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  1. Lokil added a post in a topic Client disconnects   

    I get disconnected as soon as I log into the world (when it loads me into the world) I mean if the server is that full then just tell me that I can't log in or something. I have things to trade and can't because I need to wait 10 minutes to trade. IDK why that's even a thing kinda dumb if you ask me.
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  2. Lokil added a post in a topic Horse catching   

    Still doesn't make any sense. Of course the horse is going to move, it doesn't want that lasso around it's neck. Either it failed right after for me or I did the mini game and "won" but still broe.
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  3. Lokil added a post in a topic How screwed I am ?   

    I didn't realize this was a race. What ever happened to taking games slowly and enjoy it?
    If you make it into a race most people will get annoyed. I know I do. As taking FFXIV for example the newest patch came out maybe a week ago and you already have people getting mad that you don't know the new bosses and dungeons. Also when FFXIV first came out people would mock about how you're not at a certain level yet after however long it's been since the game came out.
    I know I'm probably taking this out of context but to those who feel like you should get to max level as fast as you can don't pester those who are taking it slow and mock them for not being at a certain part of the game. It get annoying and makes the community even more toxic and people won't want to play.
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  4. Lokil added a post in a topic The HEADSTART FRAUD - a reply from Daum support   

    Hmm so you're saying they never meant the $50 one to have a head start?
    If that is true then why am I able to play the head start? And if you pre ordered before the 26th there should be no problem.
    I'm confused as to what's going on. I've been hearing people ----- about not being able to use the head start AFTER they bought it on the 26th but never before.
    If you have proof that you bought before that time you need to show it.

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  5. Lokil added a post in a topic paid 50$ for what??   

    Well in all honesty the preorder page did say you could pre order until the game released. However I don't remember it saying you get the bonuses with it.
    If you were actually looking forward to the game then you would/should have been following it. If you were following and did research like the excited player most of us are, you would have seen them state that you can no longer get the bonuses after a certain date. However I think I've seen people pre order before said date and still can't get the bonuses.
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  6. Lokil added a post in a topic CBT-2 Events   

    how the hell do you even zoom in? it's no use if I can't zoom in D; plus I'm sure all horses are taken by the time you get there and just an unnecessary fight with other players to tame one atm.
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  7. Lokil added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   

    Not really I was in class when it opened up and just kept spamming reload on my phone and my friend did the same at work.
    Now I wonder how many people know that Family name is above your name and not after your name (like ffxiv)
    It looks more like a title because of it's placement.
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  8. Lokil added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   

  9. Lokil added a post in a topic Q&A with the Developers!   

    Are you taking away any of the hairstyles we have for the Character Creation now and putting them available in the cash shop when the game releases?I only ask because I know people get attached to the way their character looks now and this is only Beta so things can change.
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  10. Lokil added a post in a topic Conqueror's pack Headstart= A sunday..   

    I wish I could T^T Damn retail jobs.
    Well when you go to work and got to college full time that's actually pretty hard, PLUS doing all the homework you gotta do before next class.
    whoop! :'D
    I wish I could but my college made it to where if you miss a certain amount of days you're automatically dropped from the class. PLus you get bonuses on quizzes for not missing any.
    I wish they did make early acces be able to start on a Friday or something :l
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  11. Lokil added a post in a topic Character Like guy from Shadow Of Mordor?   

    "Character like guy from Shadow Of Mordor"  lmao!
    Anyway I don't know how the Wizard/witch play so I don't how this awakened thing works.
    But it would be cool. I remember kicking ass in Dragon Age with my Knight-Enchanter~ <3
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  12. Lokil added a post in a topic *** Kitsune, Nekomimi, Wolf   

    I care more about tails lol but I chose fox as I like foxes more when it comes to tails.
    But if they do like this and make them as costumes I feel they would do these animals at some point anyways.
    Also you didn't put Wolf in the poll or example. I know a certain hair has wolf ears and tail.
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  13. Lokil added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    I vote yes but only have it for player after they actively play for a certain amount of days and prove(somehow) that they aren't bots. Especially since in games I've played guilds will give Christmas presents and such to each other making it feel like it's another life and feeling closer to friends. Especially since that's what the game aims for.
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  14. Lokil added a post in a topic Male Character Design   

    I really don't understand that Wizard is and old man while the Witch is just an adult female. I get they're trying to get the Gandalf feel but I don't like the Wizard being stuck as an old man.
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  15. Lokil added a post in a topic Freckles/tattoos/scars   

    I know one class can have freckles as a makeup option.
    It should go to all classes really and not a makeup option, just an option that you can click and put makeup of them (kinda)
    A lot of MMO's I see make this mistake and put it as a makeup/tattoo option leaving you unable to choose something else.
    I would also like to see more tattoo options as the ones they have aren't very attractive(face and body tattoo's on Tamer). I love the ones for Sorcerers tho.
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