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  1. Maviarab added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance August 11th   

    Umm....urgent....sure they will notify you in the future of urgent hot-fixes....*rolls eyes at the idiocy on this forum*
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  2. Maviarab added a post in a topic Can we all agree?   

    That BDO is full of little whiny girls with entitlement issues?
    Yup...completely agree
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  3. Maviarab added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    Bottom line is...do what you like...you will get your refund.  When Paypal cannot get the money back from Daum...they will charge you for it again instead.
    Stop being little whiny -----es, take it on the chin as a lesson learned and move on with your godamn lives.  Bakimo is 100% correct in what he states.
    See above.....
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  4. Maviarab added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    You're right, some people really are plain stupid and don't get it.
    Before the game launched they explicitly stated that cash shop items on the marketplace would not be in at launch.  Nothing more.  They never said it will never happen.  That was idiots assumptions...and we all know what happened to assumption don't we?
    That's right, it -----ed off to Rio along with its best friend 'thought'.
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  5. Maviarab added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    Not the case.
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  6. Maviarab added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    If you have been from day one (and can read), they only ever said that cash shop items on marketplace will not be in from the start...not they will never be in.
    Are you also surprised if you wake up in the morning?
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  7. Maviarab added a post in a topic Have fun yall!   

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  8. Maviarab added a post in a topic All those P2W talks hardly means anything and this is a good move   

    I don't need to work (early retirement)...have plenty of time and money.....
    and I'm not the one whining for it or against it   Just pointing out your errors.
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  9. Maviarab added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    If I have seven of those....and can only do one exchange a day...I'd rather just ditch it for a few mill.  RNG says you're unlikely to get the colour you want anyway.
    Theres one perfectly reasonable explanation, so get off the I'm right - he's an idiot soap box please
    Not everyone plays the same...and no one way of playing is correct.  Like asking why anyone would pay £200 for a crappy motor...or equally 2 million for a rare vintage.  Different opinions on the value of things.
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  10. Maviarab added a post in a topic Have fun yall!   

    But isn't that just giving a platform to whiny attention whore kids?
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  11. Maviarab added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    That would be called....opinion.
    I often sell a multitude of levelled/tiered horses just to have a clear out.
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  12. Maviarab added a post in a topic All those P2W talks hardly means anything and this is a good move   

    Your problem, no one elses.  Life isn't fair.  Some can play more than others, they will always have an advantage.  MMO's been like this since the days of MUD's.
    You do realise people do sell top tier gear yes?  You do realise boss gear is in the night vendor?  THus, selling cash shop items = in game silver = buys the best gear = getting something very easily.
    NO they shouldn't.  Thus whining that I have a life and kids and work is -----ing shit.  Either change your life, hobbies, or suck it up.

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  13. Maviarab added a post in a topic Thank You Daum for Giving Us Working Players a Chance!   

    LOl...and where is this mythical majority...here and redditt?  Users who use forums are the minority...always have been, always will be.
    The majority just log in to said game and play...and either continue or stop depending on their own perceived opinions.
    Please idiots of BDO forums...stop talking the for the majority, talk for yourselves only.
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  14. Maviarab added a post in a topic This is how things will end.   

    So you understand people here are a vey small minority yes?
    Would you also understand/agree, that the majority really don't care either way?

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  15. Maviarab added a post in a topic Against players hiding behind gear   

    And how many copies sold/active players are there who couldn't give a crap about game forums?  Plus....plenty of no life morons with an agenda don't mind taking 1 minute to make a new forum account.
    You do knoiw pointless polls on forums are pointless right?  Or not old enough to have grasped that concept yet?
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