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  1. Noth added a post in a topic Character Tier-list   

    That is pretty much the only difference and it was said it would be corrected. Why they haven't? I have no clue. Our balance is not going to be different other than them forgetting to something like with the Kuna/ Nin.
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  2. Noth added a post in a topic Character Tier-list   

    We have very similar balance and as far as I'm aware, the awakenings themselves are balanced the same as ours. We've actually been getting awakening balance changes since our version launched.
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  3. Noth added a post in a topic Character Tier-list   

    All awakenings are released in KR.
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  4. Noth added a post in a topic EDAN DOWN   

    If you are offereing a 24 hour service and do not have staff for that service going 24 hours a day, something needs to change so that you do.
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  5. Noth added a post in a topic Admission That I Was Wrong   

    Most new players wouldn't level that fast, just judging by the habits of most of the playerbase from launch to now. You can certainly judge the health of a new MMO by how active lower level areas are. It is a fact that MMORPGs these days at a pretty steady rate on a daily basis, if you are not getting players in to replace, your population is in decline.
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  6. Noth added a post in a topic Why are people actually comparing this junk to BDO?!   

    Rev Online does two non story things better than BDO. It actually has difficult PvE content that could take a long time to clear and it actually has more PvP options than BDO. Graphics are worse, combat is worse. Don't know about the cash shop yet, we'll see if My.com did actually learn from Skyforge and Alloads when it comes to p2w like they have said they did.
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  7. Noth added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    People could do that anyways, same with people in the news for doing stupid things. It is much harder to do that here than it is KR where your entiore online presence is tied to a single item. Here, a character name isn't much. While yes, someone could potentially use that, the likelihood is extremely low. It wouldn't be like they would be giving out email addresses
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  8. Noth added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    It should be perfectly legal in the states though. It isn't defamation of character since the statements are not false. If doing a name and shame on people that were banned is illegal, then our newspapers break the law daily for listing people who have broken the law.
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  9. Noth added a post in a topic Felt insulted by this tweet   

    Again, you notice that every single one of those things you gave an actual valid reason for. BTW, I've had shipments delayed for valid reasons and the place I purchased from (Newegg, BestBuy, Gamestop, Walmart and many others) actually gave me in store credit for the delays. None of them were contractually obligated since it was not their fault for the delay. It is called keeping customer satisfaction high to keep the customer around.
    My cable company regularly gives me compensation for downtimes despite nothing in the contract saying I'd get guaranteed up times.
    When you work with customers, and you directly tell them you plan to do something and give no logical reason for the change of plans, they will not like it, they will feel like you broke a promise. This is why companies do there best to not give dates, to not give specifics, and try not to use words like plan and intend.
    Kakao gave a BS reason of difficulty of adding more than one, yet RU is able to add more than one at a time and they even had them all (outside of a few that were not released in KR yet) working at Gamescon. They have even had the translations and items for most the awakenings in our code since before they started releasing the awakenings. Further, they suddenly were able to do 2 at once when they noticed they would be able to get them all in by the end of the year like they planned (once again, not a promise). Then they make the paired classes be double releases despite those classes having nothing in common on their awakenings. If they could do it for those, they could do it for all.
    All of that adds up. Ignorant cunsumers will see nothing wrong as they don't know any better. Don't be an ignorant consumer, it only lets companies walk all over you.
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  10. Noth added a post in a topic Felt insulted by this tweet   

    Hate to tell you this, intention and plans are pretty much just as good as promises when dealing with customers. You go tell your boss that you intend and plan to do something and continue telling him you plan to do it for months and then at the last minute have him find out from a third party that you aren't doing the plan, not because of technical difficulties or a problem came up, but simply because you didn't want to anymore. That is what Kakao did. They stuck with the plan until almost the last minute and we found out through a 3rd party. They gave us no reason for the change of plans that made sense, and directly moved against their reasoning for wanting to release all at once. Before that, they even at one point said the awakenings were delayed to get as many in at once.
    Hell even My.com is giving a extra 9 days of premium (for live release) in RO for delaying a CBT. They are giving compensation for them breaking their plans (they never promised anything) on a test phase of the game. Why do they do this? They realize that plans and intentions hold value and that breaking them can indeed break the trust between them and customers.
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  11. Noth added a post in a topic Can you please fire...   

    Nothing is hard about it. It is just completely rng. I've had days where I got 3 in under 10 minutes, then other days where I had to spend 8+ hours grinding and gotten 2. The event feels less like an event and more like a casino game that doesn't actually reward time spent playing the game.
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  12. Noth added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    What he is saying is that we have never been shown any proof of bans happening. Unlike RU and KR they don't want a wall of shame since people over here can't stand owning up to what they have done.
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  13. Noth added a post in a topic +16-20 enchanting Western version or Korea? You told us Western   

    KR version gains on weapons is 8, 8, 12, 8, 8. Our versions gains on weapons is 8, 8, 12, 8, 8. Exact same (armor is the same as well. The only differences that you can force greens to TRI for far more than they are worth. My source? The actual game.
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  14. Noth added a post in a topic Halloween non-event   

    You know, I tried that theory with my guild members that were getting MoS and witch earrings very commonly, and they still got them, while I did not.
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  15. Noth added a post in a topic WARNING: This video contains graphic content   

    In a way yes. Modern MMOs are about the carrot and getting that carrot. Can't really fault them as it is psychology that made them that way. That said, there isn't much else to this game. It isn't like say UO, where you can steal from people, run bounties on people, infiltrate people's houses, tame animals, focus on social aspects and have it basically be a world instead of a game. In fact even if it had those things, they still wouldn't be done because of how important gear and progression is. As long as games put progression first in design, then that is what will be focused on.
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