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  1. Gothix added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    Should be done for all the guilds.
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  2. Gothix added a post in a topic Time to let go.   

    I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you but.. just stopping to spend money isn't "letting go" dude.
    1. Delete all your characters.
    2. Delete your Account.
    3. Uninstall game.
    That's "letting go".
    So don't be a -----, be a man and DO IT!
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  3. Gothix added a post in a topic TET or Quit - RIP   

    It theaches you how crap smells.
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  4. Gothix added a post in a topic Siege duration shorten for EU   

    It's not for nothing, DAUM likes you draining your money.
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  5. Gothix added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    Seriously DAUM you should at least stop making fake accounts in attempt to show how some players support you lel.
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  6. Gothix added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    I'd go with <FUtiRUlez>
    Could invite some RU guys that way, and the name itself rulez, just like the guild.
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  7. Gothix added a post in a topic Best Solo Grind class for Sausan/accessories?   

    It's spelt Mormont you fool.

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  8. Gothix added a post in a topic Best Solo Grind class for Sausan/accessories?   

    OP is a troll that deliberately doesn't list a MAGE, so people pick other classes and devs think mage is fine and doesn't need a nerf.
    Can't even believe people are actually buying this as legitimate thread.
    What in the...
    I can't even...
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  9. Gothix added a post in a topic full speed auto running.   

    If you actually hold your hands on keyboard to auto run it's also an exploit.
    Filthy cheater.
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  10. Gothix added a post in a topic Issues declaring on a guild after this patch   

    Your mom invited me.
    She always welcomes me with a smile, and when I leave she has even bigger smile.
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  11. Gothix added a post in a topic Just for fun-if you had one chance, what name would you pick for BDO?   

    Korean Gambling Online
    Trimming the EU sheep Online
    Everything is Client Side LOL Online
    Pick your favorite.
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  12. Gothix added a post in a topic Sorcs are useless on Nodewars now.   

    You were brokenly OP long enough.
    You are in good spot now.
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  13. Gothix added a post in a topic Vote for the best MMORPG of 2016 game by mmogames   

    Nothing to vote on really.
    But I voted GW2 just because it's closest one behind BDO.
    Vote GW2 so BDO drops a spot!
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  14. Gothix added a post in a topic Dark Flame number of hits fix   

    You actually need to pick up some accuracy now, like the rest of the classes.
    With DP that people have nowdays you NEED Bheg gloves, accuracy offhand, Liveto / Kazarka, and tree spirit belt.
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  15. Gothix added a post in a topic the game pvp balance became a parody with this last patch   

    Don't you get it PA employees kids all play wizards and cry to them at home buff us buff us, so next they when PA employees get to work they buff wizards.
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  16. Gothix added a post in a topic Current population! EU/na combined   

    Depends, do you count the bots or only real players playing actively themselves.
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  17. Gothix added a post in a topic Crazy idea: Merge servers + create fresh start server   

    Fresh server is not what many people are looking for.
    Fresh MMO is.
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  18. Gothix added a post in a topic how are we gonna get failstacks for +17/18   

    It's retarded game RNG system for everything.
    You can't plan anything.
    Honestly, just click randomly on stuff, it's the best you can do.
    If you get nothing, while everyone else gets ahead so much that you can't even compete anymore, just quit the game and move on.
    DAUM doesn't care if they lose player base due to RNG BS anyway.
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  19. Gothix added a post in a topic Low RNG Account   

    Since the game release, only rare items (500k+) that dropped for me are 2 gladiator belts (4 mil each), that's it.
    And I do have level 9 and level 10 nodes, I have S on mobs, I have 5 luck, and everything needed. So yeah...
    Honestly, how this game is coded (even HP on level up being random) I wouldn't be surprised at all if accounts (or characters) got LUCKY / UNLUCKY loot RNG hidden stat when they are created.
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  20. Gothix added a post in a topic Help - Redeeming Explorers package   

    Really DAUM, fix this annoying thing where logging into forums redirects you to a tottaly random thread...
    I just logged in and got thrown into this necro thread...
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  21. Gothix added a post in a topic Just curious, what makes killing AFK players fun for you?   

    I don't have a problem. They do.
    They will likely die.
    It's the unchangeable fact, and crying here will not help.
    As simple as that.
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  22. Gothix added a post in a topic Server Lag and Desync   

    nerf sorc
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  23. Gothix added a post in a topic Why this game encourge kill stealing ?   

    If you want to solo you can play tetris.
    Oh wait, even tetris has multiplayer.
    This is MMO (massive multiplayer online) dude, not MSO (massive solo online).
    Although many also chose MCO (massive crying online).
    Which is shame really... MCO was the name of my guild in wow long time ago in vanilla... No one cried back than though.
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  24. Gothix added a post in a topic Just curious, what makes killing AFK players fun for you?   

    One mans problem is another mans solution.
    A coin has 2 sides, open your eyes and realize the existence of other one.
    Coin flips, coin rotates... what side will it fall on?
    You can leave it for the fate to decide or you can push it.
    I chose to push it... to my side.
    So stop complaining (on forums), and start pushing (in game).
    Have a nice day.
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  25. Gothix added a post in a topic Rangers & Sustain   

    It's what happens when zerg of noobs come cry to forums because they can't play their class.
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