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  1. Jarak added a post in a topic Grats on 59, Glare [Orwen]   

    maybe you should follow your own advice
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  2. Jarak added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

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  3. Jarak added a post in a topic What the latest patch has done to my guild..   

    Ah, the fresh smell of griefer tears. I love it how griefers always get high and mighty about "carebear" tears where in reality, they're the true crybabies when things don't go their way.
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  4. Jarak added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Video pretty much describes the exact reasons why I recently stopped playing and decided it's time to move on. The constant and never ending need and pressure to gear and level-up to be competitive in PvP wore me out. If it wasn't at its core a typical KR MMO, it would have been one of the best MMO's in many years.
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  5. Jarak added a post in a topic [POLL] Dye Subscription System   

    I originally wanted it, but now I hope they never introduce it. The dye system we have needs a revamp and having a sub option only means they have less motivation to revamp it. If we do get, I won't be subbing. Paying a sub to be able to dye our stuff in a B2P game which already has an overpriced cash shop just feels like it adds insult to injury.
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  6. Jarak added a post in a topic Yimir the Tamer vs. <Baka>   

    I love these guild pissing contest threads. It's like watching 2 soccer moms throw insults at each other while swinging their handbags in the air. Great reads while auto-pathing lol
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  7. Jarak added a post in a topic Goodbye Warrior   

    and god knows you do enough of that for every tamer out there.
    How about not making this a me verus you? Desync is a very serious problem for the game. There's nothing to be gained acting like a little child complaining that while everyones cake is soggy, your cake is soggier and that makes you more important and everyone else should shutup.
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  8. Jarak added a post in a topic Give us aweakning before Valencia.   

    Im in two minds. I'm becoming less and less invested in my warrior for the usual issues we all are aware of, so I would love something to be done. But I really want S+S to be balanced. I feel relying on a new weapon just avoids the problems. Meh, I dunno. It just saddens me that I'm starting to lose joy in my warrior. My other char is zerker, so going back to him is not really an option as they're even worse off lol
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  9. Jarak added a post in a topic So is it good?   

    When trying to answer my friend who was/is thinking about playing this was how I explained it to him. If you enjoy exploring, life skills, lore and the more PvE side of things, it's one of the best out there. If you are in anyway interested in PvP, you need to understand and accept that you will always be playing catchup unless you can afford to invest a significant amount of time gearing and leveling up. And that it never ends.
    I'm at the stage where I'm starting to realise I simply don't have the time/energy/desire to get to the stage where I won't be a pushover in PvP. The ceiling keeps getting higher. At it's core, it's a traditional KR gear, rng and grind game. If you're ok with that, go for it. I think I'm now accepting that I'm not ok with that.
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  10. Jarak added a post in a topic I made an Equipment Calculator for BDO   

    Not only are you doing God's work, you are also doing Budda's. Sounds great!
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  11. Jarak added a post in a topic I made an Equipment Calculator for BDO   

    You. I love you. You are doing God's work.
    Random suggestion. A way to have two loadouts side by side to compare options would be awesome.
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  12. Jarak added a topic in Suggestions   

    Full Skill Respec Reward - Remove 7 day limit
    So I have 3 characters above level 45. I have yet to claim the reward that includes the full respec as it expires after 7 days and I dont have a need right now to do a full respec. This means that the other rewards such as the cash, skill points, scrolls, Blackstone are always there, taunting me. Laughing in my face.
    Removing the limit would be great. It means I can finally claim the reward and not waste the respec just because it'll be gone after 7 days.
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  13. Jarak added a topic in Suggestions   

    Black Spirit Quest List
    So the Black Turd has a lot of work for me each day. One thing I find frustrating apart from his rattling on and smugness is that the need to scroll through a gazillion daily and in progress quests in his menu. It's a bad use of screen space and feels very clunky. I'd love a more streamlined interface where there is a separation between daily quests and others. Just an easier way to track stuff. Also the option to stop the Turd annoying you for every daily quest would be nice.
    Mainly just a revisit of the Spirits's quest UI, it could be much better.
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  14. Jarak added a post in a topic I am fail! come laugh at my mistake and give advice!   

    I have 2 chars at 51, one at 48 and have only ever been PKed once on Alustin.
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  15. Jarak added a post in a topic Red battlefield start listening about our feedback   

    I feel they are listening and made some steps in the right direction. Still feels a bit of a mess and I hope they're going to keep iterating on it. It has potential to be a fun playground to learn PvP. Tho at the moment, I feel that if you're not a sorc/wiz/ranger, its an exercise in frustration. (Let alone the still present gear imbalance)
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