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  1. Ellie added a post in a topic Disable crystal breakage   

    Unfortunately everyone's busy pretending there IS no lag problem. Obviously the game became unplayable for a huge chunk of the population because we all switched ISPs and/or to cheaper plans at the same time.
    I still can't even get SP at Mansha without wanting to murder someone. If my internet was as bad as my connection to the game suggests, I wouldn't even be able to load web pages half the time.
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  2. Ellie added a post in a topic Comprehensive New Content Livestream Recap   

    Don't waste your time. Flip has been trolling these forums with his ignorance prior to NA/EU launch. If you're on the EU server, just go pk him a ton. He deserves it. Just brings negativity with him everywhere for no reason. See how fast he posted on this thread just to complain? Man, people translating this information. TERRIBLE.
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  3. Ellie added a post in a topic Fix your server (✿◡‿◡)   

    I'm pretty much in the same boat. I haven't done anything worthwhile in weeks. Every time I go to Mansha to get SP for my DK, very quickly it turns out I'm doing skills and the goblins are just standing there still, so I have to wait 30-60 seconds for the skill to go off and everything around me dies. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere even remotely lethal like that, because I would just die, or get pk'd. And that's with no other players around, in Mansha. Last time I went to Karanda, I apparently died, but the game didn't properly let the client know I was dead, so I looked like I was full hp but every time I tried to do a skill it was like "nah dog, you're dead". I had to force the application closed and relaunch in order to see myself as dead and return to the nearest node.
    It's kinda bad even in towns. Often NPCs like the storage manager or marketplace guy won't load. Pretty fun when the market board doesn't sync either, it shows there's something there, but I try to click on it, but it doesn't offer me anything to bid on. Don't notice it as much chopping wood, but that's just because you don't care that it desynced because it does eventually resync, some hundreds of timbers later. For active play, leveling horses, or even attempting to move anywhere without getting rubberbanded/reloaded back, though, it's pretty horrendous.
    I'm not really sure why it seems to affect some people and not others. I tried clearing the DNS cache like the GM suggested in that support thread, but no luck. Other than when the servers literally were crashing for everyone, I didn't really have these problems prior to the cherry blossom event, and I don't have any problems with any other games or internet services. Since this game is unplayable, I would suspect if it was nothing more than my local internet connection, pretty much everything would be unplayable. Seems more likely certain routes have problems, since some people say the servers are amazing, and others say they are absolute garbage. Either way, it's pretty odd a lot of people should suddenly start having this same kind of issue on the same patch.
    But clearly, a large chunk of the population just suddenly had their internet start sucking on that day, right? Seems the most likely answer. OP started a very unconstructive thread with an unconstructive post, but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem.
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  4. Ellie added a post in a topic Perspective of a returning player   

    This is literally the only thing I agreed with in your post.
    I'm glad those guys killed you. There's little I hate more than some weak solo player in sausans (or even a weak group) trying to claim an area they can't grind efficiently, or interrupting someone else's rotation. Also, just fyi, sausans and pirates remain top tier silver farming spots. There are reasons to grind besides xp. If you don't like OP players being at sausans, blame the devs, not the players. No one is going to throw away free silver so you can xp super slowly. People with bad gear should xp somewhere else. Or get good gear. Or give up.
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  5. Ellie added a post in a topic Did they ever fix the serendia special?   

    Be sure to end every sentence with an ellipsis... In every post... And be really condescending to everyone... Pretending you're smart... Really makes you look really smart... You know...?
    Calling someone a sheep because he won't believe everything you say at face value is both ironic and stupid. Stop being childish. No one needs that, especially in a game where they do their best not to make you properly informed. Get over yourself, you're not special. At all.
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  6. Ellie added a post in a topic Black Spirit Claw!   

