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  1. Elevaded added a post in a topic Dungeons and Groups   

    Follow the black spirit quest on at least one of your characters. This will take you all over the map, and introduce you to many new places, and mobs. Invest in a nice horse when you can, it will really help with the travel time.
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  2. Elevaded added a post in a topic Holding Aggro.   

    I have no solid info. But from what I have observed since release, the bosses will aggro onto players who are doing top dps within a certain time frame (30 seconds-1 minute potentially). Holding aggro does not appear to have any effect on drops. Rather it is simply a result of executing a high amount of damage within a certain window.
    It can be assumed for balance, and fight mechanic reasons there is also a line of code that causes random aggro, as we still can't truly pin point what triggers bosses aggro. 
    There is also no indication that dps results in more rare drops, and most players i've seen believe that it is completely RNG. I personally believe it is a tiered system that can be fairly accurately gauged by the amount of hunter seals you get. In this system all players would have a chance at the 'rare' item from these bosses, while giving slight advantages to those who hit higher thresholds of damage. 
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  3. Elevaded added a post in a topic Can't decide main class, for PVE   

    Your best bet is going to be a Ranger.
    The class is easily the best PvE farming class, and I notice you do not have one made. They have a good amount of sideways dashing shots such as the Q-cancel and Will of the Wind. This can lead to a semi engaging farming class.
    The only criteria you specified that the class does not fit is potion consumption. Rangers go through mana pots like no other. This can be mitigated by using an extraction gem in your weapon. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the class!
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  4. Elevaded added a post in a topic Kzarka Fire Attacks   

    Nice work! Good resource for some of the newer guys! 
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  5. Elevaded added a post in a topic [Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll + weekend xp buff?   

    It is confirmed to stack. It will also stack with the 100% or 200% daily xp bonus we now receive. 
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  6. Elevaded added a post in a topic I'm out of silver can anyone help me?   

    Now i want a little black spirit figurine to put on things irl... 
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  7. Elevaded added a post in a topic I'm out of silver can anyone help me?   

    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the black spirit.
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  8. Elevaded added a post in a topic PVP is bad   

    If i ever see you in game. 
    Expect to see red, and this...

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  9. Elevaded added a post in a topic I'm out of silver can anyone help me?   

    I'm trying to wear out that damn saying so we can get on to the next great Tenacious meme. 
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  10. Elevaded added a post in a topic Spot to lvl up   

    If you can handle the mobs, you might try Bashims in Valencia, they are one of the weaker mobs, and have some very dense spawns in certain spots. Another option is always pirates, park yourself out there for a couple of days and secure all the booty!
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  11. Elevaded added a post in a topic I'm out of silver can anyone help me?   

    You will have to look up how to make sunflower crates, as I have never done it. With fishing, Invest in a couple nice fishing rods, the only items you are looking to truly make money on is the 'Ancient Relic Shards' These are selling for ~700-800k a piece at the moment.
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  12. Elevaded added a post in a topic red panda ?   

    He also debuff's enemies with his extreme cute factor. It causes them to pause and admire his beauty. =p
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  13. Elevaded added a post in a topic Logistics needed for farming silver and XP   

    Any wagon will do honestly. The main thing you want to make sure you have is storage in Kusha. You will rent a container from the storage manager in Altinova, and put it inside a residence in Kusha. Do not use your trade ins for anything aside from keeping your potions stocked, and repairs. You are not able to store silver inside this container, so that will be your main thing to watch out for. Once you are done grinding for the session, feel free to make trips exchange all your trade ins. 
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