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  1. beehive inferno added a post in a topic What the most important items to have for end game?   

    wtb 5k memory fragments. 800k each
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  2. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Blue Reagent(Alchemy)   

    im not a fan of the new system at all but i can acknowledge the old one wasnt that good either. You could just slap potions together and get blue ones. With the lower end potions that don't need oils you can make hundreds of green potions quite easily. blue fury potions for example were too easy to make. On the other hand Frenzy potions were fine as they were, the bottleneck there even for green potions was oils (and in turn fruits). 
    I think there is a need for blue reagents but 50k is far far too much. You were already at a loss making party potions (rightfully so) and you should also be making a loss on blue party potions but not that much of a loss. 10k-20k per blue reagent would be acceptable. 
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  3. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Remove gifting option in pearlshop as there are too many greedy scammers   

    Gifting pearls to buy a dandilion is pay2win.
    It does ot matter who gets paid.
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  4. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Week One NPC popularity contest results! EU embarrasses itself   

    I dont get why Patrigo gets votes, give him all your energy and maybe just maybe he will give you a nice bit of gear for three times the market price.
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  5. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Gear tips warrior   

    The base gear you have isnt too bad, if you upgrade everything you have (with the execption of the rings) You will do alright.
    Short term id say get that greatsword to above +15  mabe get a shultz necklace or a scaria to pri.
    longer term get bhegs gloves and an ap shield (or a kite shield if you would rather be tanky). 
    best bang you for buck will be that greatsword, the more you can upgrade that the better so focus most of your efforts on it. 
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  6. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Happy Red Nose Day 2.0 Everyone!   

    Roast duck is great, makes you wonder why we eat chicken all the time when there are mallards in every lake and pond.
    If there was player trading our guild would be sorted, none of us got the thing we were after and we are all jelous of eachothers drops.
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  7. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Avoiding PVP after level 45   

    Dont go sausans or pirates during peak times.
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  8. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    Hold on i had at least three of them and they were removed on the wednesday when the event ended. Some people got to keep theirs?
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  9. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Desert Fogan = dream world.   

    Fogans confuse me, why am i getting heatstroke while im standing in a stream?
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  10. beehive inferno added a post in a topic FOTM   

    more like flavour of the fortnight.
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  11. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    Its what i plan to do, I have been spending all my loyalties on bheg scrolls (big mistake). I will probably grind up all the skillpoints i need by the time i have collected the loyalties. Even so id like to see that level cap increased to maybe 57 or 58, playing around with the skill tree may take several attempts to get just right.
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  12. beehive inferno added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Feedback   

    Not being able to respec after 56 is a royal pain. Im stuck with my skills all invested in the longsword and shield and my only options are cash shop/loyalty items.
    I can grind up more points at a much faster rate though. Its my biggest complaint but its not a huge one.
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  13. beehive inferno added a post in a topic High failsstacks not happening for me   

    Try using boss gear to generate failstacks, you will get huge failstacks of +45 just for getting it to +15.
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  14. beehive inferno added a post in a topic How is your golden Dagger event going this weekend?   

    Im lucky to get one a day, i didnt even think they dropped more than that.
    Good honest people have to work hard for their RNG.
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  15. beehive inferno added a post in a topic So what's wrong with Pking?   

    Unlike the perpetrator chances are the target is not a murder hobo.
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