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  1. OldCuban added a post in a topic Depressing game.   

    Someone's a little salty that their enchant roulette netted no results.
    You have no one to blame but yourself if you enchant your gear without a backup ready in case the enchant fails.
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  2. OldCuban added a post in a topic Kzarka, one of the worst boss experiences I've had in an MMO   

    The salt on this topic is phenomenal!
    If you don't see a visual alert along with a loud roar when he spawns, then check your settings, you likely have something turned off on your notifications.
    If you got no loot. then you either did very little damage when compared to everyone else there or you died too often. Dying resets the damage you've done btw. And loot chance is determined somewhat by the amount of damage you did compared to everyone else there.
    If you have low fps during this fight on optimized settings, then you need a better computer.
    I've killed Kzarka hundreds of times since launch, and can count on one hand the amount of times I came out empty handed. 
    And anyway, BDO's main focus is PvP. You want elaborate and extremely complicated PvE boss fights? Go play WoW!
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  3. OldCuban added a post in a topic Close Menu on Hit   

    ^ What he said!
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  4. OldCuban added a post in a topic How to make BDO a WoW-killer   

    Comparing apples to oranges again?
    WoW and BDO cater to two completely different crowds.
    On one hand you have WoW, that caters almost exclusively to the casual gamer. Tab targeting, almost limitless hotkey configuration, you can purchase in game currency with cash without a limit, levels are capped, etc..... Not to mention it can be run on a potato of a PC.
    On the other hand you have an mmo where players have to actually compete in PvP for resources, doesn't have a level cap, requires days/weeks of grinding in order to level up and/or gear up, requires players to actually aim at their target with an active combat system ( equivalent to Witcher 3 ), has mechanics in place that prevent people from monopolizing and or abusing in game transactions ( aution house / marketplace ), and is graphically the most beautiful mmo I have ever seen.
    I sincerely hope, most WoW players stay away from this title. That's one hell of a toxic community imho. Yes, even more so than this one, at least in my eyes.
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  5. OldCuban added a post in a topic Forbidden Books question   

    Aakman Temple.
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  6. OldCuban added a post in a topic Marketplace bidding issue (POLL)   

    Yes I did watch your crappy video. Keep making assumptions though, you know what they say about people that make assumptions.
    And btw, I saw NOTHING out of the ordinary in that video.
    That's how the new bidding system works. If you lost the bid, you have no way of knowing other than the item being sold to someone else. And the price always goes away like that once the item is sold.
    Is it really that hard to understand?
    It's NOT a lag issue.
    You're simply NOT winning the bid.
    I doubt you'll get any kind of official response because the devs have already addressed this topic before.
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  7. OldCuban added a post in a topic New Bidding System Lowers Purchasing Power   

    Fyi, It's likely cheaper to use another red nose armor to repair using artisan's memory than it is to use memory fragments.
    It seems you're rather new, ever wonder why there's tons of red nose armor on the market place? It's boss gear, yes, but it's craptacular! Unless you have the rest of the boss armor set and are using it to get the 4 piece set buff, it's pretty meh otherwise.
    Anyhow, on topic, I disagree. The bidding system is the best it has ever been. Without a system like that in place, a few members in the community would monopolize the marketplace. Not only would prices sky rocket on everything, but it would be much harder to purchase anything you need because without the bidding system players would use macro bots to snipe items off the marketplace endlessly.
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  8. OldCuban added a post in a topic Stop high heels costumes!   

    I say give us more high heels!
    Make the male characters wear them too!
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  9. OldCuban added a post in a topic Marketplace bidding issue (POLL)   

    I'm guessing you don't know how the new bidding system works do you?
    It's working as intended.
    The reason it's already sold is because out of all the people bidding on the item, the one that won that roll purchased it.
    No shenanigans involved, you simply lost the rng roll on purchasing the item.
    Would you rather go back to the old system that allowed players to snipe items with a captcha bypass?
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  10. OldCuban added a post in a topic PVP during world boss   

    The more I read your comments, the more I believe this is NOT the game for you.
    The devs have stated several times that they have no intention to ever add any kind of PvE content that can't contested.
    The closest you're going to get to that is going to be guild boss scrolls. But they don't drop much of anything worthwhile anymore. And those too can be interfered with by a guild that you're at war with.
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  11. OldCuban added a post in a topic Epic Fail on Merger Great Job   

    You have no one to blame for that but yourself, lmao!
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  12. OldCuban added a post in a topic how to take advantage of server merge   

    Kakao has officially stated that the merging of alt warehouses on other servers is NOT considered an exploit.
    So please remove your exploit tag OP.
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  13. OldCuban added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    I couldn't disagree more......sorry.
    The RNG system has been the same since launch.
    If anything, with all the free loot being given away lately, it's become a moot point.
    You want a real reason people have left? Archeage!
    A large portion of this community is made up of people who came from Archeage.
    They left Archeage because of the blatant p2w scheme the game employs.
    Archeage just released a server dedicated to not having p2w.......YET!
    I can't get over how many people have actually gone back.
    After they got burned so badly the first time around.
    It's almost like these players have Stockholm Syndrome.
    I anxiously await their salty tears once that server goes p2w as well in the next year or so.
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  14. OldCuban added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

    Are we really complaining about this?
    This community whines about every freaking little thing.
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  15. OldCuban added a post in a topic CONNECTION ISSUES/ORWEN DOWN/SEVER UNSTABLE   

    They're getting DDoSed, what do you want them to do?
    You want to blame someone? Blame all the crybabies condoning and/or performing the attack.
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