    I'm personally all for adding this in. I want a gem slot on my outfit. I also want all of the outfits KR version has that we lack. I want all the RBF crystals KR version has that we lack. If the NA/EU version was essentially a carbon copy of the KR version, I think that would be a marked improvement. It would be much easier to talk about what small differences we'd like to have apart from their version, than to constantly just say we want like 200 different things that their version has that ours mysteriously doesn't.
    (In fact, a huge reason I didn't play at launch, and didn't for almost a year, is BECAUSE of the differences between the KR version and the NA/EU version... Once the game got much closer to the KR version, I felt like it was much more worthwhile to play. So, let's close that gap, boys!)
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  7. Ellie added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    It's the person who gets pk'd who loses nothing. If anything, the person who dies should be penalized more. I've never been excited about xp loss in general, but I definitely think if you get pk'd you should be sent further away than the closest node, so you can't just keep respawning and harassing the person who killed you infinitely. Like, 1st death you can respawn at closest node. If you die again in a set amount of time, you get sent 1 node further away. Get pk'd again in a set amount of time? Get sent even further. Maybe not exactly that, but it gets the point across. Sure, the first time you die maybe you just got backstabbed, so you want to rechallenge immediately, but once you die like 5 times, you're just karma bombing, you can't beat that guy, so go farm somewhere that either you can actually farm efficiently or doesn't have this guy pk'ing you, instead of wasting everyone's time.
    "It's just karma" is a comment someone would make who had never been in the red before, and doesn't understand exactly how easy it is to hit negative karma, even just defending your spot normally. The penalty for pk'ing is possibly too severe at present.
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  8. Ellie added a post in a topic Get servers that actually work   

    I live in NA and play on NA. I can't speak to the state of the EU servers. I do not experience graphics card-related fps drops. I see people all day long saying "hey man I never lag", and I also see many more people say "yo man... I lag". When multiple people lag at the same time, seems unlikely it is their local network. Sometimes it's painful to even move to anywhere without rubberbanding and the game reloading.
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  9. Ellie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Valkyrie Hairstyle Suggestion
    I'm not sure if PA hates bangs or what, I would definitely like more hair style options with bangs (especially bangs + long hair). For example, if you look at the 1st attached picture, I like this hair style for Valkyrie. However, I wish you could make the hair much longer. I want something similar to the 2nd attached picture, long straight hair + bangs. Alternatively, would be great to get the 3rd attached picture, a hairstyle available to Ranger, etc. and let Valkyries use that hairstyle as well. You can get a bang + long straight hair effect by morphing that hair style. However, currently there's NO option that lets you have both bangs and long hair as Valkyrie.

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  10. Ellie added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Hey, could we get the Lucy Ann Blanc or Key Sleeve outfits for Sorc sometime... soon? I would like to give you more money. You want money right? Please add more outfits we are missing from KR version, esp. Sorc as they are extremely lacking in cool outfits. Thanks.
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  11. Ellie added a post in a topic Implement the Korean karma system into NA/EU   

