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  1. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    This is the largest amount of QoL improvements I've seen in quite some time. Thanks for the great patch. 
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  2. DavidJericho added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    I would definitely buy a pearl item that let me wear Heve as a costume on my sorc. 
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  3. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Money making poll   

    Oh, snap. A super leet player has entered the thread.

    On topic, 30mil+ is pretty easy when I grind on the weekend, but most of my weekly income comes from casually gathering shards from my gardens, which is around 10 million a day. 
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  4. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    Returning player. I did a forum search because my auto-loop has been breaking on a nightly basis. I take it this issue was never resolved? Do horse trainers just manually ride these days? 
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  5. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Ranged Classes: Ship us the silver platter   

    but at least in WoW, the mechanics and balancing were good enough so that well-played melee could still top the damage meters. Not so in BDO. Not even close.
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  6. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Nerf to Sorc on KR   

    Picks the most bugged and underpowered class.
    Says he doesn't want to play an op class, then whines about other classes being op.
    Tells others to l2p a "real class".

    This is a beautiful thread. 
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  7. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Levelling a Sorc - what abilities for "iframe" ?   

    The graph that was linked (if it's even accurate) applies only to pve mobs, where accuracy is less of a factor. On well-geared pvp targets, I guarantee the better accuracy scaling on Liverto will push it past Yuria. The importance of accuracy in PvP has been well-documented, so I won't go into it here. 
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  8. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Thank you horse-breeders   

    Buy Special Carrots from the marketplace. They'll keep any horse's stamina topped off, no problem. 
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  9. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    I'd like to request a male T5 instead, because thanks to RNG I have already have four T5 females and no males to breed them with. :'(
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  10. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Self healing class, leaching class   

    Sorcs have a decent heal on a 7 second cd with Abyssal Flame once you find the points to max it, but tbh it's not the greatest spell for 1v1 pvp because it's pretty easy to dodge, and when you land your cc there are more important spells to be casting. It's a pretty solid filler spell in group fights though, and provides great sustain in pve as well.

    You'll see a lot of sorcs skipping this spell entirely because "it prevents Dark Flame spam", but Dark Flame spam is sub-optimal dps anyway, and isn't necessary for blocking cc because the length of one DF is enough to regen stamina for your i-frames. Spamming DF will also burn your mana bar way faster than necessary. 
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  11. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Resistance   

    Stun/Stiffness/Freeze: Wizards and witches. 

    Can be fun to throw on the Agerian helm and 30% stun resist necklace to troll wizards in the arena. 
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  12. DavidJericho added a post in a topic Crystal destruction on death (PvP)   

    Unless it's bugged, you only lose crystals if you die while YOU are flagged. 
    Or, if a pve mob gets the killing blow on you. 
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  13. DavidJericho added a post in a topic People should lose crystals when PKed   

    How exactly would harsher death penalties promote PVP?
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  14. DavidJericho added a post in a topic What game did you leave to play BDO?   

    I left WoW and GW2 years ago and was mostly playing LoL and modding Skyrim before BDO. 
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  15. DavidJericho added a post in a topic For the current weapons and armor, is it more cost effective to use guaranteed enchanting?   

    Failstacks are valuable for enchanting accessories. If you're trying to enchant something and manage to get 25- 30 stacks, switch to an alt and save the stacks for accessories. Never force enchant if you plan on upgrading accessories.
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