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  1. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Updates and changes to the guild has slowed down to organize events in-game and progress the branches; Amity, Sworn, Hatred. Thread front page will resume updates soon.

    As of current, the hardcore branch (Sworn) will adjust it's requirements daily to ensure the members are true to their name. Current requirements for Sworn being 54+ with combined AP/DP of 260+, you are also advised to be very active and ready to master your class.

    A variant map program for fishers within the guild has been made and is accessible to only members. Please note when that all members are able to mark spots on the map.

    Bounty hunting and contracting application is being implemented into the site, as of current, the only information that will be told is members will be allowed to place bounties on whichever player in-game and another member will be able to accept it, points and in-game rewards will be given upon completion of bounty/contract, you will also be ranked on a separate community leaderboard.
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  2. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Logos that are being worked on.

    Applications will be closed tomorrow, we are aware the emails are down, thank you for your patience.

    Three new officers delegated and added to manage Amity, Hatred, and Sworn.
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  3. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Applications for Sworn will be put on hold for the coming week. Thank you for your consideration. 
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  4. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Once more. Sorry about the delay, a new email is being worked on and all applications have been viewed, messages/applications will be sent 3 PM (PST). Thank you for all the patience!
    Applications will be delayed one more day.

    Preview of the email letter.

    If you would like to join or check ahead of time if you were accepted, pop into the Discord and send a moderator a direct message.
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  5. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Newsletter for 2.28.16 was sent out, please check your email!
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  6. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Sorry if you missed social hours(1-4 PM), we will host another one later on. Had a blast.

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  7. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    There were a few emails over the week that had issues with receiving an email, please check if you have gotten a disapproval or approval letter sent, if not, contact us on the website to inform us something is wrong.

    New layout and post standardBlog is ready for publishingOfficers have/are being interviewedCalendar ready and activeQ&A event up (check calendar)Memberlist on forum users updated
    Newsletter for 2.17.16 was sent out, please check your email!
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  8. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Social Hours have started, feel free to jump into our lobby v-chat and start talking with each other while we discuss about various things!
    Check out our calander for other events. 
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  9. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Edan will be the server Oath decides to land on upon release. 
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  10. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    The server we will play on has been decided. Details will be mailed to all members before release.
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  11. Delve added a post in a topic <FLASHMOB> Under New Leadership   

    Best wishes!
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  12. Delve added a post in a topic Your Replies Have Been Merged ???   

    This would be an issue for a guild that wanted to start off with only a single member, however, the merge is not applied for post over a certain duration of time. 
    I (personally) agree there should be a way to maintain threads from being unnecessarily bumped to the top without viable information. 
    There isn't any non-complex way to do this but you may want to consider making this a suggestion. 
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  13. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Faustus, Michaelis. 
    I'm open to talk with anyone, after all, you guys are incredible. 
    A better contact section will be published later. 
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  14. Delve added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Approval emails will be sent out 2 PM PST. 
    Changes to calander applied, placeholder removed. Images for future events are being made. 
    Layout for new email is being worked on. 
    Member profile creator being pushed back further. 
    Oath's game server page soon to be up today. 
    Thanks you for your consideration!
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