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  1. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

  2. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    On my way to lv 60 :3

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  3. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Locked Out of Guild Stable Keeper Knowledge   

    This bug is so old right now, i really want that missing knowledge...
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  4. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Locked Out of Guild Stable Keeper Knowledge   

    Bump, Pirate and Guild Stable knowledge is bugged for me too!
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  5. fafnir636 added a post in a topic "[Combat Promotion] Supporting Porio" quest bugged or nerfed   

    you need to talk to the quest npc, after you killed 500 sausans... He will give you the knowledge...
    Iam at lv 57 and i got 2%, not 5%!
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  6. fafnir636 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Black Magic Crystals
    I dont know if a similar threat exists but i bought a "Black Magic Crystal - Memory" from the auction house.
    It doesnt give +3 on casting speed only +2 and some +5% resistance...
    Dont know if this is intended or not, but it was a waste of money anyway
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  7. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Alustins two Daughters   

    Not a problem at all!
    Iam trying this again tomorrow with my full energy pool, so I can test this.
    Sadly my alts dont have that quest...
    I only know, that alustin gave me the same answer for both options.
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  8. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Alustins two Daughters   

    Yeah, I talked to both, then to alustin. I gave the wrong answer, took the other option but it was wrong too.
    Sadly I only had 53 energy left, so I need to collect some more to try again!
    But at least it worked for you, so its not bugged for everyone
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  9. fafnir636 added a topic in General   

    Alustins two Daughters
    Good evening
    Iam stuck at the quest "Alustins two Daughters"
    I talked to both daughers and finally I need to pass the test at the NPC Alustin...
    Both answers I can give dont complete the quest, maybe iam doing something wrong here.
    Maybe someone could help me here
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  10. fafnir636 added a post in a topic say something you like about bdo   

    Everything, its the MMO I always wanted to play.
    Nothing more to say from me....
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  11. fafnir636 added a post in a topic I have 399 energy   

    Thats very easy to explain:
    You have many missing knowledge...
    eg. Academics: I cant see Alchemie II, Theology II and many more...

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  12. fafnir636 added a post in a topic I have 399 energy   

    Iam at 397, missing 2 energy from monster knowledge, so i would be at 399 too
    Seems legit to me

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  13. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Kein XP Loss beim PK   

    Richtig, hauptsache die Leute, die meinen die Spots würden Ihnen gehören weil Sie eine 360 noscope l33t r0xx0r gruppe mit Pri Accessoires haben, werden weniger!^^
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  14. fafnir636 added a post in a topic Kein XP Loss beim PK   

    So wild mache ich das alles jetzt nicht...
    Habe heute erstmalig bei Sausans grinden können, habe mir eine kleine Monstergruppe gesucht und die ein halbes stündchen in Ruhe töten können.
    Mir langt es eigentlich schon, dass ich da nun auch ein wenig grinden kann und nicht getötet werde
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