 days keys.
    This game is getting worse than Archeage now and Daum have to stop hiding news about it and start do something.
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  7. Cain-Ish added a topic in General   

    Hacker mass ban by Blizzard. Daum should learn
    First days of Overwatch. Almost 3k account what use hacks was banned. People who use hacks and bought 2nd, 3rd and even 4th game with totally clean up computer still got perma ban.
    And what Daum do?
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  8. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Do you still main Warrior?   

    Still here - still warrior
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  9. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    You are aware that EU/NA BDO is totally different than Korean version? Daum EU try to do something more with this game, not only copy-paste on West Market cause we won't work here. But players like you forget about it and push "more grind grind" stuff ingame and it's wrong.
    Bdo at begginning was marked as "best mmo ever", now we only see worse and worse article about this game. In less that half year this game will die like Archage or even worse unless people and Daum start doing something.
    Each company when see hackers they ban them permanently. At BDO we hit they hand and say "no, this is bad. So it"
    At mmo people play as group or guild, feel as group - here we got more single player or small group content. It's not mmo! It's co-op game.
    At any new mmo people was trader's, crafters, fishers, explorers. Here grinding was already at top of income and now it only good way to do it. Grind and field boss every day.
    Most players who plays years at KR left already cause all this change. After GMs comment about hackers almost half of mine friend said "F*ck it. I will boting now... oh sorry script kid".
    Every week it getting worse and worse and not Daumor player do nothing. People spend money and after month they refund or sell account. Already after couple month since start .
    Solution? Bigger hammer ban for any hackers script bots activity. more balance between grind and life skills. Theres tons of people who just fishing since begin! And craft? It's joke now.
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  10. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Grinding now gives you x2 more silver than any other activity or life skills and now all new players will get 13,000,000 Silver more because... they new?
    Do Daum plan to change this open sandbox game into hack and slash game(cause now everyone just grind)?
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  11. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic [Edan] Warrior Only 1v1 Tournament! Who is the best?   

    Please, record all fight and post somewhere for people who don't have them/are not at server :-)
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  12. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic New CS Costumes   

    Or you can check them for example at bdofashion.wordpress.com
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  13. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Ghillies suit name hiding aids hackers.   

    I think @CM_Jouska and rest of Daum need to rethink their anti-Ghillies cause Marking Reagent, added as anti-stealth system, can be crafted by Skilled 5 Alchemist and Market cost of item is around 105k. 105k to mark one hacker or attack and die (where you can lose crystal). You can buy flare on market but numbers of them is really low (cause you can get them ONLY from quest now)
    It just confirm MMO pages title that BDO EU/NA is "paradise for hacker/cheater" cause game anti-hack don't work and in-game methods are high cost.
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  14. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic Can't login into my witch   

    Wait, what? How "i'm able to log into my other character who is not in Calpheon, but no matter what I try, I can't log back into my Witch character." can be a problem with minimum requirements?
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  15. Cain-Ish added a post in a topic What's wrong with BDO and HAS to change   

    Actually this game have many things broken and need to fix it. And I don't have in mind "carebear/PvE stuff" but crucial core MMO stuff like for exampe guild members limit (guild already make 2-3 with similar name and work as one) or no raid party (its hard to lead when you dont know where everyone are)
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