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  1. Flylow added a post in a topic Why cant we easily report people in game for ToS violations (chat mostly)   

    I love this community, I always get a good laugh when I'm sitting in town reading chat. kakao actually let's us talk unlike Trino. So ----- yourself OP.
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  2. Flylow added a post in a topic POLL: 5 Costumes every 2 days instead of weekly!   

    Funny seeing everyone in here fall for such obvious bait. OP is against P2W but since they added it he probaby quit and wants the game to be as -----ed up as possible, I agree with OP to an extent. I think they should completely remove the restriction tbh.
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  3. Flylow added a post in a topic This game better be worth it   

    That is insulting that you're trying to compare a successful and good game like Runescape to this shit.
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  4. Flylow added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    Don't try and lie, if people went through Paypal they will almost 99% of the time get their money back when it comes to virtual goods, and do you really think people wanting to chargeback give a ----- if they're banned? Lmfao.
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  5. Flylow added a post in a topic What if I tell you Kakao save girls from being roofied   

    Stfu you Koreaboo, you don't date any korean women nor do you know anything about SK. Now go back to your basement you fat neckbeard.
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  6. Flylow added a post in a topic I'm not spending anymore money until Daum/PA fixes netcode   

    Come back to check the forums every so often and they still have not fixed the god awful netcode? Glad I quit and got my money back when I did.
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  7. Flylow added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    Good thing I got back all the money I spent on this game before this happened lmfao.
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  8. Flylow added a post in a topic My Review of The Game   

    Osrs is still the #1 mmo <3.
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  9. Flylow added a post in a topic Kzarka, one of the worst boss experiences I've had in an MMO   

    Kzarka? You mean all BDO world bosses? I don't even bother going to them because the boss AI is probably the worst I have ever seen. Its so much fun dying 10+ times to nothing and then not getting anything at all after wasting 30+ mins or however long it took + the exp. zzzzzzz boring...
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  10. Flylow added a post in a topic NA / EU Players - Why are most so ungratefull?   

    Ding ding ding, OP listen to this guy right here and nobody else.
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  11. Flylow added a post in a topic Remind me how Forum Volunteers were elected?   

    Ehh I don't think so, after seeing him say warriors are really strong atm it seems like he has no clue what hes talking about.
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  12. Flylow added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    I seriously wonder how they picked their forum mods lmfao.
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  13. Flylow added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    Not an opinion, a fact. With how shitty the server reg is, you can't grab anyone and they also decided to implement the nerfs that completely destroyed pre-awakening warriors day 1.
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  14. Flylow added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    Lmfao ok, even though warrior is probably the worst class in the game atm.
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  15. Flylow added a post in a topic another gillie wearer   

    I thought all of them moved onto the "PVP IS KILLING THE GAME" craze already ;c.
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