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  1. Catch added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    The xp value should be fixed ie 4% at 56 is 8% at 55 and so on
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  2. Catch added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.
    only gaves 4% at lvl 56? wtf
    1300 mobs first quest 500 sausans and 10x wep and armor stones for a shitty 4%
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  3. Catch added a post in a topic Why the community doesn't deserve PressDFtoWin   

    I literally only log in to mount ride around, and that is all.. i just find the game lacking the fun factor. We will see what happens with the ninja patch.. doubt much will change... and once awakenings come out.. the person to win a fight is the one to get the first knockdown.. even less skill will be involved with the game... so the games heading in a very wrong direction
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  4. Catch added a post in a topic New underwater graphics in Korean version   

    The swimming still sucks in the game.
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  5. Catch added a topic in General   

    Oh you GM's...
    GM_Aethon wrote the above, and we all know that is a load of bullshit.. they will hide, delete, censor anything they do not agree with. There is no way that it would be damaging to the individual at all... he is just simply exposing you guys of your stupidity, just like I am about to...
    My experience.......
    The roar of Kzarka, the lord of corruption, is trembling the entire Serendia.
    They simply don't care.. they are a bunch of assholes, and nothing more. I had a ticket open for 30 days without a single response.. I had a video provided for the issue, along with screencap, date/time of incident, etc... they said the video was altered, and tried to talk trash.. I shut them up really fast with my response.. I was sent GM apology, etc.... besides that... they lack the backbone to do the right thing, and they also lack customer service skills, and they very much lack common sense. I had a friend look at the video (Who happens to work for one of the biggest gaming developers), and laughed at how they could even say what they did. 
    I also sent them this video here..(see below, short version, cause the main video's longer and shows personal login crap etc..).. they told me that i wasn't bugged or lagging, but that there was certain places you cannot mount your horse, and that the place in my video was one of those places. I honestly don't know if these GM's are complete morons who never graduated from even kindergarten, have no common sense, just about as dumb as a person can be, or they just do it on purpose to be complete assholes. I want to believe that they are just complete assholes, but hey, who knows.
    My character has been bugged for some time now, and I can barely use the, "r" key.. I have to f'ing rebind it every so often to make it work, and relog. After about an hour, it bugs out again, and its been like this for months now. I went as far as reinstalling my entire system.. removed all keyboard software, and only want with a raw install of drivers only.. and that didn't even fix the problem. This is something on their end, but they are too -----ing stupid to fix the problem, and want to blame me and say I am lying about it. This simply shows how much they don't care about the users, and would rather lie, and accuse them of shit. 
    For -----s sake, they told me I could not mount my mount htere, bcause that wasn't a proper location?" Are you kidding me.. even when he saw me mounting it after relog/rebinding?!?!?!?!? Just simply blows my mind how they were made GM's, and how Daum/PA allows this shit to happen. I remember in KR they had people that actually cared, and were not assholes like here in NA.
    Long story short.. if you file a ticket, expect to wait an extremely long time.. and to pull your hair out from the stupidity of these GM's. They need to learn that their game is full of bugs.
    I don't care what comments will be made, etc... because I know for a fact these GM's play the game, and they will do anything to help their friends, and screw over others... just saying. That was already proven previously by someone else, and that thread got deleted QUICK.
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  6. Catch added a topic in General   

    Looking for some feedback on the transitions, content, and things that I can make better videos for the future. 
    (I am ready for the trolls as well.. which I won't be replying to at all).
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  7. Catch added a post in a topic Welcome CM Aethon!   

    Welcome.. now for your first task.. when is Ninja/Kunoichi being release =)
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  8. Catch added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Sick, and tired of waiting almost 2 months...
    Dead Pearl Abyss/Daum,
    While I do understand you might be overwhelmed with tickets, and there is a delay in getting back to someone. I have been waiting for over 2 months to fix which seems to be an isolated problem to my character (Corrupt file on your end).  
    I have provided videos, logs, explanations on the problem. I have also provided what I have tried to resolve the problem, and also followed the few things you guys suggested over a month ago or so ago, and as I stated in that ticket, I still have the problem. Since I have not heard back anything from you guys for over a month, I had  a friend swing by, and check out the logs, and explained the problem to him, and he told me that it is possible that there is a corrupt file on PearlAbyss/Daums side. He is a developer for Blizzard, so I trust his judgement, and I hope you guys finally help me get this resolved. Please look at my ticket# 130810.
    Thanks, if you guys would actually help...
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  9. Catch added a post in a topic Warfare: Trailer Event   

    Like this one, it is informative, and hits all the key points.
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  10. Catch added a post in a topic Beauty Album Events   

    The people with the most friends will always win these by votes.. pretty silly way of doing it.
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  11. Catch added a post in a topic Warfare: Trailer Event   

    Not bad
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  12. Catch added a post in a topic Questions & Clarifications with Pearl Abyss   

    Where is the info on Ninja release!?!?!?!?
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  13. Catch added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance July 06th - extended   

    The reason they are not releasing ninja is because they are racking up the money from the CASH SHOP. The longer they wait, the more money they make with current content, and nothing more. The class has been ready for a VERY long time now. It has ZERO balance issues on KR.. they just used that BS excuse to delay the class. They are reminding me of Aventurine.. where they just go silent without talking, or communicating with us. They have a complete SHIT ticket system.. my tickets been open for almost a month now, and still no answer... I have a known bug, and they even admitted to it.. and yet, still nothing to help me. I tried as much as even a complete reinstall of my system... I won't go in detail of the problem I am having, but they know better, and this is getting extremely tiresome.
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  14. Catch added a post in a topic Warfare: Trailer Event   

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