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  1. Adalric added a post in a topic 30% bonus to the Marketplace sales is disabled?   

    it's after you claim the money.
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  2. Adalric added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I feel lied to. This game started off as Time2win and has started moving to pay2win. How does pearl abyss even think this is ok? @PM_Jouska the best thing to do would be to hold off on the update and send in our responses to get rid of this option.
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  3. Adalric added a topic in Suggestions   

    Valencia Waragons Mob Density
    The current way the Valencia Waragons is set up is poor and needs to be addressed. There is two efficient spots to farm these mobs leaving other guild members to find the scraps scattered around the area and kill them. Not only does this make the quest harder to get accomplished there's also no real incentive to killing the mobs. The mobs on average drop maybe 1 black stone an hour, maybe more if killing the elites. Increasing the mob density would decrease the amount of time needed to finish the guild quest and allow for a chance to get something better that offers more to the guild as a whole instead of farming Valencia waragons for about 2-3 hours.
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  4. Adalric added a post in a topic Professional Griefers   

    a good fix would be to make it so if you die a second time you have to wait 5 mins to rez at the node. A third time will make it 10mins and keep going up 5 mins every time you die till it hits 30mins. Just make it so you can res at a town without a major penalty time limit.
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  5. Adalric added a post in a topic LIFE SKILL TRANSFER CASH SHOP ITEM   

    that's a pc cafe shop item. We won't receive it and with how many people already ----- about how the game is p2w I doubt it'll be seen in the future.
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  6. Adalric added a topic in Suggestions   

    Black Wave Rework
    I'd like to propose a change to the Black Wave skill. The way it currently is just isn't useful enough. It's ok for PvE farming but, for PvP it's just not even worth picking up. The current Black Wave IV dmg is 712% per hit. It only hits once Inflicts knockback in PvE but not PvP. Is usable 5 times and is able to be cast 20% faster then Rank 1 and has a 30% range increase to Rank 1. It can also Hit 7 targets at once.

    The things I'd like to see change would be to the Damage and the Knockback. With tweaking could probably drop the Damage down to about 600% but have it so it hits 3 times (600% x 3 Hits). Then for the knockback it'd be nice if it was removed completely and moved to a movement speed slow. Maybe at rank 4 making it a 20% movement slow(this can probably be skipped with the awakening skill). Would also be nice if there was a 2 to 3 second window in between uses to be able to move then use the skill again. If using another skill besides nightcrow(possibly being only able to use it once) would count as a cancel and the skill goes on the 10 sec CD.
    The reason I suggest this is it'd be nice to have other combo moves as a sorceress instead of Dark flame, Claws of Darkness, Shard Explosion, Dream of doom and shadow eruption. The option to be able to allow a sorceress to keep targets in range while doing dmg.
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  7. Adalric added a post in a topic CareBear Guilds   

    That's not true @Jakaal. Maybe some guilds but, it honestly gets annoying grinding only to have some random guild show up and start trying to out farm you or move ahead of your group to disrupt your rotation. This is why guilds declare war on others. Should be no reason we can't declare on a guild because they don't want to pvp. If they don't want to pvp they shouldn't be dicks about it and go to a different spot. Most of the smaller guilds do it now because there's no repercussions for them to do so. Making it so you don't lose xp by dying in pvp was a bad move. Mostly small guilds and weaker players just karma bomb players because they don't have to worry about the xp loss.
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  8. Adalric added a post in a topic GM of Veritas - Account Hacked, Guild Disbanded   

    this is why we need 2-step verification in this game. @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes
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  9. Adalric added a post in a topic Evasion System Revamp   

    Would be nice to see evasion be more useful. I like the idea so far
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