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  1. Sinister19 added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

       01L2QC-BG1EQ3O-62DETJ2-RP624Unused  SC2R8LA-DPB372M-3N8LMD3-LT28BUnused  TRMA6BJ-GRALOCB-RD4VNCC-FAMJH  Unused  9I4D8T0-8VT2DNV-7DN6PTF-NIJLUnused  45VTG72-A44SDF6-7RIF7KG-POAI5Unused   FUKA0V-389FI0N-EDHD2RF-RJ2S2Unused  B9JL5FP-KKN776I-LCB2CEF-G3T35Unused  JT2KB63-A0MA3JJ-QKJVSCH-9MS5C Unused  PT0DEN5-2N8DA27-EE4D6K8-A1I8PUnused           
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  2. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Stop valkyrie   

    "Valkyrie Tool Tips have been adjusted"
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  3. Sinister19 added a post in a topic How many high geared / level valk mains are considering rerolling?   

    I'm probably going to stick with Valk, when I get to 60 I will probably level a Warrior just because I can give him my Valk gear.
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  4. Sinister19 added a post in a topic What kind of mouse do you use?   

    I actually have the white one, only because I'm cheap and it cost less
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  5. Sinister19 added a post in a topic What kind of mouse do you use?   

    Logitech G600 

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  6. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Your favorite class and favorite skill?   

    Valk: Wave of Light 
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  7. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Valk's grapple after awakening   

    One combo I do before grapple is S+LMB (2Hit)> C > E > SPACE (Lancia) 
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  8. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Did we get screwed?   

    We didn't get screwed at all, we got even better actually since we can stack our DP buffs now.
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  9. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Video - valk 1v1 vs Sorc/War/Witch   

    For fighting sorcs i would recommend you try and use Just Counter as it will apply stiffness to the target and will allow you to do a combo, after pulling off a Just Counter on a Sorc I usually just do S + E > S + RMB > E > SHIFT + LMB > S + RMB and then back into turtle mode. I also like to time a shield throw right as they iframe to catch them with a stun and then follow up with the same combo as above.
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  10. Sinister19 added a post in a topic rip plum   

    From what I heard in KR most Plums are switching over to Blader now due to the awakening.
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  11. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Valkyrie PvP Video   

    Shift + W + Space + left click(first jump)
    let go of Shift + W but hold space + left click (second jump)
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  12. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Is there any way to fast grind rum?   

    Iv'e gotten 1200 so far, i've been grinding Pirate Island mostly.
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  13. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Valkyrie PvP Video   

    Great video Andross!
    That one guy who said "How do you kill that which has no life" made me laugh, hope to see more videos soon! 
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  14. Sinister19 added a post in a topic [01/28/2017 Update] The Ultimate Valkyrie Gear/Skill/Combo Guide   

    Vangertz Shield
    Bheg's Gloves
    Accuracy Accessories
    Food Buffs
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  15. Sinister19 added a post in a topic Valkyrie Skill Awakening   

    I currently have it as one of my awakening skills, I will be switching it to 10% casting speed though, I'm currently using the fragments on repairing my Liverto

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