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  1. S.S White added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Not really my own creation but the original was modified by me to my liking 

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  2. S.S White added a post in a topic <BladeAndArrow> PVX OCE/NA Recruiting   

    Hey there, returning player here.
    I'm interested in joining your guild.
    I am currently a student studying for the HSC but am looking for a guild to chill with during my down time (idk 30 mins daily or once every two days). Currenlty my highest level character is level 50 (just reached it last week :D). Due to this I'm not sure whether I will be able to participate in node wars etc. But I love to help newer players with my limited range of knowledge. 
    If you guys are looking for mature players I believe myself to be quite mature for my age group so I don't believe there is a problem there.
    Not too sure what more to add but I hope to join your guild!
    Family Name: Keeper
    Character Name (lvl50): Yeulhwa
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  3. S.S White added a post in a topic Where is the Processor Crafted Set?   

    This is the one in the costume mill atm:
    So... What you're saying is that I need to combine outfits to get the one i'm looking for.
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  4. S.S White added a topic in General   

    Where is the Processor Crafted Set?
    Anyone know where I can craft/buy the processor's clothing because I can't seem to find it in the crafting mill.
    I'm pretty sure it exists ingame because just yesterday I saw someone walking around in it and it's in the bdofasion website.
    Cheers for the help in advanced.
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  5. S.S White added a post in a topic Oceanic Server Petition   

    Glad to see there are still people who are interested and providing support for Oceanic servers.
    Just realised, i'm pretty sure Warframe has had Oceanic servers for a while.
    Even Tree of Savior has a SEA server, which is the closest thing to an Australian server.
    I do understand there are various legal requirements and costs but with their 12 million dollar revenue i'm pretty sure one server wouldn't punch a hole too big.
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  6. S.S White added a post in a topic BDO: Brought To You By The North Korean Government!   

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  7. S.S White added a post in a topic Nice features that'll never happen.   

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  8. S.S White added a post in a topic [Updated] Patch Notes - March 11th   

    All this is good and all but some new costumes/outfits would also be nice.
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  9. S.S White added a post in a topic Could we have this armor ASAP?   

    So in other words...
    Wait a year. 
    But yeah, if all goes well and there are decent people leading the charge at Daum and Pearl Abyss, this game will have an amazing life to it, eventually passing WoW (imho)
    Plus i'm looking forward to trying a roleplaying pvp faction for the first time. Hype is still real.
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  10. S.S White added a topic in General   

    Could we have this armor ASAP?
    When is this armor going to be released?
    Because when it comes out i'm going to gobble up my wallet for this costume on all my characters.
    Like, Really, As if I were a whale eating krill. 
    And I feel as if it will be a popular costume for role players and other general players looking to look bad ass.
    In other words, Cha Ching Cha Ching

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  11. S.S White added a post in a topic proof this game isn't p2w   

  12. S.S White added a topic in General   

    Where is my name change?
    I may have missed some of the announcements so I do not know when the name changes are occurring.
    Could someone fill me in on the details? 
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  13. S.S White added a post in a topic Leg pieces for Pre order costume   

    Yes, that's what I meant, sorry if there was any confusion.
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  14. S.S White added a post in a topic Leg pieces for Pre order costume   

    So far the pre order costume has: 
    - chest combined into the legs and gloves
    - shield
    - sword
    - helmet crown thing
    What I want
    - chest
    - leg (or boots)
    - gloves
    - shield
    - sword
    - helmet crown thing
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  15. S.S White added a topic in General   

    Leg pieces for Pre order costume
    Just wondering if Daum could get the pre order costume chest piece to have more pieces.
    Since the chest piece covers the chest, legs and gloves, It would be nice if they had separate pieces for these parts, so that I can cover up the leg skin on my character (playing as valkyrie.)
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