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  1. Mayo added a post in a topic anyone else done with korean mmos?   

    Ah, haven't visited these forums in a long time. But i've quit the game so why should I even visit these? Why am I here now anyways? Well whatever. My.com isn't "massive" on p2w, even though most of their things end up that way. Of course rev is gonna be p2w, it's free to play. But you should hope it's not massively p2w with them.
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  2. Mayo added a post in a topic Mind training passive... not common?   

    Ahahahah just keep reading more answers I have said that i'm wrong already m8.
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  3. Mayo added a post in a topic [Sad/empty feeling] after the anime ended [whats your anime?]   

    Thomas the Train engine, because this guy \/

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  4. Mayo added a post in a topic Worth rolling a witch? /pvp/   

    I thought we had lowest DP scaling, no? I'd think lets say both Wizard and uhh Sorceress have 150DP. I would think Wizard gets more damage from same attacker. That's my point.
    Sure lvl 55 Wizard would be tanky to 45 Sorceress, but yeah.
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  5. Mayo added a post in a topic Worth rolling a witch? /pvp/   

    That is why Berserker is op in its own way.
    Squishy means that how much initial damage we take, at least in my opinion. And that another comment with you are all noobs, i'm not. I just avoid taking damage as much as possible and use those heals you talked about whenever enemy gets a hit. My point is that we're not tanky as you said.
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  6. Mayo added a post in a topic Worth rolling a witch? /pvp/   

    I talked about initial damage taken, as does everyone else. We all know we have heals and other defencive stuff.
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  7. Mayo added a post in a topic Worth rolling a witch? /pvp/   

    If it would be same exact AP/DP and all same stuff and same person, that would honestly be my expression of it. >.>
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  8. Mayo added a post in a topic Wizards/witchs on the horses   

    Coming from a witch since headstart. We definitely are the most trolliest class on horse
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  9. Mayo added a post in a topic Worth rolling a witch? /pvp/   

    Lol, but like 1v1 same person fights same person, like first like a Musa idk fights Wizard/witch, and then that wizard/witch switches to like Ranger, i bet that Wizard/witch gets more damage. But this is just assumption not really a fact.
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  10. Mayo added a post in a topic Worth rolling a witch? /pvp/   

    Lol none of the classes are squishy, wizard/witch just are the easiest to kill. Or do you have proof that other classes are easier to kill?
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  11. Mayo added a post in a topic Help for a friend   

    Saw that thread anyways. but K.
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  12. Mayo added a post in a topic Help for a friend   

    Making account and then asking that right away, yea here!
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  13. Mayo added a post in a topic Have not been on BDO in a bit...   

    ^ This. it's not that relevant for Wizard/Witch either lol.
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  14. Mayo added a post in a topic (o_o)   

    Never tasted kek
    But the point still stands.
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  15. Mayo added a post in a topic (o_o)   

    Starbucks is too pricy for a 18 year old kid like me, just gonna keep drinking normal coffee >.>
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