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  1. Yablo added a post in a topic Poll Which MMO Will you Be Playing?   

    Revelation Online
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  2. Yablo added a post in a topic Welcome back! Old friend!   

    There is an actual gear and level cap in WoW, if you get ahead by paying money then that means you will only be stronger for a few days/weeks tops.
    BDO supports endless gear progression and PvP heavily balanced around gear, getting items that increase your growth or make you skip doing any work in a whole just makes the "hardcore grind" a f2p marketing scheme for players to spend money.
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  3. Yablo added a post in a topic Welcome back! Old friend!   

    You have the screenshot on your desktop while you took said screenshot?
    Are you magician?

    ps. small gag about people who get upset about a PvE game where p2w'ing wins you a small advantage in an arms race you can catch up to in a few days after they reached cap.
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  4. Yablo added a post in a topic Welcome back! Old friend!   

    Show me that GameOver.jpg on your desktop.
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  5. Yablo added a post in a topic Black Desert Japan   

    You can ask here, some other people interested in the JP server.
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  6. Yablo added a post in a topic This is the first thing that shows up in Youtube when you search "Black Desert Online".   

    Hey, Force did a video on BDO, didn't even know that.
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  7. Yablo added a post in a topic TheLazyPeon Drops the truth !   

    I like this video.
    It's his opinion yet so many people in this thread wanna say that an opinion can be wrong.
    He quit the game, for reasons given two months earlier, now he is making a video about what happend to BDO and how it worries how other publishers might try and pull the same business practice thanks to it's initial succes.

    This video's topic isn't about 'why black desert sucks -by a salty leaver-, it's about a business practice and an MMO gamer being worried that we might see it being applied more in future MMO's. If you really can't see that thanks to your blind fanboy rage then I suggest you take a few deep breaths and watch the video again.
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  8. Yablo added a post in a topic BDO EU/NA reportedly has > 1M players so 3k whiners means nothing to Daum   

    1 million copies sold doesn't state how many people are still playing.
    People that:
    -Didn't like the endless grind
    -Didn't like the unbalanced PvP
    -Didn't like being PK'd
    -Didn't like PA gimping owPvP
    -Didn't like the already "pay to advantage" items in the cashshop
    -Didn't like that post-release their feedback seemed to fall on a deaf man's ears
    -Lost their trust in Daum after this announcement or the one prior about the value pack

    My guess is that there might be 200~k people still playing the game, PA or Daum wouldn't make the decision for such an obvious cashgrab if the game was occupied by a million players.

    Edit: 1 million copies were sold but how many charged back? It happens after every change that got disliked.
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  9. Yablo added a post in a topic Reddit sub and Daum are not in good terms?   

    So the Reddit mods do support the anti-p2w movement but like to see it happen in a civil manner to not jeopardize the subreddit.
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  10. Yablo added a post in a topic Reddit sub and Daum are not in good terms?   

    I think the sign is there because the topic is currently trending and they wanna keep the banner relative to the discussion.
    They started a mega thread to discuss the upcoming feature but I'm not really seeing the subreddit going rogue.
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  11. Yablo added a post in a topic Public Service Announcement: The Laws of the Internet   

    Fun read, DeMyer's law especially.

    I am wondering why Pommer thinks an opinion can be wrong, that seems rather short-sighted since it's a mere opinion, not a fact.
    Is the opinion wrong because it was acquired through someone else's reasoning and didn't originate from itself?
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  12. Yablo added a post in a topic Lag on High End Gaming PC?   

    Basically this, could be a memory problem from either your GPU or disc but I don't think your hardware is at fault here.
    MMO's in general just have poor optimization, BDO is no exception.
    I'm assuming because your rig that you are running the game on fairly high settings, try turning that down a little.
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  13. Yablo added a post in a topic Did Jouska got a heart attack ?   

    I quit the game a while back because I disliked the direction the game was heading in.
    I am however still interested in the game and would like to see if it continues to go down it's current path or might make a turn into a direction that gets me to play it again.

    If you dislike this I propose you write a very angry blog here to vent out your special anger towards me.
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  14. Yablo added a post in a topic Did Jouska got a heart attack ?   

    I trust you can also read the threads that were hidden quite happily because someone said a no-no word?
    Or maybe this: https://bdomaths.wordpress.com/2016/08/06/the-end-of-a-short-journey/
    Or this: http://i.imgur.com/60D5zUE.png
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  15. Yablo added a post in a topic My Personal Boycott   

    It will accomplish nothing, just like everything on this forum.
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