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  1. Zetovex added a topic in General   

    Knowledge Bug ?
    I been trying to find the last npcs im missing in my "npc spyglass (or what its called ^^ ) it says i need 1 npc in velia, andi  been seaching the entire town over 10 times
    and only npc i can find with a question mark on the mini map is "patrigio" and i talked to him many times in all citys, in his trading hours and outside them,
    anyone els having similar bugs ?   (same issue for some other towns, my knowledge libary says i have all characters in the areas, but not in the compass + question mark on minimap)

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  2. Zetovex added a post in a topic Dark Elf Class?   

    I though korea was close to getting it my misstake
    And ment it would be nice if the Community mangers could talk with devs about it and let us know if there is plans for male counterpart.
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  3. Zetovex added a topic in General   

    Dark Elf Class?
    Will there be a male counter part for the new dark elf class they will be getting in korea ?
    @CM_Jouska would appricate if some answears from devs
    • 7 replies
  4. Zetovex added a post in a topic Sea Npc Knowledge bug & missing node issue.   

    yeah me too, it bothers me so much that it have question mark im a knowledge freak Q_Q
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  5. Zetovex added a post in a topic Cash Show Glasses?   

    Many thanks, sadly not what i hoped to hear ^^
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  6. Zetovex added a topic in General   

    Cash Show Glasses?
    I am considering buying the cash shop glasses, since they increase your chance of obtaining knowledge, but does anyone know how much it is ?
    I mean does it doubles your chance? and is it worth the cash in general ?
    Thanks in Advance
    • 2 replies
  7. Zetovex added a post in a topic Boss Knowledge?   

    Thanks all , was just what i hoped for time to repeat that black spirit quest like a mad person to get knowledge
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  8. Zetovex added a post in a topic Boss Knowledge?   

    im talking about the ONE TIME PER CHARCTER black spirit CO-OP boss quests, if you can get knowledge from those mobs? since they share same name as the bosses
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  9. Zetovex added a post in a topic Boss Knowledge?   

    so you can get knowledge on Biraghi from the Black spirit quest if your lucky ? because some of those bosses in Ecology / Leader , i havent seen apart from the black spirit quest line
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  10. Zetovex added a topic in General   

    Boss Knowledge?
    Hello I been seaching the internet for the answear to two question, hopefully you guys can help me
    1# How is it decided which person get knowledge on a boss, "Most Damage" OR "Last Hit" ?
    2# Can you get knowledge on bosses via the black spirit boss summon quest chain, if i kill summoned "Biraghi" from the quest "[Co-op] Biraghi Den Keeper" ? (same goes for the other bosses, like queen stoneback crab"
    Hope to hear from you thanks alot in advance
    An official CM respond would be greatly appricated too
    • 8 replies
  11. Zetovex added a topic in General   

    Rum Event Bugged ?
    Hello there,
    I think the Event where you need to gather Rum is bugged for some people, lots of people i talked to / know, gotten tons of rum in no time
    While i farmed for hours and recived a VERY little number , Im gonna have to farm night and day just to get 100 Rum if this is intented, please clear this up for me
    - Answeared
    • 4 replies
  12. Zetovex added a post in a topic Breeding Questions   

    thanks alot, this clear it up alot, much appricated
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  13. Zetovex added a post in a topic Breeding Questions   

    thanks for help guys, much appricated
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  14. Zetovex added a topic in General   

    Breeding Questions
    hello there everyone
    I was wondering if someone could answear a few questions of mine, all help will be greatly appricated,
    1#  Does the new T5 female from Conquer Pre order works as a t5 when breeding, also did they fix the old t5 male so it works as t5 now ?
    2# If you breed your female with a male horse on the market, who gets the foal ?
    3# How do you breed a female horse with a market male horse ?
    thanks everyone in advance.
    • 5 replies
  15. Zetovex added a post in a topic Sea Npc Knowledge bug & missing node issue.   

    Same Problem
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