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  1. Tanju added a post in a topic Bin neu, suche eine gilde? ;)   

    du hast Post.  
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  2. Tanju added a post in a topic [Jordine] Letz_Fetz Rekrutiert wieder!   

    wir rekrutieren weiterhin neue Mitglieder. =)
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  3. Tanju added a post in a topic Zugriff auf Perlenladen-Gegenstände im Spiel   

    Im selben Moment, wo der Scheiss kommt, hole ich mir mein Geld zurück.
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  4. Tanju added a topic in Suggestions   

    processing speed
    It is too slow. Srsly. 3k Pig hides, Artisan 7, craftsman clothes + 2, needed between 2,5 - 3h ?! Really needs a change.
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  5. Tanju added a post in a topic Diskussion - Vorteilspaket   

    Marktplatz + EP Bonis raus, dafür etwas günstiger und alles ist gut. Finde die Account übergreifenden Sachen super. So muss ich nicht für jeden Char Slots etc. kaufen.
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  6. Tanju added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    is the value pack characterbound or for account?
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  7. Tanju added a post in a topic POLL: Bring back XP loss from PKing?   

    Remove Karmasystem. It was meant to be a punish for making someone loosing exp. Now they arent loosing exp. So no more need for the 1-sided punishment.
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  8. Tanju added a post in a topic The Soul Slayers [SLAY] [EU] [PVP] [Jordine] [18+] [Node Wars] [Community]   

    lol this selfish narcissistic piece of bs? ROFL. Wrench is a fake and the worst thing that could happen to any guild.
    Glad to see that SoulSlayerz are doing good. greetings
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  9. Tanju added a post in a topic Black Desert State of the Game Poll   

    best 99€ i invested so far.
    bots? rly? there are bots in a mmo? im shocked. lmao
    hacks. yeah annoying. needs time to deal with.
    no sieges? you rly thought they would come in the first 3 month? idiots.
    no exp loss in pk? i can understand both sides. but makes no different to me.
    dupes? rumor!
    ppl are just crying, spreading negativities and pushing and try to bring down the moral of others.
    you dont like the game? than stfu and quit. you are the real carebears.
    for all other enjoy the game.
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  10. Tanju added a post in a topic Disbanded: The Soul Slayers [SLAY]   

    cry more. wrench looked now 2 weeks for excuses not to play anymore. was hiding in another ts and left everyone clueless alone. and today he cried like a little baby about hacks and kicked everyone.  thats the simple truth!
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  11. Tanju added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    is this l2blah?
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  12. Tanju added a post in a topic Piraten Insel   

    EXP Bonis verlieren ab lvl 55 ihre Wirkung.
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  13. Tanju added a post in a topic Market overflow with bots   

    these bots give a shit on that so called "bidding system". they can read/edit in and outgoing packages and roll several times in the 1st phase while you have only 1 entry. even if they miss with 20+ rolls its anyway gone instant in 2nd phase before you pressed purchase.
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  14. Tanju added a post in a topic Tired of marketplace snipe bots   

    and still the farmbot works great without any major problems and can handle multiple accounts. you can make it as complex as you want. waste of time and money. bot devs will always find a more or less simple solution. they see it as a challenge, have fun and get a shitload of money for it.
    invest in detection and active ingame staff. users need to be afraid of getting permabanned.
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