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  1. ShepardG added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    You gotta establish a base line accuracy scenario before you can nail down any of these tests:
    Get a level 60 target and a level 60 musa
    Have them start out naked and perform 100 reps of 3-4 different skills (so 300-400 examples)
    Slowly add in gear start with muskans on the target, and bhegs on the musa
    repeat, slowly checking each slot and skill with each new piece.
    It's tedious and nobody wants to do it, but claiming otherwise leaves up to many un-accounted variables.  (even with 100 reps of each skill the sample size is fairly small, but atleast it's a bit better than eyeball math.
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  2. ShepardG added a post in a topic ★ <[ FML ]> ★   

    I have returned, let the mass influx of hannger ons be welcome.  I will sing you the song of my people.
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  3. ShepardG added a post in a topic Striker off-hand and awakening weapon, theories & sugjestions   

    Nunchukas would have been so much better....
    edit: but thank you for the reply and info  still p. excited about the class
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  4. ShepardG added a topic in General   

    Striker off-hand and awakening weapon, theories & sugjestions
    So everyone is gonna make the "Their off hand is their left hand, harharhar" joke, that's all well and good.
    What I'm more concerned with is their awakening. 
    Please can you guys mention making their awakening Nunchkuas?
    That's all  thanks for doing what you can when you can.
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  5. ShepardG added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Absurd grind?  lol no... see let me tell you a thing or two sunny.
    ***fade away to 2003****
    Pentium III, 8 gigs of ram, 1280x764, Geforce pro2 64mb, 250gigs of hard drive space
    FFXI releases in North America
    it takes some people MONTHS just to unlock their sub-job, in valkrum dunes
    10 months after launch, some players still haven't gotten their first 75 job and all their needed sub jobs to 37
    When you died in that game, you lost  Exp, AND you could De-level out of the gear you were wearing
    you HAD to group up 95% of the time, and if you weren't one of the classes that the group needed, you had to wait... 3-4 hours some times to find a group.
    it took some people 10 months just to complete the first expansion chains of promethia.  I remember multiple people spending weeks trapped at level 70 because they couldn't beat their limit break fight against the NPC Maat.  There was no fast travel, or channel swapping, or server changing (until years later).  It took people YEARS to make the best weapons in the game, unless they had guilds (linkshells) that funneled months of work into them to complete said weapons.  They had monsters that TO THIS DAY, nobody knows exactly how you were "supposed" to kill them.  
    IT was an adventure.  It wasn't handed out, it instilled this "video game work ethic" in the original MMO players that alot of them took with them through their hobby for the next 2 decades.  BDO is a grindy game, but it's not so punishing that it deserved a thread -----ing about how grindy it is.  
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  6. ShepardG added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    i intended not to comment, but clearly its happening.  And of course we understand plans can change, THATS WHY WERE MAKING THIS THREAD.  Cause we want those plans to CHANGE.  None of us expect them to though.  Thses korean publishers are greedy -----s.  Having served in the military to help maintain their countries freedom it makes me a bit sad to see how greedy they are actually, but thats my own personal issue, and one i dont bother anyone else with.  Yeah all we have is the brick wall that is this forum, to scream at, and the CMs who OCCASIONALLY pass info along to the other side.  Which 99% of the time is promptly ignored.  
    @ the CM's.  Paychecks are nice, but at the end of the day when you've waded the cesspool which is these forums created by the ccompanys decisions that you have to work for you tell me how happy you are with your decisions.  You need to tell your bosses to get bent and to make it enough of an issue that they either listen or you'll forever be known as shills for a corporation.
    Go watch "thank you for smoking" cause its the same damn thing only people arent dying.
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  7. ShepardG added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q2 results are out and you won't believe what they show!   

    That's because they're being sold to the imperial vendor..... not because players aren't playing.
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  8. ShepardG added a topic in General   

    Most lag associated with group based messages
    Hello, i've determined that most often when im lagging or getting d/c's its due to a large ammount of group base messages being sent to my client.  Either from a guild mission (observable by changing channels and seeing huge increase in FPS) or from a party that i was in 30 minutes prior.  
    What ever system is in place to deliver these messages to the playerbase, either the hardware or the coding is poor.  You want to fix the lag? Have PA/kakao look at how this sub system of the game is running.  I have a feeling they'll find a pretty huge culprit for a lot of their players
    Before this gets lost in the sauce of random complaints
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  9. ShepardG added a post in a topic Asked for a Costume refund (04/17/2016), here's the response.   

    lol so when i buy the wrong intake, use it for 2 months, my girlfriend doent like the sound it makes and so now i want to return iit, the company owes me a full refund because reasons.  
    People read these god damn forums to fast and they spout shit out of their heads even faster.  
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  10. ShepardG added a post in a topic Reverse all of the ++ accessories from blessing of kamasilve glitch   

    wth are you ttalking about??? Why are you sayig this?
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  11. ShepardG added a post in a topic If I Buy black desert online through paypal and then decide I dont like it what is the refund policy   

    Chargebacks.....ONLY come from banks, which paypal is not.  So if you open a dispute then escalate it to a claim, your basically asking paypal to refund the payment they sent to daum.  Once it goes to claim status, paypal 9 times out of 10 will return your money and then paypal will seek reimbursement from the company (i.e. Daum).  With the ammount of advertised features, classes, costumes, etc. that either havent been provided, or were provided and then later changed, most consumers will get their money back.
    This is my experience with virtual goods and paypal. Anyone ever wonder why you purchase credits just to use them to purchase pearls?  Thats a standard method for daum to protect itself, they can claim "you paid for pearls, you got your pearls"  but in 2016 this little method doesnt hold up in most any court of law.  Its like if i went to an arcade and bought that arcades specific tokens, placed it into a version of street fighter and was not given a play of the game because the hardware was broken, the arcade is gonna give me a refund even though i got what i paid for (ie, that token)
    Additionally it fuels further micro transactions when you have to buy excess pearls to aquire that one costume.  
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  12. ShepardG added a post in a topic The death of BDO. A parable (short read)   

    What is this MoS exploit you speak of? Rigged RNG?  Im genuinely curious cause thats the first i heard of anything along those lines
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  13. ShepardG added a post in a topic For the people that used the Blessing of Kamasilve Exploitation   

    Cron stones.... Stop coming up with weird ass theorys to explain others success ...
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  14. ShepardG added a post in a topic Black Spirits quest daily and weekly bugged?   

    i agree something is bugged but finish or abandon those quests on your alts and it may fix it.  Not a fix for the bug itself but awork around if you will
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  15. ShepardG added a post in a topic is BIS armour still 2x taritas and 2x grunil?   

    Rocaba body/feet offers 75hp and 75wp both pieces have 2 gem slots
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