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  1. BaZuU added a post in a topic just how unfair and overpowered can wizard ulti get ?   

    if a warrior would have jumped in there, he would have gotten the same points ...
    stop crying ... every class is OP in their own way
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  2. BaZuU added a topic in General   

    where is my boat?

    got 3 boats at "kuit islands" at the ferry keeper, next to the 3 npcs ... the location is called kuit strait, because no idea ...
    but where is my 4th boat? (market blue)
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  3. BaZuU added a post in a topic Farm Spot Trolling   

    they could give us a pvp server ... that would fix the entire problem for both sides ...
    no life players can have their fun and 0815 trash can grief each other all day
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  4. BaZuU added a post in a topic Farm Spot Trolling   

    1st i am not hardcore
    2nd i am on pirate and not on catfish, and still get annoyed by alot of ppl
    3rd dont care if 50% of the griefers quit the game, merge server and done
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  5. BaZuU added a post in a topic Farm Spot Trolling   

    fix the -----ing karma system
    the devs are spoiling little kids to much
    this is a open pvp game, and i get -----ed for doing pvp
    and i cant declare war on the other guild because it is a carebear guild with dunno how many member ....
    we want to play this game, stop -----ing us
    i want to compete for the spot, and not share it with 10 ppl that do half my dmg
    remove the karma or remove the penality for minus karma @CM_Praballo @GM_Dew 
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  6. BaZuU added a post in a topic PvP is killing the game !   

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  7. BaZuU added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th.   

    what is the amity price for boss armor?
    just have like 1,5k q_q
    is it +20?
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  8. BaZuU added a post in a topic Pri to Duo   

    +16 weapon/ armor = pri// +1 jewelry = pri
    +17 weapon armor = duo// +2 jewelry = duo
    +18 weapon armor = tri// +3 jewelry = tri
    +19 weapon armor = tet// +4 jewelry = tet
    +20 weapon armor = pen// +5 jewelry = pen
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  9. BaZuU added a post in a topic Pri to Duo   

    25 is max for +15 gear and +1 jewelry
    +2 jewelry is the same as +17 gear
    there are many tables for it, google it
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  10. BaZuU added a post in a topic Pri to Duo   

    from pri to duo you should have 35 stacks ...
    tried it 3 times, failed 3 times
    good luck
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  11. BaZuU added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

    took me 2 weeks

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  12. BaZuU added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    so ... GM'S realized that the kzarka bundle this morning should be actually mine?
    great ... i am waiting for it
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  13. BaZuU added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    there are already ppl on 56
    cmon guys .. 
    i love it like it is <3
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  14. BaZuU added a post in a topic [Jordine | PvP | Progress] Gilde "Casual" - alles gesucht   

    wowowowo .... wo ist mighty bazuu?
    gute arbeit mit dem video, freue mich auf mehr
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  15. BaZuU added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    [Jordine; BaZuU]

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