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  1. Jakaal added a post in a topic Pay 2 Win doesnt work in north amercian market   

    @Pohjantikka you do realize that 75% of this game is getting silver and gear, right? So being able to "skip" that leads me to the next question; why even play the game then? epeen from opening your wallet?
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  2. Jakaal added a post in a topic Fix localization errors   

    They just don't care about minor crap like this. They just don't care if it doesn't directly make them money.
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  3. Jakaal added a post in a topic Rebind "~" option for the ping.   

    The "technical issue" is they didn't code for it to be able to be changed so they aren't going to recode despite the fact it should have never been hard set (along with the horrible CapsLock walk).
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  4. Jakaal added a post in a topic Rebind "~" option for the ping.   

    Is it the same insanity that is to blame for the walk function being on CapsLock?
    VOX activation is the devil and if you use it you're bad and should feel bad.
    I HATE getting an earful of players yelling at their wife/kids/dog/dildo b/c they're to lazy to press a button when they intend to talk. Not to mention the massive number of times I've been treated to the sound of someone's chewing on chips/sandwich/dog shit they're to inconsiderate to mute their damn mic while they're eating.
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  5. Jakaal added a post in a topic Consider making Wizards/witch teleport completely instant. Here is why (very simply)   

    I'm fine with the cast time, just make it go a useful damn distance. I mean Musa can spam Chase and travel the map faster than horses. Zerkers have that charge move that lasts like 3 seconds. At least let Teleport move far enough that it can move you out of your own target range. If I get hit with an AoE and I Teleport, I shouldn't still be getting with the same AoE.
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  6. Jakaal added a post in a topic Guild Quests ; Fishing missions having their own tab separate from gathering missions.   

    Fishing is cancer. I'd rather eat my hat than fish.
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  7. Jakaal added a post in a topic Delete Key Bind   

    Conversely, who in the ----- hard binds a function to Caps Lock?
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  8. Jakaal added a post in a topic Aggro Limits   

    b/c farming is already insanely fast once geared. Go farm harder mobs.
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  9. Jakaal added a post in a topic Increase PvP Flag Time   

    I don't mind people turning it off normally but when we're in the middle of a fight and all of a sudden they turn it off b/c they're losing... yeah take the death.
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  10. Jakaal added a post in a topic Guild Gathering Missions != Fishing   

    I hate hate hate HATE fishing.
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  11. Jakaal added a post in a topic Remove shard collection from digging   

    Ban trolly posters like Vikander Demonae, please and thank you.
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  12. Jakaal added a post in a topic Reduce Online Player - Guild Mission Req   

    What? You're wanting a system for groups to be changed so essentially solo players can utilize it just as effectively as groups? GTFO of here.
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  13. Jakaal added a post in a topic POLL: Guild missions   

    The only ones I don't like are fishing. I -----ing hate fishing. Really wish that was it's own category in the menu so we could do gather missions without the chance of fishing missions coming up.
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  14. Jakaal added a post in a topic Add +10% Gathering Drop rate to Treant Camouflage Set   

    IT WAS ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO BE A GATHERING SUIT!! The effectiveness in PvP was a stupid -----ing oversight that was glaring to anyone that stopped to think about the huge advantage of not knowing who in the hell was attacking you!
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  15. Jakaal added a post in a topic Node war practice building   

    Or, allow items to be moved during the construction phase of node wars.
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