    I think the people who try to karma bomb are definitely the more toxic of the two groups. People love to just walk up and start killing my mobs, often literally as I'm engaging them, I kill them, and they immediately resort to name-calling, crying, etc. What? Haha. These are also the same idiots who do rotations that don't make sense, kill at random, and do other stupid things that just wastes everyone's time, theirs, mine, everyone else there.
    Karma bombers are all "you don't own this spot". Well, neither do you? I think the person who does a rotation should be the one who does it most efficiently, there first or not. If you're at sausans trying to solo with your 120 ap, don't be real surprised if you get ganked, farmed over, etc. No one wants to watch you barely kill mobs when they can kill a rotation efficiently, nor will they want you to kill any of the mobs in their rotation, as it lowers their efficiency, and this is a game about grinding as efficiently as possible since everything takes forever.
    I don't think we need to bring back xp loss, but I'd be fine with what the OP said, or if you get killed by PvP death, send that idiot back to a capital. Like, if I kill someone at pirates, send that idiot back to Calpheon. Someone at Sausans, go back to Heidel or Altinova. People will think twice about wasting everyone's time as the effort to do so increases drastically. Or make it to where if you are killed by too many PvP deaths (from the same person) in a certain time period this happens. Like, if you die to PvP death twice in 10 minutes, you get sent back to a capital. That way people who respect your win are able to just go do something else, while idiots who try to karma bomb you have to ride a long way to get back to you, instead of showing up every few seconds.
    Karma penalties are honestly insane, and extremely severe for what currently happens if you get killed by a pker, which is essentially nothing. People get SO HYPE to drop your karma, it's so crazy toxic I'm surprised any sensible people still play this game and put up with people like that. Since you don't lose anything on PvP death, I barely even see the reason for the karma system to begin with.
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  12. Ellie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Get servers that actually work
    The amount of lag is pretty painful. Everyone complains about it. What's the point of lowering the price of the game to get more people to play if the servers can't handle it? A bunch of people will just quit again. I'm sure more people would feel better about buying stuff from the pearl shop if they felt like they could actually go and do anything at all of value without the probability of lagging out and dying, losing xp and gems. The lag is so bad you'd think the game just launched, rather than having been out in NA/EU for over a year.
    This is, quite honestly, completely unacceptable. If you ever go F2P to generate more sales from the pearl shop, your servers will straight up crash constantly and everyone will quit the game and it will backfire so hard you will make even less money somehow. Please upgrade your toasters to something made in this century. It's the year 2017 and this game isn't even that popular, getting servers that support the population it supports shouldn't be that challenging.
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  13. Ellie added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Seriously no yukata for DK?
    Also, should add ALL wearable outfits to market, including underwear, ghillie suits, etc. Make silver/pearl conversation rate identical for everything. AND, put a cap on how much silver value you can sell of pearl items each week rather than a cap on items. Obviously people will just buy premium outfits and list those if they are trying to whale it up. More different things would be listed if instead of a 5 item limit it was a 125m limit or something. I sure would like to see more pets and such listed.
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  14. Ellie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Make pets more expensive in marketplace
    I noticed that one of the reasons given for letting you sell pearl items in-game is that Pearl Abyss wanted more people to enjoy pearl items, rather than having it cut off from most players, who don't want to use the cash shop.
    Pretty much no one has pets, because it's just not viable. Like, am I going to buy a Noel outfit set for $22 to sell for 20 million silver? Or am I going to buy a fox for $11 to sell for 5.5 million silver? Obviously the $ to silver ratio is much better for the outfit sets like Noel, and also since you can only sell 5 pearl items a week (is that still true?), you're kind of hurting yourself by selling lower value items, since they're obviously doing it to make as much silver a week as possible. Point in case, pets are never on the marketplace, and when they are by some miracle, they are snatched instantly, no matter what they are.
    So, in order to 1) increase pearl shop sales and/or 2) let more people enjoy pets, I would propose that something changes:
    Option A: Make pets double their current marketplace valueOption B: Let players sell a total of pearl value rather than straight items (i.e., let players sell 16000 pearls worth of items on the marketplace each week instead of 5 pearl shop items each week).Option C: Let players sell 5 pearl shop items a week, and also, beyond that limit, 5 pet items from the pearl shop.Option D: Add pearl shop items that are like 4 packs of pets, with the same $ to pearl value of outfit sets. I mean, we need a ton of pets to loot/breed anyway, right?Option E: Any combination of the above.Seriously, people want pets, you want money. Let's make a deal.
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  15. Ellie added a post in a topic PvE needs a do over   

    Yeah, because every Eastern MMO is actually a mobile phone game premium microtransaction cash grab masquerading as an MMO. And BDO is certainly anywhere near the top of the most popular Eastern MMOs. Oh wait, neither of those is true. Did you know that Blade & Soul is wildly more popular in both regions? And has instanced content? And better PvP? And, it's, well, Korean. And much older. Has more outfit variety too. No point in talking about the "OWPvP" of BDO, that's not even real. There's too many restrictions on it. The gear system is total garbage. Everything is designed around the idea of you fronting them some money for "convenience". Even Tera is better than this game (another Eastern MMO btw). Sure, the combat feels nice, abilities are cool, but really you just musou it up (nothing is a challenge) and grind forever. Yeah, if you want to just sit around and fish or something, great, but you could do that in pretty much any MMO, so don't hold it up as something special. It's not.
    Btw, FFXIV does all the stuff that guy talks about of Western MMOs, but better, and it's, omg, an Eastern MMO. Straight out of Japan, son. Mostly I think you should just give up on Korea, aside from B&S. They just pump out tons of garbage games that no one here wants to play. Stop white knighting this game, it's way less popular than most other MMOs, and is never talked about in almost any circle, because it's straight up boring to play. Sorry no one likes your boring game. It's ok if you like it still. But don't make BDO out to be a paragon of Eastern MMO design. Not even Koreans think it's good.
    Probably not. Honestly, my dream MMO would combine the graphics and combat of BDO with the gear and content systems (not to mention actually good character design, music, well-designed world, etc.) of FFXIV. Playing witch for example, feels so satisfying in BDO. Way more fun than BLM in FFXIV. But then the mobs are just there to be zerged, nothing of any real challenge, classes aren't even balanced very well so PvP isn't that exciting (B&S has it much better, and doesn't do stupid stuff like rely on potions - why make a great combat system and then never actually use it for anything worthwhile? come on Pearl Abyss wtf).
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