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  1. Griffin added a post in a topic Did not get Fame reward.   

    Everyone in my guild that was not on yesterday got it (i.e. after 7PM EST), everyone who did didn't, so that's what it looks like. 
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  2. Griffin added a post in a topic Did not get Fame reward.   

    If you didn't log on after yesterday's reset, you will get it on login. If you did, you will get it after reset today.
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  3. Griffin added a topic in US Guild   

    <Templar> Recruiting! Join the Crusade!
    Templar is strengthening it ranks and is looking for a few new good members. We are a friendly semi-hardcore community looking for similar individuals to enjoy the game with. We offer the following:
    We Hold at Least two nodes a week.
    PvP and GvG focus.
    Friendly and close Community.
    Guild missions and guild Scroll runs.
    Weekly payouts from guild funds, with the payout shares based upon how active you have have been in the guild (Node War attendance, showing up fro Guild missions, etc).
    Requirements for joining are as follows:
    130 AP Minimum w/o Offhand
    Discord for Comms (Mic not required)
    Participation in at least 1 node war a week (Our siege Days are typically either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday), we rotate to try to take 3 nodes when possible (we currently hold 3). 
    If you don't have an interest in Node Wars, we aren't the guild fro you. But if you are interested in Structured PvP, a solid community, and very soon, naval combat (we will be getting a Guild War Galley when Magoria hits), please either PM me here on the forums, or whisper Bladorthin, Vasopaws, Burhead, Duskclaw, or AkitoMWH in game. . If you are the GM of a Smaller guild looking at merging into a larger more active community, feel free to contact me.

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  4. Griffin added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    Funny how none of the top 3 pages of guilds on Orwen lost either their GMs or any appreciable number of members...
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  5. Griffin added a post in a topic "Farewell to you all"   

    You seemed like a straight shooter @CM_Tytyes and will be missed. Hell, I have seen more updates from you as the French Community Manager than from our own English language CM. This does not bode particularly well....
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  6. Griffin added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    I wouldn't ban them, I'd strip them of their gear. All of it. 
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  7. Griffin added a post in a topic Viserion - [NA] [PvP/PvE] [Medium Community]   

    Contact me in game, name is Bladorthin, family name is Gryphon. I can explain to you how node wars work.
    Guild Master of Templar
    Character Name: Bladorthin
    Family Name: Gryphon
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  8. Griffin added a post in a topic Viserion - [NA] [PvP/PvE] [Medium Community]   

    We have held that particular node for the last 3 weeks.
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  9. Griffin added a post in a topic Viserion - [NA] [PvP/PvE] [Medium Community]   

    Why didn't you show up for the Node war?
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  10. Griffin added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

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  11. Griffin added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    You don't think a 30% reduction to auction house costs isn't pay to win?
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  12. Griffin added a post in a topic Free Extra Character Slot for Ninja/Kunoichi?   

    Awesome, thanks ;-)
    A search didn't pull up anything, now did the employee tracker Esset. I did read the news post, on Tuesday, but as your quote points out, it was not announced we were getting the slot until a day later. 
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  13. Griffin added a topic in General   

    Free Extra Character Slot for Ninja/Kunoichi?
    @CM_Aethon As the title asks, will we be getting a free Extra Character Slot for Ninja/Kunoichi? If we aren't it would be great to know, as some of us may need to delete a character (which takes a day), before the classes release this week.
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  14. Griffin added a post in a topic Welcome CM Aethon!   

    Welcome @CM_Aethon , and a reminder to get yourself added to the Staff Directory so we can find your posts!
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  15. Griffin added a post in a topic Mediah?   

    None of my guild can get into Mediah one to compete in the node war this evening @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes
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