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  1. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic block bug?   

    Red moon applies a 360 block. Until the last hit. The moment you hit the ground, you aren't in block anymore even though you are stuck in the neato looking animation. Counter this with Ult Chase.
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  2. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Isn't Plum still buggy?   

    your dp is pretty low. it gets better as you do more scrolls. Having levels doesn't effect the damage you take by a lot unless its an extreme difference in pve.
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  3. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Seems Legit   

    It is on my valk. I chill with 195DP (with self buff) and...a lot of ap, I don't remember the exact number but its the AP shield/accessories. I literally just hang back and let them expose themselves. If I make a mistake, thats fine because nothing can 100% me in short time and I can heal myself.
    Celestial spear. It has a 100% hit chance, and when you level it up it fires twice like every other casting. Its an AOE knockdown and increases valk crit% by 80% for several seconds. It also lets you combo directly into the last and most powerful hit of Sword of Judgement which is the valk's most powerful hitting ability and also an aoe knockdown AND it also casts twice AND is a down attack AND loves having that 80% crit buff from Celestial Spear.
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  4. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Look for a playing buddy   

    You probably shouldn't mention drama in your classified ad.
    Try looking here if nobody bites; http://blackdesertroleplayers.com/
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  5. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Chase 1 vs Chase 2/Ultimate Differences?   

    The ultimate is pretty necessary as a kind of "Oh God!" button. I do not know of any difference between chase 1 and 2 however.
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  6. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Seems Legit   

    well for one, she blew the easy CC before she even flagged. then missed with the first hit on Red Moon which has a big ole AOE to it and then stood there to get laser'd rather than chasing. (which is the first thing you do after red moon, every time.)
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  7. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic What do I do?   

    Start gathering everything so you can make nice furniture one day. keep doing your black spirit dailies for the scrolls. after like a week and a half you could probably get into mediah.
    Oh also, you might be able to tab along with some people doing their scrolls. If somebody is spamming chat a lot to find a few people, just whisper them and tell them you can help but don't have a scroll to share yourself. You can get some stones and seals that way. Don't get bummed out when an enchant fails either. the 20 armor stones you have are nothing compared to the pile of 100+ you'll get over the next week or so.
    Also, I would REALLY look into which armor you should be bedazzling. It is bad getting a piece to +10 only to realize that your wearing the wrong shirt.
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  8. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Plum is a big waste of time. Can anyone prove other wise?   

    I have 2 sets of +15 blues. 1 set even has a yellow piece mixed in (oooh, ahhh!). Please, keep talking trash and puffing up your ego. Being lvl 56 isn't as big of a deal as you think it is. Nobody cares, stop chatting at me and thumping your chest.
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  9. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Seems Legit   

    AP Valks are extremely op right now but nobody is complaining about them. If they hit somebody with that laser, its game over. If they miss, they just chill behind their shield for 8 seconds until they can try again.
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  10. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Plum is a big waste of time. Can anyone prove other wise?   

    Yea im so bad because I'm leveling my ranger. Nevermind that I already have a 50 Sorc, Maehwa and Valk just from lazily grinding. Wow you are so pro being in a club of 400 people.
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  11. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Shift + S - What is this supposed to be?   

    the tiniest iframe evar.
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  12. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Daum, fix your god damn game. I can't go to Iliya island.... And now I am stuck in the middle of the ocean. 9 attempts, 9 fails. HOURS wasted.   

    "Middle of the ocean"
    or....like 30 yards from the shore according to your map.
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  13. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Plum is a big waste of time. Can anyone prove other wise?   

    "Hurr you iz dumb cuz i fight computer monsters and make level 56 then use all my dwagon slaying learning to say me gud in player fightings."
    Well Said, Chappie!
    you're ability to take multiple days off your job and grind while listening to a Taylor Swift marathon doesn't mean you are worth anything in PvP. In fact, I'm willing to bet that you are terrible in pvp just based on the fact that you think Sorc's don't require skill to be successful.
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  14. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic How to 1v1 a War/Valk?   

    "My class is worthless because I have no real mobility moves and everyone seems to outrun me", says the Ranger.
    "I am too easily CC'd and my good abilities cannot be spammed", complained the Witch.
    "I've sacrificed sustained damage for defenses and I cannot kill people using potions", the Warrior and Valkyrie wail in dismay.
    "Nobody likes me", howled the Berzerker.
    "My enemies die so fast that I can't remember what most of my abilities are because I never have to use them", moaned the Sorceress.
    "I like turtles", grinned the Tamer.
    If you want better advice then put this in your pipe and smoke it: Your character is simply not good at some things so team up with people that excel at covering your weakness.
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  15. InfamousXIII added a post in a topic Seems Legit   

    A double auto crit sky laser followed by a double 80%+ crit down attack which also happens to be valks most powerful attack. That kills most things in one hit in my experience, sorcs, rangers, witches. They all are hella crippled by that combo even if they have near max gear.
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