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  1. The Fool added a post in a topic Extracting +16 and above   

    Ima use Necromancy here to ask a related question. I know through normal smith extraction a PRI and up cannot use said extraction. Is there anyway to extract these at all or am I stuck with the item?
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  2. The Fool added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   




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  3. The Fool added a post in a topic The quality of some of this RP.   

    The Main problem with Roleplayers in general is that a nice eighty to ninety percent of them are never concerned with an over arching story ( of its own right ) They don't care how a plot is developing with interesting thought points ( of it's own right ) What they may or may not know/be able/willing to admit is that their interest in these things exists solely When these things revolve around or lead to a direct interaction with them.
      " Well of course you -----ing tit, Why would they be overly invested in something they aren't personally doing? "  Hang on there shit poster, let's break down what I mean by not being concerned with story elements outside themselves. A lack of non personal story interest creates a kind of dis-connect where in the player can or will not care about the over actions of elements as large as say the country they live in, the people known there or the story that led those people to be renowned. On a smaller scale this can remove a less apt or able writing player to ignore things like guild motivations and actions in roleplay, participating in open and random events, etc.
      When this happens you as a player stagnate your pool of play, you can never overcome a great trial because the trials you expose yourself to are the ones you are personally already involved in and that gives a sense of what to expect and how to approach it for any thinking player. You lose the opportunity to enrich and be enriched by other random characters and individuals in the world around you because you fail to realize you are both writer and reader and reading about a character often interests us in them in one form or another, ignoring any depth they may have in favor of self gratifying interaction or simply ignoring them gives us nadda.
      I wrote a really great post about role play in MMO's on another topic in this section which if you don't think I sound like an idiot you should read. I've been at story telling and roleplaying for a little too long it feels like some times, so I like to at least pretend I know a little about the subject academically. BDO Is great for casual RolePlay but the kind of satisfying story gratification a player of a higher quality is looking for can't exist here without a large support structure of like minded people. We'll get there someday baby.

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  4. The Fool added a post in a topic Post pics of your character!   

  5. The Fool added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 9th   

    I want to keep pushing to 58 but it is literally the most boring shit. I hadn't really thought about why I wasn't enjoying the awakening but you're right boring is a good word.
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  6. The Fool added a post in a topic The clock is ticking GM's   

  7. The Fool added a post in a topic "Here is a fixed box"   

  8. The Fool added a post in a topic Problem with MMO rp   

      Sadly I don't think the perfect RPing MMO exists yet, there is always a need to break character and separate away to handle in game events or things that you as a player don't want to miss out on. Now I think that regardless of a soft or hard core roleplayer it shatters the in character consciousness on impact. It's what makes non roleplayers see it so casually. Simply put the in character mindset in an MMO environment is too easily broken. 
     It is my belief that even if the game is a gorgeous as BDO and offers opportunity for RP like BDO a MMO with natural flowing Rp in the sense many of us desire can not exist without a slow down of all game functions. Things like farming, training, traveling. Things like this are often shortcuts on a desktop to get the action over with so you can get the player back to the meat and away from the veggies. When we get a game like Chronicles of Elyira ( Or at least it's ideas ) Where one needs to take time to get from area to area or to build up an areas resource then we get real dynamic Rp that happens on it's own.
     A player who lives in a tiny village because its close to say an Iron deposit and he smiths, the act of him doing those things and you needing a sword just basically creates a sheet where all you need to write is your name and the Rp occurs out of how you go about that situation and the act of it immersing you. Sadly in BDO the closest we come to this natural RP is in Guild Politics where Guilds with Roleplay sensibility that fight one another have immersive situations of their own accord making Rp happen naturally. 

      I suppose, rather what I mean to say is any game where any go to form or typical form of Rp is forced or needs to exist situationally cannot foster the immersed environment, that is not to say we can't enjoy it or be involved or interested in the stories that then there happen but what it does mean is that on some level we are aware of an effort to do so and I think that in an of itself rests as or on the roots of many MMO Rp problems.

    Apologies for carrying on away from the subject matter to a degree.
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  9. The Fool added a post in a topic Need a Good MMO   

     Most will tell you no, However as a MMO surfer of old I will tell you, the game plays pleasurably. The PvP and Politics I was involved during my time in the Korean version was Epic Tier. It is true that there is a slow build up to get to that level here and as a whole the server communities are weaker in PvP and Politics ( Generally ) However as our version catches Korea in the next few months and we approach the current full game I think it has the opportunity for what you're looking for in great call. 

       It's ten dollars, toss your hat in and give it the time to build yourself up and see if you don't like it. You can always charge back later if you hate it.
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  10. The Fool added a post in a topic Can you please fire...   

    Or maybe they do their events exactly how they please and like all things in life it doesn't please everyone. Maybe they don't need to conform to other developer or publisher's ideas because x% of their user base would. Maybe they just want specific grind events to get people grinding in their grind based game to get the new items that drop other than candy from said grinding. Maybe you know shiving kakao is still semi popular and should stop looking for either evangelized members of your complaints or +1s from people like them and need to knock your salt water taffy talk off.

    But what do I know.

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  11. The Fool added a post in a topic I'm about to quit   

    The ammount of people who take to the forums looking for sympathy for their BDO Rage has been very high on this site. There are plenty of immature people but you're saying something theyve heard a thousand times by people who weren't looking for any answers. This place is a powder keg in and out of game so if you want good information talk privately with Kasathar or just look up your concerns int he search functions there are dozens of similar threads with non angry answers.
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  12. The Fool added a post in a topic I'm about to quit   

    Stop treating the game like a race to the finish line and more like an RPG, as sadnebula said it is designed for the purpose of being a time/money sink. I don't know if you've done the math but if some shmuck has the money to blow HUNDREDS week after week to sell 5 costumes every week to gear himself more power to him. Focus on the things that you liked about the game or butt rage and quit. You Pick.

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  13. The Fool added a post in a topic {Orwen} - Sydonia - [ Progression, PvE }   

    While we are few now we have a chance to grow together. For me it is better to be here and see each day the people I have gotten to know personally working hard and having a ton of fun. If you're looking for people to just have a blast with and get you excited to play, Message us~
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  14. The Fool added a post in a topic das geilste mmo ever   

    Ich denke, dass BDO eine der besten MMOs ist um. Das bedeutet nicht, es gibt kein besseres Spiel, aber ich weiß nicht MMOs als normal spielen, und dies hat mir mehr als 1000 Stunden 
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