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  1. Kaloki added a post in a topic Rohunt's Free Sea Fishing Ferry.   

    Oh my I heard there are islands with houses on them? Just want to see them for myself if you don't mind giving me a lift!  I tell fortunes!
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  2. Kaloki added a post in a topic [OOC] RP Events   

    I'd love to be an entertainer for Saturday! I'm unable to get online on friday. My character does amazing fortune telling. Sign me up if possible! 
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  3. Kaloki added a topic in Roleplay   

    The Calpheon Herald

            Have you ever longed to known what goes outside of you're own city? Want to explore and adventure?
           Well now you can without ever leaving you're own home! Know what goes on in the world around you by
           picking up the latest copy! We bring you the latest news on wars, current events, parties, personal interest articles 
           advertisements and even the weather!

    No. 1-6 Noble District, Calpheon
    Welcome to our headquarter office! Feel free to stop on by if you have any interesting news to tell us or want to 
    try our famous mocha latte! Okay we lied the coffee isn't that great. But we do throw the occasional work party or 
    two in the building. Maybe you just have a question?  

    Any and all questions you may have anwsered over here. Do you have one?
    What is the Calpheon Herald?
    The Calpheon Herald is an newsletter that will be IC and OOC. The paper will be written completely 
    IC but will be posted here to read. There will be a set team of writers who will help make the content.

    How often will it come out?
    I'm aiming for monthly. Most people have work/jobs to do and articles take quite some time.
     So this will give our writers plenty of time for a deadline.
    I don't have time to become a full time writer, but can I submit an article anyway?
    Yes we will have a way for guest writing to be possible. 
    ANYONE can write one ANYTIME and submit it to be reviewed. 
    This works if you have an especially busy schedule and just want to submit one 
    for fun every once in awhile.
    How will this IC newsletter come out?
    Right now the top option is that it will come out in a downloaded format from adobe. 
    Anyone can download it with the link, and delete it once they are done. 
    That way we can store the issues on the forums here. 
    However if people do not like that idea we could post it here on the forums (way image heavy) 
    or make a website/enjin (Another thing you have to check, time consuming) but for now 
    this seems like the best and easiest solution.
    When will the first issue be coming out?
    When we have got our first set of staff complete and if all goes as plan,
     then we will have a date for you. 
    What benefits do I get for being a writer or employee icly of The Calpheon Herald?
    You mean other then wearing our newsletters fabulous red and gold colors at work office parties!? 
    Ahem...you'll be able to get more involved in roleplay by going exclusive events! Not to mention 
    being able to ic play as a reporter can be pretty fun if I do say so myself. Did I mention we give
     benefits? We don't pay real ooc pearls or money but if you're looking for nice work parties, 
    a friendly group to roleplay with and want to expand you're rp horizons, we're definately the 
    home for you! Did I mention we make great coffee? 

    Will you only be covering news within the city of Calpheon?
    No. While our home base and office will be in the big city, 
    we will be reporting on news and events from different regions of the world. 
    What about other IC newspapers/magazines?
    Just like the real world, I'm sure there is going to be more then one paper/newsletter/magazine
    roaming about. The more the merrier! 


    Got experience? Maybe you just love to write! Please submit application today! 
    We are currently open for all positions.

    - Full Time/Part Time Writers
    - Photographers (Can you take amazing screenshots?)
    - Editors (proofreading etc.)
    - Graphic Designers (Anyone that knows or can help with adobe programs)
    Unable to determine what would be you're best fit? Here is some of
    the categories you can write in. 
    Current Events -  Any major roleplay event, parties, 
    Tavern openings, Weddings, Competitions, Different pieces on what is happening 
    IC wise in the world.
    War Events - PVP news from an IC point of view. What guilds are at war? 
    Who has gathered more strength?Is there a terrorist group or coven out to attack them? 
    Any heroic events from civilians?
    Guild Articles - Once a month there will be a featured guild
     sponsored to help promote roleplay and tell a bit about them.
    Classified Advertisements - Looking for a new roleplay partner? 
    Friend? Looking for a new weapon or a boat to sail out of Velia? A bag of onions!?
    Personal Interest - Anything from fashion advice, article on pet care, 
    Historical pieces detailing the lore, to what to cook when you're mother comes home from Calpheon.
    This can be anything the public or you want to write about or find to be amusing/interesting. 
    Application Form
    Family name: self explanatory
    Character name: self explanatory
    Time Zone: self explanatory
    Position Applying for: Any of the ones listed above
    Do you have experience writing?: This could be forum roleplay,
     articles from previous ic newsletters, anything. 
    Sample of Writing: Can be anything you wrote.
     An IC writing from you're character or a story you wrote. Can be anything to show 
    you're style of writing. 
    Please send the following in a PM to Kaloki and I will get back to you. Thanks. [/ce
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  4. Kaloki added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Oh my I love the hair. What hair coloring did you use? I'm having a hard time making a brunette Valkyrie.
    Wow this one is amazing!
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  5. Kaloki added a post in a topic Where do I start   

    I'm only level 21...not very impressive and I'm a slow at that. But I'd be willing to show you around and help out as needed. Family name is Touchstone =) Feel free to message me!
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  6. Kaloki added a post in a topic 4K screenshots to show Graphics   

    Wow these are amazing! I've never been able to quite take photos like that.
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  7. Kaloki added a post in a topic (ooc)The Calpheon Times - Seeking Staff   

    Bumping this post as we could really use some editors and writers! If your skilled at photography too as that can be useful. Pm sigilor or myself please!
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  8. Kaloki added a post in a topic Can anyone tell me what this create 100000 alts bullshit is about?   

    Question u don't share housing on all characters right? Or do you?
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  9. Kaloki added a post in a topic (ooc)The Calpheon Times - Seeking Staff   

    I would love to participate in something like this! I did in gw2 something like this and also for wow for the moon guard server. If possible I'd love to join up to help. I ran one for Tera as well for a short while. I did a gossip fashion and advice column and also even a traveling guide back in the day that was quite fun.   I feel like these little projects are fun especially when anyone can submit their work etc.
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  10. Kaloki added a post in a topic [NA] RPers, it's time to Choose   

    Yeah why is there many different channels on Owen? Not sure how that works are they connected?
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  11. Kaloki added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    wooooow how did u do her hair like that? She is so unique and gorgeous!!!
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  12. Kaloki added a post in a topic [OOC]Character Name Restrictions and RP   

    This. I just put my family name (my username) as my last name so it will appear like last name on top of her first for now. And just making my character's sisters somehow is what I planned. I wish they optioned putting in a first and last name but I doubt the devs are going to go for it. 
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  13. Kaloki added a post in a topic [NA] RPers, it's time to Choose   

    Sure I'll jump on this bandwagon. Orwen it is. 

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  14. Kaloki added a post in a topic ╰╮♢╭╯ Syndicate (Calpheon Imperial Syndicate) ||RP/PVP/PVE|| ╰╮♢╭╯   

    Wow! I definately will look into this. It's nice to see an active roleplay guild of this level.
    I'm hoping if I don't make it in, I get to at least rp with you guys in the passing. Love it. <3
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