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  1. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Some questions before i buy this game..   

    When you say farm I assume you mean farm enemies, not actual farming (you can do both).
    Your PVE/PVP ratio I think fits in quite well in this game. You need to grind/farm a lot in PVE in order to be competitive in PVP. PVP is very much "gear based" meaning you stand no chance if you don't have good enough gear.
    Grinding/farming is an excellent way to make money, provided you put a lot of time in it. In general this is a great game if you have time to burn.
    Cosmetic items aren't dropped in game. The armor you will pick up in game is generally quite bland (some classes have better armor). However there are very detailed cosmetics that can be purchased in the cash shop OR purchased from other players over the marketplace.
    You can't trade items other than potions/some food items directly to other players. There is an AH system where the prices are "fixed" (with a optional range) to avoid people controlling the market. THe price apparently changes overtime adjusting for supply/demand.
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  2. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Is Life Fame bugged?   

    But don't the rewards stack if you don't log in one day? You get more the next day?
    So if you miss it because you log in at the wrong time you don't "lose" the money, you just will get it later when you log in at a different time. Unless of course your standard playtime is always in that window, then you are screwed.
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  3. DrWOokie added a post in a topic fishing   

    I've been gone for a few months so maybe they added that. To my knowledge no.
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  4. DrWOokie added a post in a topic fishing   

    If by "give" you mean "sell on marketplace and try to get your guildies to buy it"
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  5. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Patch Stuck 48%   

    I'm also stuck at 48%. I have a 1gbs up/down connection (Normally get about 800 mbs up/down). It initially downloads at 30 mbs, and then drops to 2 mbs but also the number doesn't go up at all in terms of how much I have downloaded. just sits.
    So should I just let it go? or try something else?
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  6. DrWOokie added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Patch not completing
    I'm trying to patch today and it gets hung up. If I restart it, it ends up stuck at a different point. I am initially downloading at about 30 mb/s and then all of sudden it just stops. Right now I'm stuck at 48% without any movement for 5-10 minutes.
    Anyone else experiencing this?
    Sorry just noticed another thread with "patch stuck at 48%" so I'll follow along there. Feel free to merge.
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  7. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Lower channel swap time?   

    I think the biggest problem is with boss spawns/farming.
    Honestly they just need to give us more information on channels (Give a low/medium/heavy population indicator or something). We shouldn't be picking channels blind.
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  8. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Anyone concerned about the HUGE population after server merge?   

    I think the "channel" selection should give you more information about the population on each channel. Let us see more info on how crowded each channel is (and not just when one is full) so that we can make an informed decision.
    "Guess work" with a 15 minute cooldown for channel hopping is frustrating to say the least.
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  9. DrWOokie added a post in a topic How many attempts before you got TRI on main hand?   

    I got a Tri Liverto on my first try with zero fail stacks.
    Bought it on the Marketplace.
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  10. DrWOokie added a post in a topic [NINJA] Our wishes have been fulfilled! Thank you for listening!   

    You'd think now that we blink and we can see clearly, we would be able to move during our ultimate perhaps? Nope
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  11. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Black Desert Needs Musical Instruments!   

    Metronome...not sure how to translate that into a weapon. Hypnotize the enemy with perfect time?
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  12. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Returning player, how much has changed?   

    I haven't had much issues with other players so far. Though I mostly avoid Sausans (even if there wasn't PvP I probably still would avoid it because it's crowded).
    I've been killed twice on my level 56. Once at Elrics, once at Abandoned mine. Both times I just sort of laughed and moved along. The guy at the mine literally chased me half way to Altinova. Quite dedicated considering he gets nothing from it (and I was heading back to Altinova anyway so he basically just helped me teleport there). It's funny when they try to get you killed by a mob but when they actually just kill you yourself it's just sort of sad for them. They must be so bored, or they do it to stroke their ego.
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  13. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Black Desert Needs Musical Instruments!   

    If you haven't played Archeage, in that game you can actually "compose" music on "sheet music" you can craft. Then other players can buy it and use it to play the music. There are a number of different instruments. It was quite fun.
    I could imagine it would be another thing to do while AFK. Practicing scales...
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  14. DrWOokie added a post in a topic Black Desert Needs Musical Instruments!   

    I didn't get very deep in the system but it was definitely one of the "life skill" style systems in Archeage that I really liked the look of.
    While not a high priority, this would be a fun new life skill. I support
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  15. DrWOokie added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    How could you have not "considered" it at that point? You realize people did it in the Korean version as well? It seems like it would have been easy to consider since everything you are doing with this game has already happened before (and will happen again ;)).
    Also, more to your prior post -
    How are you determining that only 0.2% of those who made characters on another server did it for rewards. What are you basing that on? The fact that they only have level 1 characters? What if they have a level 10 character, is that for rewards only? Where did you draw the line? I'm only curious. I have alts now on both servers since this announcement and my characters, just from messing around waiting for rewards to spawn are both level 20 something. Would I not be included in your "0.2%"?
    It seems like a very very flawed statistic to provide us. I'd much rather know the overall number of accounts that had ACTIVE (daily) characters on all three servers. I could see people saying they play on a second server for fun, but I can't imagine why you would have a character on all three servers if not for rewards. 
    TL;DR - I think you are significantly deflating the numbers in an attempt to make yourselves feel better about your decision. I would question your methods.
    EDIT: Oh and I don't know what you consider to be "significant" with regards to market effects. In the week since I've made my "reward mules" when this was announced, I've gained about 150 million or so worth of goods by spending about 5 minutes a day on each character and just putting it all in the bank. Mostly from the adventure game/RNG. If I had been doing that for 8 weeks, maybe I would have earned a billion? (If I wasn't as lucky as I have been this week). That is one person. Even if we assume say 500 people in each region took advantage of it, that would be 500 billion additional wealth added to the marketplace potentially. Again, what exactly would you consider significant?
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